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Blog Post & Product Review, Vancouver, WA – August 21, 2022

Body Wrap your Pet?

by Copywriter Nikki Frie, – July 31, 2022

If your furry friend needs some confidence or healing care, definitely do body wrap your pet. To do just that try Healers Pet Care Front and Back Therapeutic Body Wraps. Why? Read on.

Confidence Building

There are several instances in which many of our pets are frightened and insecure. Being left alone as we go out for the day or night, some of our pets suffer from separation anxiety. Storms, loud traffic backfires and sirens, fireworks celebrations, and possibly strangers coming into their safe environment, all tend to contribute to your pet’s anxiety.

Consequently, to use an anti-anxiety vest or, in this case, to body wrap your pet gives your canine or feline a reassuring hug translating into that safe confident feel they need. It’s much how we feel with a nice blanket draped over us in bed after a stressful day at the office or after any unwelcome event in our lives. Further, with the Healers’ Velcro strap design you can wrap it snugly to give the very best hug.

Front Body Wrap your Pet


Basically, most anti-anxiety vests do provide that needed hug. Healers Body Wraps do more. Specifically, they give your pet help for therapeutic reasons. Use them for post-surgical care rather than a cone and for the calming effects while in the vet’s waiting room. Or you can body wrap your pet by placing the wrap over the Healers’ gauze inserts as non-adhesive wound bandages to help your pet’s healing process after surgery. The lightweight breathable materials used for this body wrap assist in that healing process as well.

Back Body Wrap your Pet

But here is the kicker. Healers has not one but two wraps for your pet. They attach easily together with Velcro. Most important is the wraps are useable together or separately depending on your need. The Rear Body Wrap works well for therapeutic healing needs or as a diaper for incontinence in an older dog or a female pet during heat.







These wraps are made in the USA in Vancouver, Washington along with some other great topical healing and supplement pet products by Healers Pet Care. Their Therapeutic Body Wraps are extremely versatile and affordable and are made of a washable lightweight, breathable fabric. Sizing guides are available on the website,, along with a video showing how easily the wraps are to put on and take off.


One note of interest is the Golden Turmeric Paste for anti-inflammation and many other needs. The turmeric ingredient is actually from Biolley Farms, a Costa Rican farm of an old high school buddy of Terri Entler. They provide education for local farmers to preserve healthy farms in the region. The farmers “learn about soil and fermentation of organic teas for crop nutrition” thereby helping to protect the rainforest’s rich soil. And by using “small scale boutique crops” they are providing “much needed employment” in the area as well.

Background & Beginning

How did this all USA-made product come to being? Interestingly enough, the Founder and President, Terri Entler, is an Electrical Engineer. With her entrepreneurial spirit and engineering background giving her great design know-how, Ms. Entler began this business on her own out of her garage back in 2011.

With perseverance and hard work Terri has managed to get her products online and sold through Amazon, Chewy, and, Petco. She eventually transitioned out of her garage and is presently in a warehouse setting. And, for the past few years she has had the help of her right hand man, Sales and Marketing Director Teresa Griffith, who has over 30 years of experience as a veterinary technician.

Through evolving product designs and growing pet needs, the Therapeutic Body Wraps emerged.

National Rollout

Now Healers Pet Care is primed and ready to go national. Healers products will be available at Target stores across the USA as of August, 2022 with Walmart scheduled for September, 2022. Next up, Global?!

Customer Review from Texas

See what H. James of East Texas has to report. She works in dog rescue and gives us a heartrending story of a rescue dog and yet another undeniable use for the Therapeutic Body Wrap:

“I used the wrap on Mama. She came in with 8 puppies (only a few were hers) and two other adult dogs who had been left to starve in a garage for over a week. She ate a couch to survive and keep those puppies alive. Two didn’t make it, and though I don’t think either was hers biologically, she grieved when they passed. Needless to say, she was very stressed and fretful.

“The wrap soothed her, and when the puppies were weaning it actually blocked them from getting at her belly which helped her stay calm. I think it’s very effective for a mama, and pups who might be stressed out over situations with noise, light, etc.”

Picture of Mama, a Dachshund mix –

Customer Review from New York

Lissette Norton of Mastic, New York writes ‘script style’ about her two dogs, Fang and Kiko, and how the wraps helped her dogs’ anxiety issues following:

“Hi, Fang here.

“I’m a 7 year old Border Collie mix and my brotha Kiko is a 3 year old Australian Shepherd. We’re pup influencers on Instagram. We were lucky to be gifted not 1 but 2 Healers Therapeutic & Anxiety Front Body Wraps.

“I’m scared of fireworks, thunderstorms, motorcycle noise, car back firing, basically anything LOUD. I pace the house, can’t stand still, tail tucked between my legs, head down and can’t find comfort from my hoomans.

