Freshwater Aquarium Summer Care

July of 2021 I wrote “How to Care for your Small Aquarium in Hot Weather” – So I decided to provide some updated and additional information here for your small freshwater aquarium summer care. Aquarium Temperature Gauge If you have air conditioning, of course, this might not apply to you so much. In anyContinue reading “Freshwater Aquarium Summer Care”

How to Care for your Small Aquarium in Hot Weather

Following are tools and tips for your small aquarium summer care. Temperature Gauge Check your aquarium temperature gauge. The norm is 72 to 76 degrees. If the sun is soaring above 80 degrees and you have no air conditioning, it is time to turn off your tank heater. The water will usually stay 4 degreesContinue reading “How to Care for your Small Aquarium in Hot Weather”

No Power? Me and My Aquarium Critters

What is it like with no power? It must be somewhat like living in a third world country I supposed. A power outage in area meant No heat – no TV – no place to power up your phone – no music – no light – no reading your fav novel before falling asleep –Continue reading “No Power? Me and My Aquarium Critters”

You? Operating an Aquarium?

Have you considered: You? Operating an Aquarium? Following is how I started and how I continue to operate a smaller aquarium. Starting Out I Graduated from a small one and a half gallon vase-type aquarium for a beautiful Betta fish named Jewel, to a not-large 5-gallon aquarium. That fish tank holds my two Dwarf AfricanContinue reading “You? Operating an Aquarium?”

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