Wishing upon a Most Happy New Year for All Our Animal Friends

If you have made a cozy home for cats or dogs or birds or fish or other small animal buds this past year, here’s to you. If you are thinking of rescuing a lonely animal, here’s cheers to you!

They add so much happiness and camaraderie to our lives it only follows that we care for them as best and as lovingly as we can.

I am toasting my Henri, Marty, and Tigger in their little comfy aquarium and am hoping to add a cat named Callie before this new year passes.

If you enjoy short animal stories see the following:

“Callie, My Big Red Kitty” – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/callie1-my-big-red-kitty-short-story-about-a-cat-animal-story/; and,

“I Want a Pet Bird?” – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/i-want-a-pet-bird-good-pet-birds-best-pet-bird-species/; and, one more –

“A Wild Squirrelly Friend?” – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/a-squirrelly-friend-animal-story/.

Animal Videos

Some very fun and appropos animal videos for your enjoyment from Big Geek Daddy: https://biggeekdad.com/2011/01/happy-new-year/ and https://biggeekdad.com/2020/12/new-year-inspiration/.


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