“Kiko we rescued a year ago and he is even MORE scared than me. He shakes uncontrollably, heart beats fast, pants, drools, and jumps in mommy’s lap for comfort.

“Mommy was so happy that using the wraps during 4th of July helped us so much. Wearing the wraps along with CBD oil an havin the TV on loud, we settled in bed with mommy to watch a movie. She was relieved because she no longer had to worry Kiko would have a heart attack or be upset that she couldn’t comfort me.”

Healers Pet Care Giving Back

With every purchase you make you are helping to save trees in the rainforest and improve our carbon footprint. With One Tribe Healers Pet Care is working to fight climate change. They have already saved over 3100 trees.


by Smorgasbord Magazine – Variety is the Spice of Life – September, 2021


Reminder – National Cat Day

Our USA national Cat Day is coming just before Halloween – on October 29th. Canada, Japan, and Russia celebrate their own national Cat Days on other dates throughout the year according to Wikipedia. So do remember to celebrate with something festive or in some special way for your feline baby or babies. See my earlier post on USA-made products and/ or services suggested for your kitties:

Photo by Pixabay on

On Adopting a Furry Feline

Another past post on adopting a cat is: And if you decide to rescue a new or an additional feline buddy, (the original thought behind our National Cat Day) I recently read a great article in Pet Age by Amy Castro, dated August 1, 2021: ( on bringing home a new kitten.

Comforting your New Kitty

Her article mentioned that to begin bring the kitty into a smaller space to get acquainted with the newness and maybe provide your new feline with a box to hide in thereby helping your new fur babe to feel safe. Then slowly bring them into larger spaces in your home as they begin to feel more comfortable.

Also a good idea, she explains, to keep your new friend from having tummy issues, is to keep the same diet they are use to before changing slowly again. And both wet and dry food would be preferable.


Provide your new kitten or cat with a food bowl and a water bowl, along with a nice bed, scratching post, litterbox low enough to use, good litter scoop, good natural litter, and, of course, some toys to play with to get started. Again, here I recommend all our USA-made and sourced natural pet products most safe for our fur babies. An earlier related post:

More Info

Take a look at “Know your Furry Friend’s Body Language” –

And another good to look into is “Protection for our Pets” –

While you are possibly considering adopting a new rescue kitty, here is a great video from Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog on felines:

Fun Feline Video

Smorgasbord Afternoon Video Rewind – Some favourites.. Cats not so aloof.




by OIKOS™- Art, Books & more

Oct 6, 2021·

Did you Celebrate on National Dog’s Day? And When is National Cat’s Day?

National Dog Day

If you celebrated with your pooch you get a big thumb’s up. August 26th is our USA Pet Day for our canines or National Dog Day. There are so many ways to give your furry friend an extra nice day.

How about an extra long walk and at an off-leash spot. Or a special treat topper on your pal’s food. A great new toy or take some time to teach a new trick or special command. A run thru the sprinkler is good too. A home cooked meal like fresh chicken…yum!

Here’s a connect to some fun doggy ideas for you from Big Geek Daddy:

Also go to: “Delish Natural Pet Treats Made in the USA” for some special treats for your special dog on his very special day –

National Cat Day

National Cat Day follows just down the road in October on October 29th here in the USA. It is noted that this day was started to bring awareness for cat adoptions.

USA-made Kitty Treats and More
Photo by Inge Wallumru00f8d on

So it sounds like it is time to stock up on some lovely natural, made-in-the USA catnip! Go to natural USA Yeoow Catnip for your fuzzy friends delight or try The Pussums Cat Co. of Maine for natural catnip.

Also try Dr. Elsey’s clay cat litter. This is their only litter made in the USA. Another natural USA-made walnut shell litter is of California.

Try for Hauspanther’s USA-made delish freeze-dried single ingredient kitty treats. And, of Arkansas for all natural toys, treats, and scratchers for your feline friend.

You can also give your fur buddy a trip to a kitty condo resort to play with other felines. A pretty or handsome new collar and leash is great from of Oregon. And, from Colorado’s K&HPetProducts how about a fun kitty perch for window bird watching or a heated bed for winter.

Some human-grade special pet meals from of Oregon, I am hearing, would be more than welcome by your furry bud. A fun, comfy bed by of Washington state would be happily accepted.

And, do look at special natural grooming products from to make your kitty’s fur shine, another great product..

In any event do make it a special day for your feline fur baby. They’ll love you even more.

Should they need some help for anxiety see: “The Growing Trend of Pet CBD” –


by Smorgasbord Magazine – Variety is the Spice of Life – September 18, 2022

A Kitty Story of Callie

Reintroducing My Big Red Kitty

Back on November 8th of 2021 is when I wrote my first kitty story of Callie and introduced her as my big red kitty and one of her misadventures as a feral cat. As noted at that time she was watched by one or two feral cat watch people on some of her escapades. The first retold in November was with a giant Bear entitled “Callie My Big Red Kitty”. So it is time to reintroduce my girl Callie.

