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USA Pet Bedding Products

There are many good quality USA pet bedding products to choose for safe and long-lasting use. Lately I notice quite a few pet products being promoted on Facebook. Many, I find, are made and sourced in foreign countries and not a few come out of China. Why, because manufacturers enjoy less cost in materials and ingredients and overall manufacturing costs.

In the USA we impose much stricter quality and safety standards and regulations on manufacturers to safeguard ourselves and our animals.

Why Buy USA Pet Products?

Following are quite a few reasons to use our pet products made and sourced in the USA:

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Pet Age and Nielsen Study

Another note: Pet Age has a great article about USA made products from 2018. In this report a Nielsen study from 2015 shows 61% of Americans prefer USA-made and sourced products as important.

So take a look at some of our USA pet bedding products by product reviewers here in the USA.

USA Pet Product Reviewers

Several sites provide reviews on products but it appears very few who single out USA-made and sourced products. One that has reviews on USA pet bedding products for our doggos’ beds is K9 of Mine.

The other review sites I find do not usually specify origin of the products. So that info takes a bit of research. See my results below.

I want to stress how much like we humans our pets need a great night’s sleep. So I checked on USA pet bedding products through five review sites and these are my findings. My emphasis, of course, is on USA-made and sourced beds or bedding for our pets.

The five sites are Best Reviews, K9ofMine, The Spruce Pets, Top Dog Tips, and Wirecutter.

USA-made Cat Beds Reviews

USA-made Dog Beds Reviews

USA Pet Product Reviews for our Feathered Friends

Through three review sites for cage covers, (My Pet Needs That, Best Reviews, and Best Selected Products), I find the following items for USA-made products. But first, please note that covers are necessary to keep out light and distractions for good sleep for our feathered pals.

USA Pet Product Reviews for our Aquarium Guys

According to The Spruce Pets glass is said to be the best for having a tight fit to prevent aquarium evaporation and for durability.

Coming in second are Hoods with led lights. They give a looser fit than glass.

A couple of other reviewers (again My Pet Needs and report as follows:

Screens, like those made by Zilla (an Aqueon subsidiary) , don’t prevent as much evaporation as glass or hoods but still keep the fish from jumping out.

For hood manfacturers, we have:

My Aquarium Cover

My own take for my aquarium cover is for my Dwarf African frogs who need plenty of daylight. The only cover I choose for them is a homemade dark colored cloth that fits entirely around the sides of their tank. It is secured with velcro to keep out light and drafts at night.

I hope this has given you some helpful information on selecting your good USA-made products for your pets’ good restful nights.

Additional USA Pet Product Info

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