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Pet CBD Usage Growing?

Past Sources

Is pet CBD usage growing, decreasing, or showing signs of possible CBD approval by the FDA? A year ago in 2021 I wrote about the use of CBD for our pets and all the new USA-made brands cropping up. That post is entitled “The Growing Trend of Pet CBD” – There were several articles on the subject from the Washington Post, Discover Magazine, and Pet Age, and more information I found on CBD for cats online at PetMD. The majority of this information was from 2020 and 2019. Discover Magazine recommended several USA manufacturers.

Let us see what the current happenings show us.


A cat hiding under a couch

Separation anxiety affects many of our pets. With increased gun violence, along with loud knocks and bangs from construction, vehicles on the road, stormy weather and climate change, as well as noisy celebrations, it is no wonder many of our pets are afflicted with anxiety issues. So along with our ‘hugging’ jackets to calm our fur babies, CBD oil and chews have definitely hit the marketplace. And it appears many more varieties have arrived or are in production. CBD chews, oils, sprays, and more are not only being used for anxiety but also for aches and pains.

New Info

Humane Society

The lastest dated information I have noted is from The Humane Society. This is an article dated December 2021, entitled “Cannabis for Cats and Dogs”. The article talks about how CBD has helped pets with pain and seizures, being careful to point out that it is not a cure. But it is a help for pain relief if your prescribed meds are not doing enough. One dog owner reported it gave her puppy an extra month of being able to play comfortably before her pet died of bone cancer. Another had a dog with seizures which the CBD oil helped lessen.

CBD Hemp vs. THC

The article did want to stress that it is the pet CBD or hemp that is helping to relieve some anxiety and pain. And not to confuse CBD with THC which is the psychoactive ingredient or Marijuana. THC is sometimes an extremely low percentage in these products but you do not want any THC as an ingredient. It can make your pet sick. The continuing confusion between CBD and THC is the reason why it is still not approved for use in many states in the USA. So CBD is now sold as an OTC supplement. However, veterinarians are more able to recommend and counsel clients on using CBD products as supplements. Many agree those products are helping our pets. One veterinarian has even started the Veterinary Cannabis Society for educating veterinarians on these products.

Since these products are still not regulated by the FDA, the labeling can be misleading. It it best to ask your vet about the use of CBD and check the ingredients closely. And do check on the correct dosage for your pet based on their weight. But overall, the feeling is CBD products are of good help. And, it does appear that pet CBD usage is growing.

Pet Product News

Published in November of 2021 Pet Product News reported that consumer sales amounted to $431 million in 2020 and were estimated to rise to $639 million in 2021. That’s quite a bit of pet CBD growth. There has been a steady increase during Covid with the majority of buyers being dog owners.

Another note of interest is that over 70 per cent of the pet owners use made-for-human CBD products themselves. Back in 2020 that number was just under 60 per cent.

Retailer Education for Better Informed Buyers

Manufacturers are now offering education for retailers on CBD pet products in the form of videos, literature, and infographics. And it appears there is still confusion on the difference between CBD and Marijuana or THC, but the confusion is lessening. The manufacturers mentioned in the article say that in order to be able to better inform their customers, retailers should watch for CBD products with certificates of analysis to verify their quality and safety. The products should also come with instructions on dosage based on the animal’s weight.

So pet CBD usage is definitely growing. And it is expanding also. More products are being introduced for cats, as well as birds, horses, and other animals, according to the Pet Product News article.

Forbes on CBD Pet Trend

A May 2021 Forbes article about Pet CBD product sales, reports on the large rise in pet CBD also going up from over $400 million to an estimated plus $600 million in 2021. They also state that a market research firm concentrating on Cannabis, by the name of Brightfield Group, predict sales to reach $1.1 billion by 2025. Their report shows that over 70 per cent of buyers do use CBD themselves. And that more than 50 per cent are younger millennials.

Wow. I would say pet CBD use is without a doubt on the rise! And, evidently, it is helping our pets quite well in many instances.

Past Post Named USA CBD Manufacturers

In my prior May 2021 post Discover Magazine recommends several USA-made CBD manufacturers and one recommended by Pet Age. Of those, the only one I see mentioned in the Pet Product News article is Kadenwood with their Purity Preferred brand from California.

There are two new USA players mentioned, however, in the Pet Product News. One is Suzie’s CBD Treats out of Wheat Ridge, Colorado. And, the other, is Charlotte’s Web of Denver, Colorado.

If you are in the market, take a look at the above mentioned companies’ products as well as the additional USA manufacturers listed by Discover in my earlier post. It’s great to have these options for our pets.

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