Callie’s Next Adventure

The next related interesting exploit for my kitty story of Callie is with a commercial construction site not too far from one of Callie’s “camping” lairs. ”Her” construction crew evidently found their new found kitty many times on unsafe terrain in their half-finished 10-story office building. So, one good thing, they were getting use to spotting her.

And another in her favor was that she was only 8 years old and in somewhat decent condition. She was getting food from a couple of cat-loving construction guys and girls. Not to mention the wee rodents she found on the site. No wonder she kept going back!

The Elevator

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist on

As it went, they did have a construction elevator on the site. One unfortunate day Callie slipped inside unbeknownst to the guy inside. His arms were full of coffee cups from the local food cart which he was delivering to the upper floor crew. The door opened and Callie zipped out and then the construction guy noticed her. Our Callie found herself 7 stories up on partially laid flooring. No familiar sites anywhere did she spy. She looked around and down and, as the crew guy said, “Big Red just froze and let out a very loud ‘MEOWRRR.” Callie was known at the construction site as “Big Red”.

Callie – Lost?

The workman went on to make his deliveries and came back to help ‘Big Red’ get back down to earth. Bless, she was no place in sight. He searched the nearby area and not finding sight or sound of Callie, he went back to his work. Word quickly spread that “Big Red” was somewhere on the 7th floor.

A cat hiding under a couch

As the cat story was retold, Callie or Big Red spent the night and most of the next day on the 7th floor huddled in behind some ductwork. Daylight hours wore on and she was beginning to get quite hungry not having eaten for over a day. She started moving stealthily from her hiding spot fearful of being so very high. Since she was unnoticed yet she started meowing a bit but not loud enough for the workers to hear over their hammering and drilling.


Callie ventured further out looking wildly around and started falling through an opening in the floor – “Mew” – but caught herself and was able to jump back up. The area she occupied was a bit unstable. Now she started Meowing in earnest and as loud as she could: ‘MEOW” “MEOW” “MEOW” — going non-stop. A construction guy named Tom happened to just step off the elevator and heard her M-E-O-W s. He didn’t see Big Red but had heard the rumors and started calling to her. She was actually only about 10 feet from where she had jumped off the elevator.

Tom didn’t stop calling to Big Red until he finally discovered her whereabouts. He said he had never seen a kitty so happy to be found and brought back down to earth!

The moral of this animal story for Callie or Big Red: DON’T TAKE THE ELEVATOR.


By Smorgasbord Magazine – Variety if the Spice of Life – September 26, 2022

Pets Eat Grass – Why

This seems to be an ‘up in the air’ type of answered question from most. Pets eat grass, why? – for, several possible reasons for dogs according to PetMD and the American Kennel Club.

Reasons your Dog eats grass

Grass for dogs? Why do our pets eat grass?

If the dog in question is younger, it could be because of boredom. In that case, it is recommended to start engaging your dog with learning and/or training exercises. Or possibly introduce your friend to a new dog park or a new walking excursion, in any case. Could your canine bud be a good candidate for agility training?

Another reason spoken of for dogs is indigestion. Possibly they use it to settle bile in their tummies and to rid themselves of that uncomfortable bile. Some doggos do, in this case, throw up after eating grass, but most do not.

Or, again, maybe it is just a natural instinct and they like the taste of grass.

One other thought is that their diet is lacking fiber. In that instance, you might try upgrading your dog’s food to a more balanced diet and one higher in fiber. This has evidently been the case in some instances.

Most agree that eating grass is not harmful unless it is exposed to toxic chemicals or pesticides. In that case, you definitely need to train your dog not to eat grass using the ‘leave it’ command.

In checking on this issue I came upon organic wheatgrass which is said to be safe for your canines and felines. This is something you can order and use by their water bowl to solve their grass-eating issues. Wheatgrass is said to have no gluten, but good antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. One site I found is The Dog Bone Market.

Why your Kitty eats Grass

Grass for cats? Grass contains folic acid like that in mama cat’s milk. We are told that folic acid is necessary to produce hemoglobin which is what helps to move oxygen through the blood.

Also grass may be a natural laxative. Cats do have digestive issues since they form hairballs and some may eat small animals, ie, fur, beaks, etc. So they do need to eliminate any and all undigestible materials. This may be why they eat grass and regurgitate it. They don’t possess the enzyme necessary to breakdown grass or other undigestible materials as mentioned.

Tufts Catnip actually lists several good grasses for your cats which you can grow yourself like catnip, and catmint.

