I was working at a pet store one day when a gentleman brought in his young…and extremely nervous…Australian Shepherd.  Handsome as his dog was, the poor ‘guy’ was absolutely terrified…and visibly shivering.  Not that it was cold at all…the dog was just very anxious!


This was a first hand experience for me to see how well an anxiety vest works.  It was quite amazing to me.  The “Aussie” dog was so much more at ease after trying on the vest.  He was not quivering any more.  It was like he was being hugged…and he was!

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on Pexels.com

I experienced a similar situation with my Mom’s new puppy..an adorable little white ball of fur..a Maltese.  He was doing the same as the Aussie.  Only this time her new pup was in his new bed..alone..and he was shivering.  We tucked a blanket around him and he then slept peacefully.

And I noticed my own dog at home after a surgery. He was shivering like crazy. The vet had given me pain meds for him.  I decided to call and talk to the vet and she prescribed a higher dosage for him.  I guess our pets can sometimes communicate with us quite well.  And, the higher dosage did work for him.  He needed that extra help.

Just like when we may be upset and a good friend embraces us..a ‘hug’ also appears to help our pets. So many times our pets do need this vest or jacket when we aren’t available to reassure them.

  • 4th of July fireworks
  • New Year’s fireworks
  • Thunder storms
  • Vet visits
  • Heavy rains and wind storms
  • After surgery

After fireworks, in particular, one hears of lost pets who have run away in fear and fright from the noise..in some cases, never found.  


I am sure there are more instances than I have listed here, but what a great solution to help our pets!


Have you used one of these “hugging” products to calm your cat or dog?

According to Best Reviews Research Staff’s recent study, an anxiety vest (known also as a thunder shirt or jacket) has proven to “…work for approximately 80% of anxious dogs…” https://bestreviews.com/best-dog-anxiety-jackets

These calming jackets are available at most pet stores and online for both cats and dogs.  From my observations they run anywhere from $12 to $30 for your kitty and approximately $20 to $45 for your doggie.


An important fact is to make sure the fit is correct for your pet.  So knowing their weight and body length is good information to have available if you are shopping.  

They have many sizes, styles, and colors by multiple manufacturers.  Take a look at Best Reviews analysis of several manufacturers of pet anxiety vests through the link shown above.

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