Know Your Furry Friend’s Body Language

Have you tried discerning what your dog or cat is trying to tell you only to find yourself at a loss? Are they fearful or aggressive? Happy or not trusting? Feeling sad? Feeling anxious? Bored and needing activity? Having pain? You really need a dog body language chart or pet body language chart, right?!

What are those eyes trying to tell us?

Our Canines

Read through this guide article in Modern Dog Magazine: This is an informative piece helping you to learn how to read your dog’s feelings and intentions.

Our Felines

For your pet kitty there is a free course to learn “How to Speak Cat”. It takes just over an hour online and is totally free. You do have to register and you can take a test after to see what you have learned…and even earn a certificate if you choose:

Pet Jokes

In that vein here is a dog joke I saw on Facebook and want to share with you:

and a feline joke to share following for your amusement:

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