Pet stores carry grass trays you can purchase for your kitty. A great way to keep them from eating any possible toxic grasses that have been sprayed with pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

Range Animals

Photo by Enric Cruz López on

It’s interesting to note that range animals – cattle, bison, horses, deer, goats, and sheep – possess microorganisms in their digestive tracts to breakdown grasses and other plant materials. All the species differ in amounts of grasses and plants they can digest, but they do all have the necessary microorganism that cats and dogs evidently do not.

One note about some other fun facts on cats and dogs, see my post “Curious Facts About Cats and Dogs”.

USA-made Pet Product Article


USA-made and Sourced Pet Products

Photo by Oleg Magni on

Lately I have noticed quite a few pet products being promoted on Facebook. Many, I have found, are made and sourced in foreign countries and not a few come out of China. Why, because manufacturers enjoy less cost in materials and ingredients and overall manufacturing costs. In the USA we have much stricter quality and safety standards and regulations imposed on manufacturers to safeguard ourselves and our animals.

There are quite a few reasons to use our USA-made and sourced products:

Reasons to Use our USA-made

–As mentioned, our quality and safety standards and regulations for not only materials used but also ingredients in our pet food, i.e., numerous FDA food recalls of those containing melamine starting in 2007 labelled improperly from China.

–Materials in our products may harm us and our animals i—f not regulated, ie, asbestos problems, lead in paint, etc.

– -Good support for our local farmers and our local workers employed by our USA product manufacturers.

– -USA products tend to last longer because of our quality controls and safety standards so in the long run costing us less.

–Here our manufacturers are required to disclose the contents of their products unlike foreign countries so we are better informed.

— Keeping more dollars circulating in the USA is good for us all.

— One pet bird product manufacturer states that using USA made and sourced products makes it easier to hold suppliers accountable.

Pet Age has a great article about USA made products from 2018. In this report a Nielsen study is mentioned from 2015 showing 61% of Americans prefer USA made and sourced products as important.

There are a few sites who do reviews on products but it appears very few who single out USA made and sourced products. One that has USA made dog bed reviews is

The other review sites I have found do not usually specify origin of the products.

USA-made Pet Beds

I want to stress how much like we humans our pets need a great night’s sleep. So I have checked on pet beds through five review sites and these are my findings with emphasis on USA-made and sourced beds or bedding for our pets.

Of the five sites (Best Reviews, K9ofMine, The Spruce Pets, Top Dog Tips, and Wirecutter):

For Cat Beds –

⦁ K&H Pets Products of Colorado provide a thermo cat mat, a kitty window perch, and a covered cat bed all in the top 10 by 2 of 3 cat bed reviewers.

⦁ Smiling Paws Pets of Wyoming makes cat beds of organic cotton and is noted by 1 of 3 cat bed reviews in top 10.

For Dog Beds –

⦁ Big Barker is handmade in PA with thick foam padding with a 10 year warranty, an orthopedic bed for large breed dogs and 4 of 5 reviewers list it in the top 10 dog beds.

⦁ eLuxury of Indiana is owned and operated by veterans . 1 of 5 review sites list their orthopedic gel memory form mattress in the top 10.

⦁ Jax and Bones of Los Angeles, CA is listed in the top 10 by 1 of 5 reviewers for their velour napper dog bed, said to be good for dogs up to 100 lbs.

⦁ K&H Pet Products of Colorado, again mentioned, for their tough elevated and heated beds for chewers in the top 10 by 1 review site.

⦁ Kuranda of Maryland is mentioned by 1 reviewer in the top 10 for their orthopedic elevated bed for chewers with a 1 year warranty.

⦁ Midwest Homes of Indiana since 1921 is noted by 3 of 5 reviewers for their dog crate pads in the top 10.

For our Feathered Friends

Looking at 3 review sites for cage covers necessary to keep out light and distractions for good sleep (My Pet Needs, Best, Best Selected, I found the following for USA made products:

⦁ Cozzzy Cover from Phoenix, AZ comes in 2nd by 1 reviewer for their dome top parrot cage covers which are black and loose fitting.

⦁ Honorable mention of My Safe Bird Store of New Jersey who offers small bird covered condos that you can fit inside or outside your cage called ‘hide n seek bird condos’ – they are washable (pictured above).

⦁ Midwest Homes of Indiana (1921) comes in as #2 by 1 reviewer for their large black cover for parrot size cages (polyester and washable).

⦁ Prevue Pet Products (Hendryx) of Chicago, IL for 150 years – their large (parrot/cockatoo) black cover, non-toxic, breathable, lightweight cover is mentioned as number 1 in 2 reviews and in the top 8 in 3rd review with their medium size cover for smaller birds coming in as #1 by 1 reviewer.

⦁ Sheer Guard cage cover in small, med, or large is mentioned as #1 by 1 reviewer. They are a subsidiary of Kansas Creations here since 1984.

