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National Dog Day / Cats with Dogs?

First and foremost, our USA National Dog Day is August 26th, here tomorrow! Are you ready to celebrate your best fur pal? See some past posts of recommended USA products for your sweet furry baby below. Then read on about cats with dogs – living together.

USA Dog Day Thoughts

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See “Agility Training-Your Dog?” – Does your furry guy or girl need more activity? If so, agility training is a great release for both of you.

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Can Cats and Dogs Live Together?

A recent article in The Bark, entitled “Dogs and Cats Can Be Happy Together” tells us about a recent study in the UK. It goes on to say that over a six week period cats and dogs living in homes where there was tension between them were administered a pheromone in a diffuser. The results given this July 2022 show that the cats relaxed and were more friendly and open to their dog companions. Also the dogs were given a pheromone through a diffuser. The canines undertook “more gentle play” becoming less tense around their feline friends. You can read the entire article linked above.

Pet Food Notice

Please read a recent notice in Pet Age regarding Darwin’s Natural Cat Food containing salmonella:

Animal Videos

Big Geek Daddy gives us a fun doggy video:

One more from Big Geek Daddy about a dog alone:

And, the last from Smorgasbord-Variety is the Spice of Life showing a cat and a dog:


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