March Pet Celebrations

My Google search for March pet celebrations revealed some fun points mentioned by Readers’ Digest and Google both. See the information below. There appear to be many ways and days we can conjure up as pet holidays in March.

March 2021

March 2021 marked a year since Covid sent us inside to work from our homes and to socialize using Zoom and virtual meetings. Now with our national vaccination rollout for Covid we have hope of a better summer 2022. And Covid resulted in a good increase in pet adoptions as reported earlier by Pet Age in one of my October 2021 posts entitled ” Pet Ownership in America” – .

Did you adopt a new pet during Covid? If you think it is something to consider, look at some of the great rescue sites: “Best Animal Shelter Websites” –

March is known as the ‘war’ month since Roman times and the Ides of March when Caesar was warned of his fall. Also noted is that the majority of our wars have started during the month of March. Is it time to bring our fur buddies inside? Or, is it time to leave the guard dogs outside?

March 1

March 1st is national Welsh Corgi Day. My niece’s cute Winchester dog is a very cute Corgi. My niece is mighty cute too, guys! They love to hike and check out local dog parks.

March 2

On March 2 Scott Kelly, Astronaut, returned to earth after almost a year on the International Space Station. He set a new record for the longest uninterrupted trip to space. I wonder when a dog or cat might join the space ship travelers.

March 14

March 14th we resume our Daylight Savings Time, giving us more good walking time with our furry friends. On that note, take a look at my post on “Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal” – You will see some great USA-made collars, leashes, harnesses, and sets. You can check several options out online.

March Madness


March 14 through April 5th is March Madness…the best month for basketball. Thought of tying a colored-scarf matching your favorite team colors on your fur pal? Make your furry friend your home-team mascot!

March 17

St. Pat’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day is here again on March 17th. In my last year’s post I showed some very fun pet hats, scarves, ties, and vests to help celebrate this day. You can see them here in my post entitled “Add a Touch of Irish to your Fur Pal” – .

I use to celebrate back in my heyday in Los Angeles at Blarney Castle. And, a very fun time was had by all. It’s also the day the Chicago River turns green and many other celebrations take place across the country.

We also used to celebrate at a great Irish pub called Tom Bergin’s. I almost forgot about this place. It is near the Miracle Mile in Los Angeles.

If you are considering adopting an Irish dog or cat breed, check out: “Let’s Celebrate- St Patrick’s Day Fast Approaching”

What a great way that would be to celebrate St. Pat’s Day and create your very own pet holiday in March.

March 20

March 20 the Vernal Equinox occurs when the sun shines on the equator giving us almost 50 percent day and 50 percent night. Our pets will be in heaven. They can run in their backyards to their hearts’ content or watch out the window endlessly. Or they might even give you ‘that look’ at the dog park. And then you extend their park play time!

March 21

Twitter Founded

March 21st is the day Jack Dorsey founded Twitter. You can see tons of our pets on Twitter and all over social media for that matter. It is easy to see from social media that we celebrate our pets in March and every month of the year. You can even find my posts there.

Dorsey came up with the idea, it is told, back in 2006. “He imagined it as an SMS-based communication platform.” His thinking was that it would serve as a spot where friends would keep up on each other’s activities and doings. He sent the first tweet on March 21, 2006. It read, “Just setting up my Twttr”.

Start of Pet Poison Prevention Week

March 21 through 27th is Poison Prevention Awareness week for our pets. See an article with great information on poisonous plants, foods, lawn products, etc. to our pets. Even grapes and raisins are bad for our dogs as is chocolate. There are many items you might not stop to think about. So do look over all the good information provided on poisons to our pets by the Animal Health

Dog Food Advisor Notice

See their notice on Family Dollar, Inc. is recalling multiple national brands of dog food, cat food and treats caused by health hazards associated with rodent infestations. Contamination may also include the risk of Salmonella bacteria.