For our Aquarium Guys –

According to reviews by The Spruce Pets glass is said to be the best for having a tight fit to prevent aquarium evaporation and for durability.

Hoods come in second usually with led lights but give a looser fit than glass.

Screens, like those made by Zilla (an Aqueon subsidiary) in the USA, don’t prevent as much evaporation but still keep the fish from jumping out.

A couple of other reviewers (My Pet Needs and report as follows:

⦁ Marineland LED Light Hood by Spectrum Brands Pet, LLC, of Virginia and made in Wisconsin, comes in the top 5 by both reviewers.

⦁ Aqueon Aqua Versa top comes in the top 5 also by the reviewers.

⦁ Aqueon Flourescent Hood comes in the top 5 by one.

⦁ Tetra Perfecto Hood and LED Hood (a Marineland subsidiary) are noted in the top 6 by both reviewers.

My own take for my aquarium cover is for my Dwarf African frogs who need plenty of daylight. The only cover I choose for them is a homemade dark colored cloth that fits entirely around the sides of their tank and is closed with velcro to keep out light and drafts at night.

I hope this has given you some helpful information on selecting your good USA-made sleep products for your pets’ good restful nights.


Pet Product Description

Pet Stairs



Does your cat or dog have trouble climbing onto or off your bed, your couch, your vehicle?My little dog did.  So sorry I never even thought to purchase PET STAIRS!


These stairs come in all different sizes, shapes, materials, even colors.  I believe I would have preferred the foam stairs with a washable cover like the ones shown above.  Mainly, because of less stress on his joints and paws jumping onto the foam–and, of course having a cover I could launder when needed.

This particular model is for a 20 lb or smaller dog.  It’s lightweight to move around or use in  another location.  It has a furry beige cover with solid brown side panels.  As far as color choices, the majority of stairs come in beige, gray, or brown.


These provide so much more ease on your pet’s joints–especially if they are getting older, and/or are just having trouble climbing or jumping. 


Sizes are available in extra small through large in the covered foam (some with removable covers), wood (more expensive), tough plastic (with non-skid panels), and carpeted materials. Anywhere from 2 stairs to 5 or 6 stairs are available through various manufacturers.  And, a few stairs and ramps are folding models for easy transport or storage.  Ramps, yes, larger ones are available for your dog or cat to enter or exit your automobile.

Pricing looks like it starts at $25 for a small stair and goes clear up to $100 depending on size and material.


If you have decided to help out your furry pal, take a look at Best Reviews of pet stairs to get factual researched knowledge on several different manufacturers and their available styles, types, and sizes– .  Their research shows:


“We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers.

16 Models Considered

 68 Hours Spent

 1 Expert Interviewed

121 Consumers Consulted”

You can see from Best Reviews figures how numerous your choices are to assist your best pet buddy.  Check them out and make sure you have the correct fit for your dog or cat.  

Size is Important

Make sure to measure the height of your bed or sofa, etc.   Also be aware of the width of the steps that will work best for your pet.

Then enjoy watching them easily climb up and down! I bet you will see a tail wag or hear a purr.


USA-made Pet Food Promo

Your Answer to a Happy, Healthy, Alert Furry Friend

*****How Your Dog Can Snack His Way to Better Health*****

Act THIS WEEK to Receive your Valuable FREE Gift

Dear Pet Mom or Dad:

You know you want the very best for your furry friends.

We want to show you just how to keep your best pet friends Healthy, Happy, and Active. And, we guarantee your dogs are going to love the process as much as you do. Keep reading to catch hold of our 100% risk FREE coupon.

How many pet foods have you tried?…5 – 10 – 15? With all the recalls out there we are sure that you check the ingredients you are giving your best pet friends as we do. It is confusing, to say the least, with so many brands to choose from and so many new pet food companies coming online every other day.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on


Well known brands such as Blue Buffalo, Hills, Purina, and Merrick (to mention just a few) have all had recalls…most of which are voluntary recalls, of course, and all monitored by the FDA. One most recent is a mold toxin called Aflatoxin. This was a voluntary recall in September of 2020 by Sunshine Mills which can cause illness and even death. Another voluntary recall by Hill’s Pet Nutrition in 2019 was for excessive Vitamin D which can lead to kidney failure and, in some cases, even death.

Also, foreign-sourced pet food like that sourced from China has been in the news quite a lot…and was the start of the excessive Vitamin D problem in 2018. And the recalls are, unfortunately, all too common…on average there were recalls every 10 days in 2018.


Allergies continue to be problematic for our pets too. Corn, soy, and wheat have all been linked to causing allergies in some pets…even peas, but not nearly as widely allergenic as corn, wheat, and soy.

Web MD lists soy and wheat as common pet allergies.

