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by katrob567– Kathy Robinson  Nov 16, 2020 on Post “Best Bird Friends

“Nikki, I loved your bird “story”, Makes me want a bird. Your story telling is excellent I should try writing again.”

by Cassi Dodgson Mar 12, 2021·on Post “WALKIN’ with your BEST PET FRIEND

“Really clean web site, appreciate it for this post.”

by katrob567– Kathy Robinson  May 29, 2021 on post “Memorial Day for our Pets

“It’s good to know there are so many pet cemeteries out there. All of the suggestions for memorializing can really help us through the grieving process.”

by katrob567 – Kathy Robinson Sep 6, 2021 on Post “Curious Facts about Cats and Dogs

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“Wow, interesting facts. I never knew about the tendon in the neck of dogs (and us). I also didn’t know about the specific chemical in catnip. But I’m very aware of cats’ responses. No wonder they act like goofballs and finally pass out.”

by Smorgasbord – Variety is the Spice of Life. Sep 30,2021· on Post “Reminder – National Cat Day

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“Thanks Nikki…an informative post and thanks for sharing the video… x”

by Willow Croft Nov 29, 2021· on Post “Pet Adoption Questions

“Many pet shelters will do a “gift certificate” so that the gift recipient can come down to the shelter to meet the pets in in person… 🙂”

by Jen Feb 2, 2022 on Posts “Add your Sweet Pets to your Valentine’s Day Treat List and “New Kitten?

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“My cat Nicki is my Valentine.

“Thank you — going to check out the cat videos. Nicki says meow.”

by Emily Mar. 29, 2022 on Post “Dental Care for our Fur Babies

“Brushing our dog’s teeth is essential but we are more careful to the little ones like we deal with our little kids. Thanks for sharing your ideas its a great help.”

by Willow Croft Apr 27, 2022·on Post “A Memorial for your Pet?

“If I make it to Medford/Ashland, good know know I’ll have some nice options. *smiles*”

by jkaybay Aug 17, 2022 on Post “Callie is Back!

“That must have been such a shock for both of you that she decided to jump into the water!
She probably wasn’t expecting it to be so wet!
Love the photos!”

by Teresa Griffith on LinkedIn September 2, 2022 re Blog Post for Healers Pet Care entitled “Body Wrap your Pet?”

Teresa Griffith commented on your post in Pet Online Marketing Group (Dogs, Cats, and More):

“We love the work you have done for us! You do a very thorough and detailed blog that gets all the important information and messages across! Thanks!”


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