I have been tossing around the idea of getting a new companion! A new furry companion, that is! Probably a dog — but cats are so mysterious and independent — and I have considered the possibility of a Maine Coon. They are so cool! But then again, they do have all that long hair.

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If I were to decide on a dog, she, yes ‘she’. I have decided a female may be more loyal and loving…probably not but.. just a quirk thing I guess. So a female dog, probably medium size with short hair…pretty maintenance free is what I am going for. Good with people but also protective and a good watch dog. One that I can take out walking…and one that is already potty trained definitely!

And, since I am older, maybe an adult dog…there’s a good idea!


A dog rescue near me or dog adoption near me is where I would look first and I know if I ‘fall in love at first sight’…that will be my new best friend! And, I just finished looking online at a few rescue sites….too many cute dogs. I believe it would be best to go in person, but where to start? I have found that checking out ‘reviews’ of different sites pays off! For rescue sites I bet that would work well. Other peoples perspectives and experiences…good to know.

Just look at some of these adorable faces:

So when all is said and done I will take myself out to a couple rescues and also the humane society. I can’t wait to ‘rescue’ some cute dog in need of a loving home.

If you’re thinking of doing the same, do check out your local rescues and humane society locations. and — just to share a couple! There are so many dogs and cats waiting for you…us!

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