Dog Food Advisor ( shows that corn is highly glycemic meaning it can cause a rise in blood sugar. It is rated on the glycemic scale at 69 as opposed to brown rice at 55. Corn, they state, is also hard to digest unless ground extremely fine. And it is mainly used as an inexpensive filler food.

Cesar Milan, the famous Dog Whisperer, rates corn as a common allergen.

So your label reading efforts have definitely been a plus for your animals. However, we at PUPTASTIC NATURALS want to enable you to discontinue your search and endless label reading.

Picture continuing feeding your pet a food containing corn, wheat, soy, or another allergan and seeing his symptoms continue to grow and worsen…constantly itching or getting hot spots. Not an issue you want for your pets.


Photo by Oleg Magni on

That’s why we are coming to you today to show you exactly how to keep your beloved pets Happy, Healthy, and Alert. And keep you away from that monotonous label reading and searching for your pet’s best answer for treats and food. And, again, you have our guarantee that your fur friends will love our answer too.


We are Ben and Emily Tanner and we started this business out of our kitchen using all USA sourced ingredients and all Midwest USA farms who follow healthy and organic, chemical-free practices for raising their livestock and produce.

PUPTASTIC NATURALS by FURRY FRIENDS produces the Only dog treats made in human-grade kitchens. All our products are made to FDA standards and qualify for human consumption. You see we have several dogs and cats of our own who we treasure as members of our family.

Our mission is to continue providing the safest, healthiest…and tastiest…food and treats for your pets that we possibly can. We believe in supporting our local farms who use 100% organic practices. We Never use cheap fillers or chemical additives.

PUPTASTIC NATURALS ( is AAFCO and FDA 100 percent approved as natural pet food. PUPTASTIC NATURALS has been producing USA farm-fresh, organic, chemical-free dog and cat food and treats for over 30 years and does actually exceed AAFCO and FDA safety standards.

Our company is FURRY FRIENDS NATURAL PRODUCTS, INC. from Grayslake, Illinois, just north of Chicago.

We are coming directly to you today because we want you to know why our long-time customers use PUPTASTIC NATURALS to keep their pets Happy, Healthy, and Active.

With over 30 years of trust our Natural treats have meat as the number 1 ingredient:
⦁ No corn
⦁ No wheat
⦁ No soy
⦁ No animal by-products (which may contain bits of beaks/feet/bone)
⦁ No chickpea flour

Puptastic Naturals Ingredients

Our treats always have meat as the number one ingredient, meaning that meat is the largest ingredient portion in our food and in our treats. Your options are all 100% USA sourced from our Midwest farms:
⦁ Chicken
⦁ Turkey
⦁ Lamb
⦁ Liver
⦁ Beef

Additional ingredients are 100% natural, organic USA sourced as well:
⦁ Eggs
⦁ Starch source – Brown Rice / Potatoes
⦁ Healthy nutrients and fiber – Carrots / Green Beans / Pumpkin /
and Sweet Potatos.

None of PUPTASTIC NATURALS ingredients are likely to cause an allergy or upset tummy as are corn, soy, wheat, or by-products.. Just the good stuff from PUPTASTIC NATURALS for your best pet friends.

Oven Baked Treats

Our bite-sized treats are oven-baked. They retain more flavor, more nutrients, and more vitamins than do freeze-dried pet foods. Just picture the difference of sitting down to your freshly steamed farm-fresh green beans or your re-hydrated steamed freeze-dried green beans. And, of course, you want to be sure any freeze-dried foods have been hermetically sealed to keep out bacteria.

Oven-baked foods and treats are easier and safer to store and maintain than are raw foods…which may last for a much shorter period of time in the fridge and are definitely higher in price and quite difficult to take on a walk or car trip.
And, to reiterate, our treats are rated by the FDA for Human Consumption.

Vitamin E

We add Vitamin E for your pet’s health — a proven antioxidant. According to the Pet Food Institute (PFI):
“Vitamin E is identified as an essential nutrient for both dogs and cats and is provided in complete and balanced pet food. It is a fat-soluble vitamin, meaning that it is stored in the body’s fatty tissue and liver, and supports immune function and the ability of the body to form red blood cells Significantly, Vitamin E is also a major antioxidant that supports pet health.”…

The Pet Food Institute, of which we are a member, is a great organization who tells you how to correctly understand pet food labels (


Photo by Athena on

It is good to be knowledgable about AAFCO, Association of American Feed Control Officials. This is the organization responsible for feed regulations and for providing protection for consumers and the regulated industry. Their major function is safeguarding the health of man and animals as stated on their website: And along with the FDA, our Federal Drug Administration – where you can check on food recalls – we have our safety standards set for our food products.

