Sitting at my computer listening to the Governor and our Fire Chiefs explain what is going on with all the “unprecedented” fires in Oregon right now. I am at the northern tip of Clackamas County…farthest away from the 4 fires ravaging our county at this I am on Alert 1…the least urgent…thank the Lord. However, I have family and friends closer to the more frightful areas. Actually, a fire chief commented that the fire spread 17 miles in just one going quite rapidly. So keeping track of the fire danger level near me.

Alert 1

On Alert 1 you are asked to be ready to evacuate and have a plan for your evacuation.

Alert 2 means pack your vehicle and be ready to go in a moment.

Alert 3 is when you are to immediately evacuate and GO.

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In response I have packed a small bag and some papers and have readied my fish tank and supplies. If need calls, I will transfer my two dwarf African frogs, Henri and Marty, and my Nerite striped snail, Tigger, into a small temporary tank. We already had three power outages. The longest was for 13 hours yesterday. So happy to be able to see and hear the news…and charge my phone!

Climate Change

Sounds as if we are due for a long-awaited cool down sometime soon?…but our usual rain and normally cooler weather have been nowhere near us. Yes, Virginia, there is definite climate change happening! We have had weeks of high 80’s and 90’s this year. In fact a few years ago more than one week of hot, hot weather in August was unheard of in the Portland, Oregon area.

Staying in Touch

Texting back and forth to friends and family to see how all are doing. Very hard to concentrate on doing any real work right now! Just praying for all the firefighters who have been out in the thick of this horrific event for days and nights on end. And, for all those who have had to leave their beloved homes not knowing what will happen in the near future…and those who have already completely lost their places of residence and treasured belongings, hopefully not their pets!

Personal Experience

Can only imagine how devastating the fires in California and Washington have been and how insanely unfortunate that they continue on without letup here in the western states.

The only fire I have ever experienced myself was many years ago in southern California. It broke out in a restaurant’s kitchen where I had stopped to have a bite right after completing the California Real Estate exam. As the flames became evident we were all ushered out and I swear I never saw people move so ‘slowly’ (it felt to me) in my life. I drove home wondering if that was some kind of omen about my entering Real Estate??? And, after exiting my car, my car kept moving. Luckily, I was able to jump in and set the emergency brake.

Learning More Family Details

This moment learned that my great nephew and family are trying to return from a road trip to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. However, all roads are closed to them to drive home safely. So that must include Idaho, Montana, and Utah??? not sure exactly where they are at present. Looks like they will have to find a secure place to retreat for the time being. So glad though to hear they are out of harm’s way.

Your County’s Alert Sign Up

I just signed up for an alert text message to be sent to my phone on the Clackamas County Public Alert sign-up page. And, I recommend everyone else to do the same in their location in case of any disaster coming your way. It will ask for your email and address as well as your phone number. Also, it will inquire about any pets you may have. Good to have that set up for yourself and your loved ones and your best pet friends.

Safeguard Your Pets

Another tidbit: I have seen signs you can put in your window(s) indicating that you have a dog(s) or cat(s) or other animals that need saving in an emergency fire, flood, or whatever. Good to use for your beloved animals.

STAY SAFE AND KEEP ALERT for yourselves and your neighbors!

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Just a quick post to share Healthy Pets Northwest information I spotted on their Facebook page today… It’s a great bit of input and tips in hot weather for our pets in the late summer heat wave we are experiencing here in the Portland, Oregon area:

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I have been tossing around the idea of getting a new companion! A new furry companion, that is! Probably a dog — but cats are so mysterious and independent — and I have considered the possibility of a Maine Coon. They are so cool! But then again, they do have all that long hair.

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If I were to decide on a dog, she, yes ‘she’. I have decided a female may be more loyal and loving…probably not but.. just a quirk thing I guess. So a female dog, probably medium size with short hair…pretty maintenance free is what I am going for. Good with people but also protective and a good watch dog. One that I can take out walking…and one that is already potty trained definitely!

And, since I am older, maybe an adult dog…there’s a good idea!


A dog rescue near me or dog adoption near me is where I would look first and I know if I ‘fall in love at first sight’…that will be my new best friend! And, I just finished looking online at a few rescue sites….too many cute dogs. I believe it would be best to go in person, but where to start? I have found that checking out ‘reviews’ of different sites pays off! For rescue sites I bet that would work well. Other peoples perspectives and experiences…good to know.

Just look at some of these adorable faces:

So when all is said and done I will take myself out to a couple rescues and also the humane society. I can’t wait to ‘rescue’ some cute dog in need of a loving home.

If you’re thinking of doing the same, do check out your local rescues and humane society locations. and — just to share a couple! There are so many dogs and cats waiting for you…us!

A New Feline Bud? / Know Your Furry Friend’s Body Language / A Great Pet Adoption Article


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Wow, it seems I have been doing not much of anything forever…staring at my computer for days on end…just working…and studying…and trying to get out for a short walk to rejuvenate a bit. Seeing not much of any other humans except in passing or talking on the phone…I was feeling down, down, and further down. So I texted a friend to see if she was game to go out and about for a bit. We decided on what turned out to be a great and very fun jazz club! And a great way to get us out of the ‘doldrums’.

