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Wow, it seems I have been doing not much of anything forever…staring at my computer for days on end…just working…and studying…and trying to get out for a short walk to rejuvenate a bit. Seeing not much of any other humans except in passing or talking on the phone…I was feeling down, down, and further down. So I texted a friend to see if she was game to go out and about for a bit. We decided on what turned out to be a great and very fun jazz club! And a great way to get us out of the ‘doldrums’.

We both needed a lift..she working too many days in a row with the public…unfortunately, several who do not seem to understand the necessity of wearing a mask. Me working out of my home and starting to feel quite isolated!

Anywho, this jazz club had great music and great food too…and friendly peeps to boot. It was a “lifesaver” we both agreed and just what “the doctor ordered” to pick us both up. If you get to Milwaukie, Oregon, check out Arrivederci on McLoughlin Boulevard….and be sure to try the date hor d’oeurves….fantastic!

So here is a recommendation I ran across today about entertaining your furry friends: Sherri Telenko’s blog post, “Dog Trotting”, on 6/22/20. She has all kinds of great info and ideas on how to entertain your dog(s) at home during this time and beyond, of course…perhaps some good dog training buttons.

Check it out…cause our pets do get ‘bored’ and frustrated too, sometimes even depressed, as we do.

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2 thoughts on “The DOLDRUMS

  1. I am the texted friend who experienced a great evening with Nikki. Two of the band members turned out to be customers of mine. One was also the owner of the club. Had no idea they both were such talented musicians. It was so refreshing to be out after only going to work and coming home every day. A good time was had by all! (is that from Sargent Pepper’s?)

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