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New Smorgasbord Video

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It’s great to have someone, your best pet friend, available to walk with whenever the urge hits you, isn’t it? Not to mention the great benefits of walking your dog daily for both yourself and your dog. I use to stroll in many different parks and byways with my little Maltese friend. Amazing how fastContinue reading “WALKIN’ with your BEST PET FRIEND”

Have a Pet BIRD?

Two budgies…parakeets…have been my pets over time. They have very unique personalities and can be quite loveable. And, you can find them under “pet birds for sale” at most pet stores. I needed a lot of info to take proper care of Noel. So I did buy a bird book and look up budgie informationContinue reading “Have a Pet BIRD?”


When I had my little dog, I totally spoiled him with outfits and toys. He was like my little boy. He let me know if he liked them or not too. I finally discovered the only ‘good’ clothes were velcro fastened types as far as Morgan was concerned. He wouldn’t go for anything going overContinue reading “PET CLOTHES”

Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – dogs waiting for the ice-cream trucks

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This is one important topic for your beloved furry best friends! You probably know by now that you want the very first ingredient to be meat…meaning that is the largest portion ingredient in their food. After that you want to make sure there is no corn, wheat, or soy added…likely culprits for allergies. And definitelyContinue reading “TIRED of TRYING NEW PET FOODS?…READING LABELS?”

Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – A Japanese feast experience for cats… excellent.

Great kitty dinner….all the way thru from Jun’s Kitchen on Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog. Your kitty will love you even more if you do a repeat performance for him or her after watching this ‘gourmet’ cat video – Click here: Related posts: A New Feline Bud? Hope you enjoyed this funny cat video. Stop byContinue reading “Smorgasbord Afternoon Video – A Japanese feast experience for cats… excellent.”

You? Operate an Aquarium?

Graduating from a small one and a half gallon vase-type aquarium for a beautiful Betta fish, Jewel, to a not-large 5 gallon aquarium for my two Dwarf African Frogs, Henri and Marty, and my Nerite Snail, Tigger, I definitely prefer the five gallon. That is still quite small since many people have much much higherContinue reading “You? Operate an Aquarium?”


Just a quick post to share Healthy Pets Northwest information I spotted on their Facebook page today… It’s a great bit of input and tips in hot weather for our pets in the late summer heat wave we are experiencing here in the Portland, Oregon area: Related post: Fire Danger Stop back by to readContinue reading “YOUR PET AND THE HEAT”