A New Feline Bud?

For some time I have been thinking of adding an adult cat to my residence. Just yesterday I actually submitted an application to a rescue site not knowing if I am quite ready yet but wanting to start the ball rolling in that direction. They asked quite a few good questions to distinguish what kindContinue reading “A New Feline Bud?”

Be My Happy Valentine!

Just want to wish all my fellow bloggers, pet lovers, USA-made pet product makers, and pet service providers a giant Happy Valentine’s Day. May this year bring all good and happiness your way. Here is a collage of found pet valentines images I want to share with you to bring even more smiles your wayContinue reading “Be My Happy Valentine!”

Know Your Furry Friend’s Body Language

Have you tried discerning what your dog or cat is trying to tell you only to find yourself at a loss? Are they fearful or aggressive? Happy or not trusting? Feeling sad? Feeling anxious? Bored and needing activity? Having pain? You really need a dog body language chart or pet body language chart, right?! WhatContinue reading “Know Your Furry Friend’s Body Language”

Time to Celebrate…Your Special Valentine or Valentines?

You know how hard it is to find that special Valentine gift for your significant other. You want to choose something just right and oh so memorable. How about including your pet pal in the festivities on Valentine’s Day? Your pet babies love your attention and extra goodies to make them happy at an addedContinue reading “Time to Celebrate…Your Special Valentine or Valentines?”

A Sympathetic Fur Pal

Here’s is a funny dog video from Smorgasbord Magazine…for your enjoyment… To receive more of my posts on Pet Viewpoint, click on the ‘follow’ button down below and please do share with your friends. Related funny dog videos: https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2020/10/26/smorgasbord-afternoon-video-dogs-waiting-for-the-ice-cream-trucks/ — AND https://smorgasbordinvitation.wordpress.com/2020-07-22/smorgasbord-afternoon-video-i-will-always-love-you-with-some-dog-love Hope you enjoyed these funny doggie videos. Thanks for coming.

USA Made and Sourced Pet Products

Lately I have noticed quite a few pet products being promoted on Facebook. Many, I have found, are made and sourced in foreign countries and not a few come out of China. Why, because manufacturers enjoy less cost in materials and ingredients and overall manufacturing costs. In the USA we have much stricter quality andContinue reading “USA Made and Sourced Pet Products”

It’s Good to Challenge your Fur Baby

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about being in the “doldrums”. I am sure you all have felt that way too with the Covid restrictions we have been facing so long and continuing on until we are rid of this deadly virus. As you might imagine our pets get the “doldrums” too andContinue reading “It’s Good to Challenge your Fur Baby”

Some Great Tips on how to Keep your Furry Pet Happy from Modern Dog Magazine plus a Bit of video fun for the Holidays

Here are some great tips from Modern Dog Magazine for your loved dog(s). Read on…https://moderndogmagazine.com/articles/10-things?utm_source=Modern%20Dog%20Enewsletter. Also for the Holidays I would like to repost some Christmas and very funny holiday pet videos I have come across for you to enjoy…following: The first is from Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog actually showing people doing good deeds for animalsContinue reading “Some Great Tips on how to Keep your Furry Pet Happy from Modern Dog Magazine plus a Bit of video fun for the Holidays”


There is a new pet supplement brand being advertised on the net called “Nutra Thrive” from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I watched their video and it sounds like a best supplement to add to a dog food. However, I would caution you to search for reviews of this product through Google…especially look at the Better BusinessContinue reading “NEW PET SUPPLEMENTS”

A Great Pet Adoption Article

See this article about adopting a pet for the holidays from Modern Dog Magazine. It is the busiest time of year for animal shelters! And don’t miss their holiday gift guide for your dog…some fun ideas here! https://moderndogmagazine.com/articles/why-you-should-adopt-friend-over-holidays/69564?utm_source=Modern+Dog+Enewsletter&utm_campaign=730899087c-MD_Newsbite_DestructiveChewing_08.15.2019_COPY_01&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_f07aee5fc3-730899087c-86551348&mc_cid=730899087c&mc_eid=a501a1d09b Related posts: A New Feline Bud? / Know your Furry Friend’s Body Language / To Do orContinue reading “A Great Pet Adoption Article”