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Fur Pal Clothes

I am sure most of you will agree that we do love finding fun jackets and vests and other fun fur pal clothes either at our local retail pet store or online. There are so many fun choices for your sweet doggie and kitty.

So let’s look at some great USA-made pet clothes and give a boost to our local pet product manufacturers and our local workers and our local economy.

Canine & Feline USA-made Garments

In researching for USA-made pet clothes manufacturers, the findings are pretty slim in numbers for USA firms. On top of that, I could find only one small mention for our kitty cats.

But, there are a couple, at least, and they look great.

All Star Dogs of Matawan, New Jersey offers fun licensed pet apparel. They have 500 licenses including colleges, baseball, hockey, military, and more They only sell wholesale but you can go on their site and input your zip code to locate a store near you. I did see that Nordstrom carries their products. I found shirts, winter coats and scarves on their site for dogs. A smaller size will probably work as an option for our felines.

They also make dog beds and toys. And their collapsible travel food and water bowls will definitely work for both our cats and dogs.

The other option I located is Sassy Dog Fashions in North Hampton, PA. This is a luxury boutique site and they also have a store on both Etsy and Amazon. On their site, a current offer exists for free shipping on orders $75 and up. This site shows coats, sweaters, collars, harnesses, and leash sets which can all be personalized. Sassy actually does mention cats. So, she will be able to fit your kitty without a doubt.

Sassy also offers dog beds and carriers.

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