Funny Animal Videos

I can’t go without sharing a couple of very fun animal videos:

The first is appropo for this rainy month on dogs –

Here’s a smart donkey from Big Geek Daddy:

And last is a hilarious dancing bird:


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Pet Seasonal Allergies

Pet seasonal allergies and skin care needs seem to bloom along with our glorious flowers in Spring. So I found a number of great remedies for pet allergies and skin care. Some of our animals need extra help with those problems. Below I am sharing some special USA-made and sourced natural products for good help to your fur buds.

USA-Made and Sourced Products

I mentioned a 2015 Nielsen study referenced by Pet Age in an earlier post of January 17, 2021. It noted that USA manufacturers are held to high standards and regulations, and that there are many great reasons to use USA-made products:

  • Good to use local USA farmers products
  • Easier to hold your suppliers accountable
  • Better for USA economy
  • Normally higher quality so last longer which reduces cost

Read on for recommended assistance for pet seasonal allergies.

First a Note For your Aquarium

Photo by Tim Mossholder on

API Fishcare of Chalfort, Pennsylvania by Mars Fishcare provides water conditioning. And, of course, water conditioning for your aquarium is needed year round. API also gives us their water testing products to ensure the water is safe for your swimming guys.

And Second a Note For your Pet Birds

Prevue Pet Products of Chicago, Illinois offers non-toxic, breathable, lightweight cage covers – and –

Playful Parrot of Sarasota, Florida produces natural bird toys for your feathered friend to help keep them allergy-free.

Next – Allergy Help for your Furry Felines

Photo by Ihsan Aditya on

DuckyWorld Products of Roseville, Minnesota makes organically grown catnip toys. They are produced with no pesticides or chemicals that might irritate your kitty, especially those with allergies.

Next, Imperial Cat of Arkansas gives us natural cat toys and treats consisting of flowers, buds, and leaves.

And, Naturally Fresh litter by Eco Shell of Corning, California is a natural plant-based litter sourced from walnut shells.

And – Allergy Help for your Canine Buds

Two red-haired Irish Terrier lie next to the background of the building

Jones Natural Chews of Rockford, Illinois provides chews with no preservatives, all natural. Their chews are also specific for your doggo’s size (small, medium, large). All ingredients are listed on their site. So you can be sure there is nothing included to which your doggy is allergic.

And, Vetericyn of Rialto, California offers dog supplements full of antioxidants and prebiotics. They also are made with vitamins and minerals for your Spring pet allergy help.

In Addition -For both your Cats and Dogs

A List of USA Products for Allergy & Skin Care Help

Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care Products says it all. They are formerly from Maine and now in North Carolina. Burt’s offers great natural grooming products for your furry friends. Terrific for having no harmful ingredients to which your pet may be allergic.

A California manufacturer, Earthbath of San Francisco, produces grooming products including shampoo, conditioner, wipes, and spritzes for good pet skin care.

And, NaturVet has been providing cat, dog, and equine supplements since 1994 out of Temecula, California.

Oxyfresh from Coeur d’Alene, Idaho gives us pet dental, ear, grooming, and nutritional products including vitamins and supplements, all non-toxic. They also have kennel and cage cleaning products available. Good for closing down any allergenic substances.

Pure and Natural Pet of Norwalk, Connecticut produces grooming, ear care, and dental care for your kitties and doggies.

Palmers of New Jersey has been giving us pet skin care products for 175 years. They are now E.T. Browne Drug Company.

Skout’s Honor from Oceanside, California offers tested probiotic grooming and wellness products for your furry friends. Those include products to keep any nasty red allergy bumps from occurring.

Sturtevant’s Vet Remedies has made topical probiotics for dogs, horses, and cattle since 1871 and now for cats since 2018. They started in Hartford, Connecticut and are now located in Bronxville, New York.

Take Advantage of Good Care for your Pets

Take advantage of some of the above-mentioned USA manufacturers’ products for Spring pet allergy and skin care help. With all the comings of the season, your furry friend may be in definite need. As well as for some flea and tick products. See my post on that subject – “Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets” –

Additional Pet Care Tips

While you are looking also take in a post about dental care for our pets and USA manufacturers providing good help in that area. It is entitled, “Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babies” –

Dog Food Advisor Notice

Massachusetts Department of Public Health is warning consumers about Dog Gone Dog Treats linked to several cases of Salmonella infections in humans. See Dog Food Advisor -Dog Gone Dog Treats Salmonella Warning.


