National Pet Day – Approaching

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National Pet Day – Approaching

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2 Betta Fish one blue and one red 173 x 173

As the title says, National Pet Day is approaching just after Easter on April 11th. And, the entire month of April is aimed at Awareness of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. So, what might you do special for an animal this month?

Pets in America

Forbes Advisor gives us statistics on pets in American households as of 2022. In their study dated 2023, 70% of US households own a pet, that is 90.5 million homes. That number is up from 56 percent in 1988. Dogs are shown as most popular with 69 million in US homes. Cats follow in 45.3 million homes. Next are freshwater fish in 11.8 million households. Pet birds, bunnies, and ferrets follow along with reptiles and amphibians. The study by Forbes states that pet ownership here in the United States has “increased significantly over the past three decades” with a great number acquiring a pet during the pandemic.

Of course with the increase in household pets we also have pet insurance increasing to safeguard our pets as well as the pet industry as a whole which has grown to a whopping 123.6 billion up over 19 percent (106.3 billion) from 2020.

Since Easter is coming up fast maybe rescuing a bunny would be a great idea for your family or even just you alone. But in any case, if you already do have a pet or pets, think of some great ways to safeguard them during this Awareness oF Prevention of Cruelty to Animals month and see some special treats made in the USA for your pets for our National Pet Day following.

Love and Safety for your Doggo

Pet Shelter lady holding pup 600 x 400

Be sure to check on the safety of the food you are giving your dogs. There are several natural treats great to perk them up for USA pet day and then there are many that are harmful. Check out the list here in ‘Pet Poison Prevention Awareness”. And during winter, of course, many road salt type products are bad. Remember to check labels on products you use before applying them where your dog may get to them. And do always check your food labels in case of any allergy your fur friend may have.

Do try some good safe USA-made collapsible travel water bowls for outings by AmericanDog.Co in Commerce City, Colorado and perhaps USA-made pet stairs for an easier climb to your bed or sofa by Best Pet Supplies of Jamaica, New York – great for senior dogs, smaller dogs, and dogs with joint problems.

How about yummy natural USA-made chews of one ingredient from in Minnota, Minnesota.

Extra Love and Safe Keeping for your Cat

As with dogs there are several unsafe foods for your kitty and also some good natural treats you can use. Check out my post for cats in “Pet Poison Preventon Awareness“. Also do remember to check food labels for your kitty. And keep any chemical products you use out of your cat’s reach.

Also use a safety release collar and a harness if you walk your cat.

To celebrate USA pet day use some USA-made 100% biodegradable skin care, shampoo, odor, stain, and itch & ear products to make them feel so special and comfy from of Frankfort, Kentucky.

How about a treat maze or a puzzle feeder to get their attention and keep their interest from USA-made products of in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Be sure to include some delish USA-made treats.

You might think about a special meal from of USA-made frieze-dried raw organ meat, vegs, and fruit or pure catnip toys from USA-made products by of Maine.

Special Love and Safety for your Bird

Sun Conure on a perch - Yellow and Orange with green and blue 612 x 612
Beautiful Sun Conure bird isolated on white background.

Do remember to keep your birdie out of drafts and to cover them with a good breathable cover at night for good sleep. You can find great USA-made covers through of Chicago, Illinois which are lightweight, breathable, and non-toxic for your feathered friend. Prevue also offers natural wood perches.

Your birdy would be in heaven with a USA natural handmade toy and a snack table offered by of Alabama.

An USA-made avian treat stick from of Chilton, Wisconsin will have your feathered bud tweeting up a storm.

Good Love and Safe Measures for your Fish

Aquarium - small cube by Aqueon 300 x 300
Photo by Valeriia Miller on

Don’t forget to condition your aquarium water for your swimming friends. in Pennsylvania provides good USA water conditioning products and tests along with tons of tips for caring for your aquarium inhabitants. offers USA-made frieze dried fish foods in several varieties to keep your guys well nourished.

To perk up your swim friends’ interest go to and for fun decor items.

Enjoy our coming National Pet Day with your best pet friends. They do love and deserve our attention.

Pet Food Warning Letters by FDA

Dog Food Advisor has notified us of warning letters sent to pet food companies re: their products as follows:

First is to Arrow Reliance –

And, the second is to Primal Pet Foods –

Funny Animal Videos

Sharing a few fun videos for your enjoyment here. The first from Big Geek Daddy is on a field trip:

Next we have some wildlife comedy:

Third is a boy and his dog:


Happy to have you come by. Do come back soon and tell your friends and family to also take a look at Pet Viewpoint by Copywriter Nikki Frie.

Easter bunny 167 x 250

Enjoy a Happy Easter with your family pets!

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  1. Thanks for the reminder for National Pet Day and the good information and advice. Will have to do something special for my kitties. Great videos!

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