Pet Food Recalls

Unfortunately we keep having more pet food recalls. Luckily we have the FDA to watch out for us here in the USA. And recently Pet Age has followed up to let us know about more recent recalls re possible Samonella. You can click the link here: Check out my article entitled: Tired of TryingContinue reading “Pet Food Recalls”

Add a Touch of Irish to Your Fur Pal

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I found so many cute Irish plaids and patterns in bow ties, coats, Irish dog harnesses, leashes, a hat, and Irish dog collars…some a combo with a bow tie. Especially if you have an Irish breed like a Manx cat or an Irish Setter, wouldn’t it be funContinue reading “Add a Touch of Irish to Your Fur Pal”

New Smorgasbord Video

This is great bird video…a parrot extraordinaire!! Do parrots talk…take a look… Related post: Have a Pet BIRD? If you enjoyed this cute parrot video, come back by Pet Viewpoint and read some of our other posts and receive future published articles by clicking the follow button below. Please leave us your comments too.

Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – dogs waiting for the ice-cream trucks

Watch this funny dog video…dogs lovvvvvvving ice cream – Related posts: More funny dog videos — — and — A Sympathetic Fur Pal Thanks for coming by Pet Viewpoint. Stop back to read our posts. You can click below to receive future posts and please do leave us your comments.

Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – A Japanese feast experience for cats… excellent.

Great kitty dinner….all the way thru from Jun’s Kitchen on Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog. Your kitty will love you even more if you do a repeat performance for him or her after watching this ‘gourmet’ cat video – Click here: Related posts: A New Feline Bud? Hope you enjoyed this funny cat video. Stop byContinue reading “Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – A Japanese feast experience for cats… excellent.”