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Tips for a Happy Pet

Here are some great tips from Modern Dog Magazine for your loved dog(s). Read on… utm_source=Modern%20Dog%20Enewsletter.

Funny Pet Videos

Also for the Holidays I would like to repost some Christmas and very funny holiday pet videos I have come across for you to enjoy…following:

The first is from Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog actually showing people doing good deeds for animals and for other people – (after you click the link, scroll down to the video)

The next is pretty ingenious…involving a pretty laid back kitty…”How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas” by Flippy Cat…

And one more: by Tiger Productions – re: animals’ reactions to Christmas gifts… (after you click the link, also click on “Skip Ads” to get to the video)

Additional Christmas Ideas

See “Some Christmas Ideas” -


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Happy Holidays to all and to all of your furry friends! Thanks for stopping by Pet Viewpoint.

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