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Made in the USA for our Pets in Summer –

Best Animal Shelter Websites

Happy Valentine’s Day!

If you are considering rescuing a new kitty or puppy, cat or dog, or other pet friend, here is some information I found on the best animal shelter websites near my local Portland, Oregon area – the four top rated by Google.

First and foremost, the Oregon Humane Society received 4.5 stars of 5 out of 2.6K votes – impressive I would say!

This is what they do: “Oregon Humane Society rescues, heals and adopts more than 11,000 pets each year. We never place a time limit on how long cats, dogs and other pets stay at our shelter. OHS relies on donations to support our adoption, education, and animal rescue programs.”

Their adoption goal for 2022 is 10,000 and they have already reached 903 adoptions for this new year. Their animal shelter website has pictures and tons of information on available pets as well as how you can help through volunteering and donating – Oregon Humane This is, indeed, a top animal adoption website.

You might want to read my previous post: What to Ask before Adopting a Cat or Dog… – tps:// .

They were founded back in 1868 and are the largest animal welfare organization in the Northwest and the fourth oldest in the United States. There is no limit for the time an animal is kept and all the animals are provided vet care when needed.

See their story site for more information: Oregon Humane Society.

The Pixie Project

This animal rescue site received 4.3 stars of 5 out of 401 votes.

As stated on their site: “The Pixie Project is a non-profit animal adoption center and rescue. We offer a variety of services to the public including but not limited to: pet adoption services, pet owner education and support and low cost and free spay and neuter and veterinary services for homeless and low-income pet owners.”

They have been helping rescue cats and dogs for plus ten years. All adoptions are now via appointments and applications with Covid restrictions. You can see pictures and much more information on their site: This animal shelter organization is located near the Oregon Convention Center in Portland, Oregon.

Cat Adoption Team

This group is located in Sherwood, Oregon and received 4.7 stars of 5 out of 455 votes.

The Cat Adoption Team has been helping rescue felines since 1998. Their story is: “CAT is a limited-admission, adoption guarantee shelter. That means we only take in cats that we have the space and resources for, and that we commit to giving every cat we take in all the time and care they need to find a loving home. We offer enrichment, behavior modification, excellent veterinary care, and a variety of housing options to meet the individual needs of the cats and kittens in our charge.”

See their site here: Cat Adoption Team. Check out their kitty pictures and information.

Oregon Dog Rescue

This non-profit animal welfare shelter organization received 4.2 stars of 5 out of 345 votes.

They are located in Tualatin, Oregon and have been helping rescue dogs since 2007.

Here is what they say about Oregon Dog Rescue: ” Oregon Dog Rescue is devoted to placing dogs in the best homes and assuring the long-term success of the adoption.” You can view their cute doggos and see more of their adoption process here: Oregon Dog

There are many other organizations but these are the voted as the best animal rescue sites that I found through Google. If you are looking, I hope this information is of assistance to you.

Also, if you are thinking more about adopting a bird, see my post “Do You Want a Pet Bird” – Or is an aquarium the best idea for you? Read my post entitled: “You? Operate an Aquarium?” –

Funny Animal Videos

I must share some of Big Geek Daddy’s fun videos; the first about dogs: .

The second on cats – .

And the last on baby foxes –


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A Kitty Story of Callie

Reintroducing My Big Red Kitty

Back on November 8th is when I wrote my first kitty story of Callie and introduced her as my big red kitty and one of her misadventures as a feral cat. As noted at that time she was watched by one or two feral cat watch people on some of her escapades. The first retold in November was with a giant Bear -“Callie My Big Red Kitty” – So it is time to reintroduce my girl Callie.

Callie’s Next Adventure

The next related interesting exploit for my big red kitty story was with a commercial construction site not too far from one of Callie’s “camping” lairs. ”Her” construction crew evidently found their new found kitty many times on unsafe terrain in their half finished 10-story office building. So, one good thing, they were getting use to spotting her.