We both needed a lift..she working too many days in a row with the public…unfortunately, several who do not seem to understand the necessity of wearing a mask. Me working out of my home and starting to feel quite isolated!

Anywho, this jazz club had great music and great food too…and friendly peeps to boot. It was a “lifesaver” we both agreed and just what “the doctor ordered” to pick us both up. If you get to Milwaukie, Oregon, check out Arrivederci on McLoughlin Boulevard….and be sure to try the date hor d’oeurves….fantastic!

So here is a recommendation I ran across today about entertaining your furry friends: Sherri Telenko’s blog post, “Dog Trotting”, on 6/22/20. She has all kinds of great info and ideas on how to entertain your dog(s) at home during this time and beyond, of course…perhaps some good dog training buttons.

Check it out…cause our pets do get ‘bored’ and frustrated too, sometimes even depressed, as we do.

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Does your cat or dog have trouble climbing onto or off your bed, your couch, your vehicle?

My little dog did.  So sorry I never even thought to get him some PET STAIRS!


These dog steps come in all different sizes, shapes, types, materials, even colors…2 step pet stairs, foldable pet stairs, pet stairs for large dogs, even pet stairs for tall beds. I believe I would have preferred the foam stairs with a washable cover like the ones shown above.  Mainly, because of less stress on his joints and paws jumping onto the foam–and, of course having a cover I could launder when needed.

This particular model is for a 20 lb. or smaller dog.  It’s lightweight to move around or use in  another location.  It has a furry beige cover with solid brown side panels.  As far as color choices, the majority of stairs come in beige, gray, or brown.


These provide so much more ease on your pet’s joints–especially if they are getting older, and/or are just having trouble climbing or jumping. 


Sizes are available in extra small through large in the covered foam (some with removable covers), wood (more expensive), tough plastic (with non-skid panels), and carpeted materials.   A few stairs and ramps are ‘foldable’ for easy transport or storage.  Ramps, yes, larger ones are available for your dog or cat to use entering or exiting your automobile.


If you have decided to help out your furry pal, take a look at Best Reviews of pet stairs to get factual researched knowledge on several different manufacturers and their available styles, types, and sizes–

Their research shows:


We purchase every product we review with our own funds — we never accept anything from product manufacturers

  • 16 Models Considered
  • 68 Hours Spent
  • 1 Expert Interviewed
  • 121 Consumers Consulted”

You can see from Best Reviews’ figures how numerous your choices are to assist your best pet buddy.  Check them out and make sure you have the correct fit for your dog or cat.  

Size is Important

Make sure to measure the height of your bed or sofa, etc.   Also be aware of the width of the steps that will work best for your pet.

Then enjoy watching them climb up and down!

Know your Furry Friend’s Body Language / Does your Pet Suffer from Anxiety?


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One day when I was working at a pet store, a gentleman brought in his young…and nervous…Australian Shepard.  Handsome as his dog was, the poor ‘guy’ was absolutely terrified…and visibly shivering.  Not that it was cold at all…the dog was just very anxious!

First Hand Experience

This was the one first hand experience for me to see how well an anxiety vest worked and how it helps to calm an anxious dog, It was quite amazing to me.  The “Aussie” dog was so much more at ease after trying on the vest.  He was not quivering any more.  It was like he was being hugged…and he was!

Photo by Sebastian Coman Travel on

My Own Experience

I also experienced a similar situation with my Mom’s new adorable little white ball of fur..a Maltese.  He was doing the same as the Aussie.  Only this time her new pup was in his new bed..alone..and he was shivering.  We tucked a blanket around him and he then slept peacefully…helping to calm a dog panic attack.

And, my own dog at home, after a surgery, I saw was shivering like crazy. The vet had given me pain meds for him.  I decided to call and talk to the vet and she told me she would prescribe a higher dosage for him.  So, I guess our pets can sometimes communicate with us quite well.  And, the higher dosage did work for him.  He needed that extra help.

So, just like when we may be upset and a good friend embraces us..a ‘hug’ also appears to help our pets. The anxiety vest does serve the same as a ‘hug’. This is a great way to help dogs with separation anxiety too.

Reassurance Times

So many times our pets do need this vest or jacket when we aren’t available to reassure them:

  • 4th of July fireworks
  • New Year’s fireworks
  • Thunder storms
  • Vet visits
  • Heavy rains and wind storms
  • Separation anxiety
  • After surgery

After fireworks, in particular, one hears of lost pets who have run away in fear and fright from the some cases, never found.  


I am sure there are more instances than I have listed here, but what a great solution to help our pets!


Have you used one of these “hugging” products to calm your cat or dog?

According to Best Reviews Research Staff’s recent study, an anxiety vest, known also as a thunder shirt or jacket, has proven to “…work for approximately 80% of anxious dogs…”

These calming jackets are available at most pet stores and online for both cats and dogs.  From my observations they run anywhere from $12 to $30 for your kitty and $20 to $45 approximately for your doggie.. 

Great Info

An important fact is to make sure the fit is correct for your pet.  So, knowing their weight and body length is good information to have available if you are shopping.  

They have many sizes, styles, and colors by multiple manufacturers.  Take a look at Best Reviews analysis of several manufacturers of pet anxiety vests through the link shown above.

Pet Stairs / Know your Furry Friend’s Body Language


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My first story post: Does your Pet Suffer from Anxiety?

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