Pet Ramblings on All My Pets

There are so many Pet days to celebrate in April and many in March as well. But National Pet Day on April 11th is the biggest for lavishing affection and attention on our pets. My past couple of posts mention all the fun celebratory days for cat breeds, dog breeds, pet activity and awareness days:Continue reading “Pet Ramblings on All My Pets”

A Kitty Story of Callie

Reintroducing My Big Red Kitty Back on November 8th is when I wrote my first kitty story of Callie and introduced her as my big red kitty and one of her misadventures as a feral cat. As noted at that time she was watched by one or two feral cat watch people on some ofContinue reading “A Kitty Story of Callie”

Callie – my Big Red Kitty

Introducing Callie She is my big feline girl, just over 20 pounds but very svelte. And what a total lover, at least, when it suits her! Here she is at her waking-up best – Callie’s eyes are a deep dark blue green…very unusual and beautiful. The color definitely suits her. We have had many greatContinue reading “Callie – my Big Red Kitty”

A Wild Squirrelly Friend?

Long, long ago there was a female squirrel who liked to slink down a very large fir tree into the backyard and grab whatever nuts, acorns, or other foods she could gather quickly and scamper back up into the fir needle branches totally hidden from sight. -She was a brown bushy-tailed beauty of a squirrel.Continue reading “A Wild Squirrelly Friend?”

Remembering Tux

Never have I written about the dog I grew up with. His name was Tux. He was a beautiful red and white Cocker Spaniel with a creamy white strip of fur on the top of his head down thru the sides of his jowls. There were small tan speckles near his nose. His entire undersideContinue reading “Remembering Tux”


It’s great to have someone, your best pet friend, available to walk with whenever the urge hits you, isn’t it? Not to mention the great benefits of walking your dog daily for both yourself and your dog. I use to stroll in many different parks and byways with my little Maltese friend. Amazing how fastContinue reading “WALKIN’ with your BEST PET FRIEND”

Best Bird Friends

Two budgies…parakeets…have been my best bird friends over time. They have very unique personalities and can be quite loveable. And, you can find them under “pet birds for sale” at most pet stores. My first was presented to me quite unexpectedly one Christmas and the second I spotted at a Petco store and fell inContinue reading “Best Bird Friends”


One day when I was working at a pet store, a gentleman brought in his young…and nervous…Australian Shepard.  Handsome as his dog was, the poor ‘guy’ was absolutely terrified…and visibly shivering.  Not that it was cold at all…the dog was just very anxious! First Hand Experience This was the one first hand experience for meContinue reading “DOES YOUR PET SUFFER FROM ANXIETY?”

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