Pet Food Recalls

Unfortunately we keep having more pet food recalls. Luckily we have the FDA to watch out for us here in the USA. And recently Pet Age has followed up to let us know about more recent recalls re possible Samonella. You can click the link here:

Reading Pet Food Labels

Check out my article entitled: Tired of Trying New Pet Foods? Reading Labels? ( if you would like to know more about how to check out your pet food.

Fun Animal Videos

For this week I am trying to take some vacation…so following are a couple of fun videos for your entertainment from Big Geek Daddy.

Walking your Furry Friend in Summer

Before I go, remember to protect your pet’s paws in the heat of the summer walking on asphalt with paw protectors or paw wax you can find at your local pet store or online. And be sure to have water available for them at all times. You can find travel folding bowls for that very purpose. I have seen people walking with their dogs in our recent heat…dogs looking like they are about to fall over…especially at outdoor events. Please bring water and a travel bowl with you for your pets.

One other note, please do use a good harness to walk your cat or dog so as to keep from harming their tracheas or neck areas.


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