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Walking Accessories all USA-made

Summer is just down the road and good times for more of our fur baby walks. It might also be time to update your essential walking equipment. Possibly a new leash or harness is needed for your canine friend or even your kitty.

I wrote about great USA-made walking accessories a while ago in March of 2021. Let’s review those and see if there are more choices available: “Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal” – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/essential-accessories-for-walking-with-your-fur-pal/.

First mentioned is BeBopUSA in Texas, originated in Portland, Oregon In 1988. They provide handmade dog and cat harnesses in multiple styles and colors as well as collars and leashes in long length, double, adjustable, and standard styles. Versatile and colorful tools for your fur baby walks.

Also offering handcrafted walking equipment is K9Bytes for more than 15 years in Roseburg, Oregon. They continue to offer cat and dog collars in patterns of your choice, even to support your particular cause. To match your dog collar, they have leads and leashes.

WestPaw.com has been making pet toys but also eco-friendly polyester dog collars and leashes from recycled plastic bottles since 1994. They are out of Bozeman, Montana and have several color options and reflective thread for safety in their products.

UpCountry of Rhode Island is the last cited in my past 2021 article. UpCountry has been hand sewing ribbon cat and dog collars, leashes, and harnesses since 1984. Their walking accessories for your fur baby walks come in a multitude of colors and patterns with matching sets available.

A new find is WolfgangUSA.com out of Salt Lake City, Utah. This company provides several fun designs of dog collars, leashes, and harnesses. If you’re a hunter, they have their Field and Stream design. Most others appear to be very fun, artsy designs.

One additional company who offers a lifetime warranty on their dog collars, harnesses, and leashes is AtlasPetCompany.com of Golden, Colorado. They make dog products to last and repair them if needed. Most are no-nonsense solid colors. A Lifetime Kit is available including a harness, leash, and pouch for doggy bags.

Needed USA-made Summer Pet Goods

Take a look at another post about items to have on hand for your fur babes in hot summer: “Made in the USA for our Pets in Summer” – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/made-in-the-usa-for-our-pets-in-summer/.

With hotter than normal weather as stated in this past year’s post, our dogs and cats will be needing some good paw protection from hot asphalt which is available in paw wax and balms as well as pet booties (if your pet will tolerate the booties, that is) .

Life jackets for water adventures and reflective apparel for night walks are other important items to consider.

And, of course, natural grooming products to help keep our fur babies cool are good to have on hand.

USA pet manufacturers I mention in my past article do have cooling beds available as well as cool cotton to assist in keeping them comfortable.

If you are traveling with your fur babes, be sure to take along travel water and food bowls along with a supply of your pet’s food.

One other item for summer I want to mention is a great recipe for homemade frozen dog treats from DogTrotting.net.

Fun and Funny Pet Videos

From our Big Geek Daddy starting with the sleeve monster – https://biggeekdad.com/2019/07/this-is-your-internet-80/.

And another about a cute squirrel: https://biggeekdad.com/2019/07/this-is-your-internet-80/.

One last from Big Geek Dad is showing an amazing Border Collie: https://biggeekdad.com/2014/06/nana-border-collie/.


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