And another in her favor was that she was only 8 years old and in somewhat decent condition. She was getting food from a couple of cat-loving construction guys and girls. Not to mention the wee rodents she found on the site. No wonder she kept going back!

Photo by Mikael Blomkvist on

As it went, they did have a construction elevator on the site. One unfortunate day Callie slipped inside unbeknownst to the guy inside. His arms were full of coffee cups from the local food cart which he was delivering to the upper floor crew. The door opened and Callie zipped out and then the construction guy noticed her. Our Callie found herself 7 stories up on partially laid flooring. No familiar sites anywhere did she spy. She looked around and down and, as the crew guy said, “Big Red just froze and let out a very loud ‘MEOWRRR.” Callie was known at the construction site as “Big Red”.

Callie – Lost?

The workman went on to make his deliveries and came back to help ‘Big Red’ get back down to earth. Bless, she was no place in sight. He searched the nearby area and not finding sight or sound of Callie, he went back to his work. Word quickly spread that “Big Red” was somewhere on the 7th floor.

A cat hiding under a couch

As the story was retold, Callie or Big Red spent the night and most of the next day on the 7th floor huddled in behind some ductwork. Daylight hours wore on and she was beginning to get quite hungry not having eaten for over a day. She started moving stealthily from her hiding spot fearful of being so very high. Since she was unnoticed yet she started meowing a bit but not loud enough for the workers to hear over their hammering and drilling.

Callie ventured further out looking wildly around and started falling through an opening in the floor – “Mew” – but caught herself and was able to jump back up. The area she occupied was a bit unstable. Now she started Meowing in earnest and as loud as she could: ‘MEOW” “MEOW” “MEOW” — going non-stop. A construction guy named Tom happened to just step off the elevator and heard her M-E-O-W s. He didn’t see Big Red but had heard the rumors and started calling to her. She was actually only about 10 feet from where she had jumped off the elevator.

Tom didn’t stop calling to Big Red until he finally discovered her whereabouts. He said he had never seen a kitty so happy to be found and brought back down to earth!

The moral of the story for Callie or Big Red: DON’T TAKE THE ELEVATOR.

More Animal Stories

If you like animal stories see “A Wild Squirrelly Friend” – And, “Remembering Tux” –”Remembering Tux”.

Fun Animal Videos

See a great kitty video from Big Geek Daddy here: – and one more I want to share from the same as mentioned:


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Add your Sweet Pets to your Valentine’s Day Treat List

Almost upon us again is Valentine’s Day and a great time to add some fun and recognition to your lovable and loving birds, aquarium critters, and your fur babies.

For your Fur Pals

I recently heard about Dr. Marty Goldstein who has helped many celebrities’ canine friends gain good health with his freeze dried raw organ meat with added veggies and fruits in his dog food. The raw freeze dried organ meat retains the nutrients they need without being overly processed or containing corn, wheat, or soy or other fillers or chemicals…or, as he notes, none of the unnecessary grains. He also suggests that the raw freeze dried method is safer and much longer lasting than using raw food.

He also prepares the raw freeze dried food for your feline friends although obviously using a different selection of proteins appropriate for your kitty. Find him here:

Aside from being healthy and nutritious, the price sounds fairly reasonable.

If you are a sports fan, All Star of New Jersey offers USA-made licensed sports apparel for your fur pals as well as regular apparel. What a great idea for Super Bowl on February 13! Go Rams!

Burt’s Bees Natural Pet Care Products of North Carolina gives us great grooming products for our furry friends all made in the USA. of Minneapolis, Minnesota provides natural USA-made and sourced one-ingredient dog treats and chews.

Imperial of Arkansas offers natural cat toys, scratchers and treats all made and sourced in the USA.

For your Feathered Friends of Illinois gives us gourmet bird fruit pellets and other birdie friendly foods all made in Illinois. of Ohio offers natural deodorizers for cages, all USA.

And a must for your bird friends are USA toys by of Sarasota, Florida. provides Sheer Guard cage covers and skirts for your feathered bud, all made in the USA. They have been with us since 1984.

Don’t forget K&’s heated bird perch, especially this time of the year for those c-o-l-d winter nights.

