Event Days – Adopting a Shelter Pet

I want to reiterate a bit of information on a couple of pet events in the month of April, with special notes on Adopting a Shelter Pet. Tortoise & Turtle Week First a reminder that ZooMed.com’s International Tortoise and Turtle Week starts April 18th. If you’re into reptiles or just curious about these fantastic creatures,Continue reading “Event Days – Adopting a Shelter Pet”

Pet Adoption Questions

This article is all about good pet adoption questions to ask yourself and tips to acknowledge before adopting a cat or a dog for Christmas or any time. It also includes a checklist of items for your new pet. From checking pet sites like DailyNews.com, TuftsCatnip.com, TheBark.com, PetAge.com, and more see the following information. TheContinue reading “Pet Adoption Questions”

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