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Just since 2018 a pet treat company opened with a new “upcycled” pet treat. Their name: Shameless Pets out of New Jersey and all USA-made. They address their treats as “upcycled” because they use 30 percent of good surplus foods that would otherwise be tossed, like produce. In this case one surplus produce included in their treats is blueberries. Another, pumpkin.

Three pkgs of Shameless Pets Natural Dog Treats

Ingredients of each product are conveniently listed on their website. You can check in case your dog or cat might have a particular food allergy, like potatoes which is known as a allergen in some cases.

They include no wheat, soy, gluten, or corn in any of their new pet treats. And they offer quite a number of delicious sounding flavors of duck, lobster, salmon, carrot, pumpkin, blueberry, and apple to mention a few. Biscuits, jerky, chews, and dental sticks are all available from Shameless Pets. Pet Age shared this company’s information just recently.

This company makes treats for both cats and dogs. With August 26th being our National Dog Day this might be one great treat to help celebrate your canine friend. Those new apple and blueberry treats sound mighty tasty for summertime.

Summer Reminders

Sellwood Riverfront Park beach area

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Fun Canine Videos

Since it is our upcoming National Dog Day, I am limiting the videos to ‘just dogs’.

The first from Big Geek Daddy is “Dogs Herding Ducks” –

The second “Dog on Deserted Island” –

And from Smorgasbord Magazine a very funny video –


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