And for your Aquarium Fellas and Gals of South Carolina gives us their USA-made fish flakes and frog bites which my Dwarf African frogs do love. by Spectrum Brand Pets of Virginia provides all types of great aquarium equipment as well as nutritious foods.

Aqueon of Central Garden and Pet of California also have offered excellent USA aquarium equipment and food for over 40 years.

A new filter and, especially for winter, a new heater would be great treats for your aquarium critters. I have found that replacing my filter and heater annually works best for my small aquarium.

Also something decorative they can swim under or thru or hide under or rest on are fun additions and great to break boredom. You might find some fun decor at

Dog Food Advisor Notice

This is an article the above wrote on how to check dog food labels for inferior meat content ratio:

A Video for our Valentines

Big Geek Daddy shares another very fun animal video on HUGS:


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Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids

If your dog shakes or shows nervousness in new surroundings, i.e.: a pet store, or when you have a known visitor. 0r perhaps your canine will not stop barking at a known visitor, then the poor fur babe needs some reassurance to resolve that fear. Pet anxiety symptoms might also show up in the form of panting or nausea. Possibly your pet shows aggression, or hides, it is possibly due to loud noises, like thunder or fireworks, or from separation anxiety. Rest assured there are quite a number of pet anxiety aids available.

Possibly your fur pal has signs of anxiety because of past traumas. If your kitty runs and hides under the bed when you have a known visitor, or from one of the canine issues above, the same applies. Excessive licking is yet another possible indication of anxiety.

So, can you see any pet anxiety symptoms in your fur pals? See the following for some good help to ease anxiety in your pets.

Past Article on Anxiety Vests/Jackets

I wrote about pet anxiety and useful pet anxiety products in one of my first posts in August of 2020, “Does your Pet Suffer from Anxiety” – – and felt it is more than time to update that information. At that time I was only considering anxiety vests or jackets and they do appear to work well. However, I am searching for one made and sourced here in the USA for safe materials. They offer your pet needed reassurance by ‘hugging’ them closely.

I have seen them work firsthand. Unfortunately, your dog or cat may have more severe issues with anxiety and you might want to check this problem out with your veterinarian.

Current USA-made Anxiety Product Reviews

In case the vests/jackets don’t work for you, there are quite a few other anxiety products available for our pets. I have found three good sites with reviews on dog and cat anxiety products. These are what I am sharing with you for recommended products made and sourced in the USA.

The 3 sites I have discovered are,, and These are all independent review sites who perform extensive research before choosing their best recommended options. Should you purchase a product recommended on their site, these companies are only paid as an affiliate receiving a small commission.

Cat and Dog anti-Anxiety Products


Best Reviews shows CBD oil as their best anxiety relief for cats and for dogs. Their first pick is USA-made Cornbread Hemp for Pets by of Louisville, Kentucky. It is said to have no adverse effects and contains coconut oil and hemp extract with corndog flavoring.

You are still cautioned to check with your veterinarian before usage, and also check dosage depending on your pet’s weight.

Terms: Cannabis – Hemp – Marijuana

Information to note sourced from Tufts Catnip: “We use the words cannabis, hemp, and marijuana interchangeably. In fact, they are different plants containing different compounds with different properties.”

“Cannabis is an umbrella term that covers various strains, including both hemp and marijuana. Hemp is packed with cannabinoids (CBDs) and low in THC. The opposite is true for the marijuana plant – it is loaded with THC and contains low CBD levels.”

“THC is the chemical compound with psychoactive properties. In other terms, THC has the power to make one feel “high”.”

Check out my post on “The Growing Trend of Pet CBD” –

More Anti-Anxiety Review Products

Anxiety Vests

Newsweek and Pet Place both hold anxiety vests as the number one and two anti-anxiety products respectively for dogs and for cats. of Vancouver, Washington offers their USA-made Therapeutic and Anxiety Front Body Wrap for dogs at $34 to $36. This body wrap is made of a soft, breathable material, is machine washable, and gives the hug intended for calming your fur pal of anxiety. They do have an extra small size which may fit your kitty. Sizes range all the way from xxsmall to xlarge.

