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Do our Fur Babies Really Smile?

From reading up on the subject, it appears that our doggie friends really do give us smiles. The way to distinguish a real smile, it is said, is by noting their body is in a relaxed state. They may or may not show their teeth.

On the other hand, even though our kitties may look as if they are smiling, information I have read on the matter suggests it may just be their natural expression of pleasure you are seeing. (That would be a smile in my book.) Further that cats mainly will give you a slow ‘blink’ and look away to show they are happy with you, noting that direct stares are a show of aggression. I find that very intriguing.

The two very different species…our dogs so up front and loving. And, our cats so independent and loving when it suits them.

Check out these ‘pet smiling’ articles — First is from TheBark

and, the second from “The Treehugger” with an insert from “VetStreet”:

I am sure my cute Maltese always was smiling when he met me at the door wagging his tail. I have only had one kitty so far and didn’t have him long enough to know him well. But from the pictures I have located abpve – they sure do look like real smiles. Let me know what you think.

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