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Our USA national Cat Day is coming just before Halloween – on October 29th. Canada, Japan, and Russia celebrate their own national Cat Days on other dates throughout the year according to Wikipedia. So do remember to celebrate with something festive or in some special way for your feline baby or babies. See my earlier post on USA-made products and/ or services suggested for your kitties:

On Adopting a Furry Feline

Another past post on adopting a cat is: And if you decide to rescue a new or an additional feline buddy, (the original thought behind our National Cat Day) I recently read a great article in Pet Age by Amy Castro, dated August 1, 2021: ( on bringing home a new kitten.

Comforting your New Kitty

Her article mentioned that to begin bring the kitty into a smaller space to get acquainted with the newness and maybe provide your new feline with a box to hide in thereby helping your new fur babe to feel safe. Then slowly bring them into larger spaces in your home as they begin to feel more comfortable.

Also a good idea, she explains, to keep your new friend from having tummy issues, is to keep the same diet they are use to before changing slowly again. And both wet and dry food would be preferable.


Provide your new kitten or cat with a food bowl and a water bowl, along with a nice bed, scratching post, litterbox low enough to use, good litter scoop, good natural litter, and, of course, some toys to play with to get started. Again, here I recommend all our USA-made and sourced natural pet products most safe for our fur babies. An earlier related post:

More Info

Take a look at “Know your Furry Friend’s Body Language” –

And another good to look into is “Protection for our Pets” –

While you are possibly considering adopting a new rescue kitty, here is a great video from Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog on felines:

Fun Feline Video


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  1. Thank you Nikki for another informative article and also for the reminder of National Cat Day. It’s nice to find helpful information without having to do all the research. And I always love the cat videos!

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