Another organization, of which PUPTASTIC NATURALS is a member, is The Pet Sustainability Coalition ( Their core values are set out on their website. They are a non-profit organization and…”operate with transparency to our members and to the public so that they can hold us accountable for what we do and how we do it…”


Just to put your mind at rest here are a couple of comments from both our local veterinarian and the Managing Editor of The Bark Magazine:

Sam Karovski, DVM, says: “In the overwhelming sea of dog treat choices out there, it’s important to find a truly healthy snack for dogs. I’m very impressed with the integrity of your business and I recommend Puptastic Naturals to all my clients looking for healthy treats for training or anytime.

We are proud to have been one of the first veterinary clinics to carry your products. We endorse only the healthiest, safest products, and Puptastic Naturals is at the top of our list.”

Julia Henriques, Managing Editor, The Bark Magazine, has this to say: “Here at The Bark we receive lots of questions and comments from our readers and have heard from several about your Puptastic Naturals treats and food. They especially comment on how their pets, both cats and dogs, love your treats and beg for more. They do also say that their pet friends are healthy and have suffered no allergic reactions or any kind of tummy issues with your treats. In fact, some mentioned that their pets seem more alert since using your pet food products. We are proud to display Puptastic Naturals’ ads in our publication.”

Customer Reviews

Harry Morgan of Black Butte, Montana: “A good friend of mine here in Black Butte recommended Puptastic Naturals to me when two of my dogs came down with itchy dry skin. That was back in 2008 and I went from using their crunchy treats to their dry and wet food for my dogs. I have a total of four.”’

“Thanks Puptastic Naturals for providing my ‘guys’ great food and treats. No more dry skin issues here.”

Mary Anderson of Corpus Christi, Texas comments: “I grew up in Grayslake and my parents used Puptastic Naturals to feed our cat and dog. Their coats were shiny, their skin healthy, and they did just great on Puptastic Naturals.”

“I have carried on the tradition with my own fur pals. I used the crunchy bite-size treats for training my pets and now just for good treats. They seem to love Puptastic Naturals and it loves them too.”

Sylvia Blaine of Grayslake, Illinois, reports, “I moved to Grayslake with my husband and daughter just five years ago tomorrow. We found out about Puptastic Naturals when our Australian Shepherd came down with an allergy to peas. I never realized how many dog foods contain peas or that quite a few dogs are allergic to peas.

My local boutique pet store recommended Puptastic Naturals. Am I ever glad I found this brand of treats.”

Our Great Offer – FREE Treats For You

Through this week only –
⦁ Use our Trial Sampler Coupon risk FREE –
⦁ Receive your own 32 ounce box of PUPTASTIC NATURALS kitchen-baked, FDA human- grade, 100% organic, chemical-free, all USA farm-fresh sourced bite-size treats
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⦁ Our 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee of satisfaction –
⦁ Receive the equivalent of one 6 ounce bag of completely natural treats totally FREE.

Your Trial Sampler includes:

⦁ Five 6 ounce bags of crunchy human-grade bite-size treats.
⦁ Five different flavors: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb, Liver, and Beef (all in our normal 32 ounce treat box.
⦁ All oven-baked and loaded with farm fresh ingredients and nutrients from the USA.
⦁ All including Vitamin E and delicious meaty flavors.
⦁ Great treats for training or anytime treats to keep your furry Friends Healthy, Happy, and Alert.

Order today to take advantage of your new all natural dog treats. You have nothing to lose.

And, never search online or in-store again for your best pet food and treats for your furry friends. Go to and receive the additional assurance of that 100 percent Money-Back Guarantee. Use the code listed on your risk FREE coupon when you order.

Our professional customer service representatives are available Monday through Friday, CST, 9am to 6pm.

Did we mention…you also receive FREE Shipping.

If you prefer, head out to your local natural pet food boutique this Afternoon and grab our offer there. You can find a list of stores near you on our website. Just remember to bring your risk FREE coupon for the store personnel


Ben and Emily Tanner, Furry Friends Natural Products, Inc.

P.S. Do remember our offer is good Only through the end of this week and Only as long as supplies last. And here’s to your pets becoming Healthier, Happier, and more Active.

Interior Design Article

Your Space – Your First Place

Here you are with a blank slate to decorate any way you wish – your own place. Ask yourself a few questions:

The questions above are a few you might ask yourself before plunging ahead and spending on throw pillows, paint, art, and furnishings you might later regret purchasing. Or, you might choose to consult an interior designer to help with these choices. In that case, you will have your thoughts and preferences on hand to help the designer bring you the very best result for your space.

Hire a Designer?

The nice thing about using a designer is he or she can pick and choose for you and not use up all of your time doing so. Also the designer has the easier option of returning and choosing another item for you, if need be. And, of course, the designer you have chosen (after looking closely at his or her references) has good experience, know how, and resources in this field.


