Birds in Summer

My search of ‘birds in summer’ brought up many different species as you can imagine. I love to see the birds tweeting and flying and having a great time swooping down to wherever they decide to land. So I picked out the wild birds I have seen and watched the most throughout the years toContinue reading “Birds in Summer”

I Want a Pet Bird!

Best Pet Bird Species – My Google Search Several months ago I wrote a post entitled: “Best Bird Friends” – . So to follow up on that info, I have written “I Want a Pet Bird” all about the best bird species for pets. Mly previous post is about my experience with pet budgiesContinue reading “I Want a Pet Bird!”

Best Bird Friends

Two budgies…parakeets…have been my best bird friends over time. They have very unique personalities and can be quite loveable. And, you can find them under “pet birds for sale” at most pet stores. My first was presented to me quite unexpectedly one Christmas and the second I spotted at a Petco store and fell inContinue reading “Best Bird Friends”

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