Funny Animal Videos

A short post this week to give you a few good hot weather tips, and leave you smiling with some great funny animal videos.

Heat in Oregon

Here in Oregon we have been experiencing much hotter than the norm…well over 100 degrees three days in a row. Many people do not have air conditioning, me included. So I am sharing some great animal videos. The remainder of the week here is to be in the 90’s. Hoping this is not a precursor for the rest of the summer???

Remember to Help Cool your Pets

My animals don’t like it one bit. Have been placing plastic tubs filled with frozen water to float in my fish tank and/or adding a bit of treated cold water to top off their tank. Remember your pets in the heat please with cool treats or a cool bath.

You might want to look at “Our Pets and the Heal of Summer” for additional info –

Pet Anxiety Vests for the Noisy 4th

One other note with the 4th coming right up. Anxiety vests are great to calm your pets of the noisy holiday activities. And now there are many other options available at your local pet store and online.

Take a look at “Does Your Pet Suffer from Anxiety?” –

Funny Animal Videos

Here is a video on Golden Retrievers:

The next is ‘badass cats’:

Here are some amazing facts on hummingbirds:

And last, certainly not least, is a video on wild bears:

That’s it for this week.


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  1. Thanks, that was so entertaining. Nice to enjoy some of the wonderful things our planet has instead of all the negative stuff we’re surrounded with.

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