If you decide to venture forth on your own, here are a few hints to make your project a little easier.

Sticking to neutral colors in your living and dining areas will not only be relaxing but will be easier to change up with different accessories, i.e., throw pillows, art, knickknacks, or area rugs.

You can go crazier with color in your bedrooms, family room, baths, party room, or kitchen.

Finding fun accessories is much less strenuous than buying a new couch or dining set. And, you can find throw pillows and knickknacks in many retail locations: Burlington Coat Factory, Pier One, IKEA, Bed, Bath & Beyond, JC Penneys, Target, Ross Dress For Less to name a few.

You might also locate linens and bath items at the above mentioned retail sites – even candles and fun dishes at some Dollar Tree stores.

If you like local festivals keep your eyes peeled for great local art and fun pieces of decor.


In choosing furnishings, do you appreciate heavy pieces or lighter Danish type lines, traditional or period pieces as Queen Anne or more ornate like Rococo? You might like an eclectic combination of furnishings. See an example of a Traditional and antique furnished living room below and another of a Danish furnished living room following.

Decide what makes you happy!

If you find decor is just not your thing, definitely go to Google and do a search in your local area for interior designers. Look at their credentials and references. Check out their decor styles and then set up an interview to see personality and choose. If possible, personal references are usually your best bet, but do check out your friend’s decor, too, before taking his or her advice!





Receive FREE APPETIZER while enjoying GREAT JAZZ!


Dear Jazz Lover:

Because, from what I have heard, you are a great Jazz enthusiast and food bon vivant, I want to let you know about a one-time offer for this coming Thursday…ONE FREE APPETIZER FOR TWO AND YOUR FIRST TWO DRINKS AT NO CHARGE compliments of ARRIVEDERCI!


Arrivederci Wine and Jazz Bar

This little known gem is local..that’s right!  Just down the street from where you live. I went with a friend recently, and was seated, with a reservation, right away…and up front.  Parking was no problem. Our waitress was there in a flash to offer her assistance.

We perused the menu…it looked scrumptious.  The band was busy setting up their instruments.  We were talking and taking in the surroundings and relaxing.

Starter Menu

Seeing the starter menu we had to order the dates wrapped in crispy bacon and stuffed with blue cheese and walnuts.  They were as good as they sound and we finished them off in a breeze, sipping some lovely wine from their wine bar.  Our entree was delish…ravioli asiago with italian sausage and parmesan.


Great Jazz

The trio started playing as we ate…we had to stop when the lead singer began…so many songs we love…our feet keeping time to the music…it was a treat the whole way through.

Then someone appeared from the wine cellar with a sax and joined the band..he turned out to be the owner… very personable and friendly…and, as it turned out, he knew my friend.  Actually the entire group was very sociable including the waitresses.  

Awards and Reviews

You can see how many people love this place by going to their Facebook page and noting all the endorsing posts. Arrivederci Wine and Jazz Bar – Home.

Here are a few comments posted on Facebook:

Gloria D. M., “Kathy, I love Arriverderci’s! My friends and I saw Tom Grant there a couple of years ago. Food is so good. Yum! Music is great!”

Kit B. , “Great smooth sounds. Loved it.”

Arrivederci, “What a great night of Music and food and Drink! Record night for Labor day weekend–Thank you all!!”

They even received the Diner’s Club Award in 2017!

YELP has quite a number of FIVE STAR REVIEWS for Arrivederci Wine and Jazz Bar.  (That’s how I originally discovered them.)

Here are some notes from Yelp reviewers:

Keith M. of Portland, OR..”We were introduced to Arrivederci’s or “Derci’s” in 2007, it has become my favorite place to relax and enjoy music! It doesn’t catch the eye from the street, it is on the right side of the street when you are heading south…..”

Debbie W. of Lake Oswego..”The Arrivederci is the place to be!! Great food, ambiance, friendly staff, and the best live music in Portland!! Go to, and sign on their e-mail list. It is a restaurant and night club unparalleled by any other.”

I guess they have been around awhile..since 2004.  I’m surprised I just now found them.


Did I mention dessert?  We split a Lemon Drop Cheesecake surrounded in raspberry swirls.  Yes, it melted in our mouths!

So, as mentioned earlier. Why not take Arrivederci up on their offer…a FREE APPETIZER and YOUR FIRST 2 DRINKS ON THE HOUSE this Thursday only!  A great way to relax and enjoy some leisure time, great music and mouth-watering food… and not have to cook!

Just call and mention this letter when you make your reservation and do bring this letter with you.

Why wait to call…503-659-1143….the house will fill up fast!


Nikki Frie, Patron

P.S.  Be sure to sign up on Arrivederci’s email list so you receive their monthly calendar of info on the talent lineup (local hot Portland musicians) and invites to special tastings or other events.

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