Calming Collars

Pet Place likes calming collars as their first pick for felines. Sentry of Eagle, Idaho makes their calming cat collar here in the US. The calming collar reduces stress related behavior and fears and has a “slip-away buckle” in case it gets tightened unexpectedly. The Sentry collar retails for $19.99.

Soft Chews

Pet Place and Newsweek both mention soft chews respectively for cats and for dogs as their 3rd and 5th choices. of Williston, Vermont provides calming chews for cats made and sourced in Vermont – the 3rd pick for Pet Place. Safe for daily use. Check out the ingredients and usage with your Vet.

Newsweek checks USA-made and sourced Wild of Brooklyn, New York as their number 5 anti-anxiety product pick for dogs. Namely Wild One’s “CALM” Normal Stress and Relaxation soft chews supplement. Safe for daily use containing hemp seed powder, organic chamomile and organic passionflower. Again, check with your veterinarian and the dosage for your pet’s weight.

Newsweek opts for of Austin, Texas as their 7th product choice. Pet Honesty offers their USA-made Calming Hemp+ soft chews containing no wheat, corn, soy, chemicals, or GMOs. Again here it is a good idea to check with your veterinarian for your pet’s age, health condition, and weight before usage of hemp or CBD oil.

Toy Treat Dispensers

Another possibility to relieve some pet anxiety is a toy treat dispenser as Newsweek mentioned. It gives your doggo a bit of a challenge to get to the treat and thereby helps to calm your canine friend. You can fill it with good natural treats or even peanut butter. A good way to engage your fur baby if they have separation anxiety.

One USA-made and sourced company making such toys is out of Colorado. They have several to choose from including the durable rubber ‘grenade’ pictured here.

Those are some good local manufacturer products for you to check out and use to help your furry friends when and if the need arises.


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Just a note: sorry I did miss a week…last…unfortunate family health issues.

Pet Stairs – Reviews –

Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babies –

How to Protect your Fur Baby and Feathered Friend –

New Kitten?

Here we are already close to two weeks into our New Year. Are you considering rescuing an adorable kitten? Or have your already done so and are trying now to train your fur ball?

Potty Training Time

Some good potty training advice is given by Dr. Elsey’s Marketing Director, Gina Zaros.

Photo by Ihsan Aditya on

In order to connect the litter box with their need to potty, she explains you would need to put the kitten in the litter box right after eating as they usually have the natural reflex action to potty at that time. Also she mentions it is a great idea to make sure the box is low enough for your kitty otherwise give them a step to ensure they can easily get into the box.

The more often you do the above action, the sooner your kitty will be automatically using your litter box. Happiness and peace for all!

Kitty Care Information Sources

Another good spot for information is Maddy’s Fund where you can actually get a certificate learning good information about caring for your feline pal:

Tufts Catnip is a great source for ongoing tips on kitties. You can subscribe to their online newsletter ( They are from Connecticut’s Tufts University, Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine, one of the top veterinary schools in the world.

Have a good time learning all about your furry feline baby.

Pet Food Recall

Now another pet food recall notice from Dog Food Advisor:

Fun Feline Videos

And I must share some good feline videos in this post. The following are from Big Geek Daddy: (Some very funny cat hats here.) (Showing how mighty cats seem to be.) (In awe – a brand new kitty.)

See some related posts:


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Wishing upon a Most Happy New Year for All Our Animal Friends

If you have made a cozy home for cats or dogs or birds or fish or other small animal buds this past year, here’s to you. If you are thinking of rescuing a lonely animal, here’s cheers to you!

They add so much happiness and camaraderie to our lives it only follows that we care for them as best and as lovingly as we can.

I am toasting my Henri, Marty, and Tigger in their little comfy aquarium and am hoping to add a cat named Callie before this new year passes.

Animal Videos

Some very fun and appropos animal videos for your enjoyment from Big Geek Daddy: and


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Pet Stairs – Reviews

August 2020 Article: Pet Stairs – Does Your Pet Suffer When Climbing?

Back in August of 2020 I wrote one of my first posts on pet stairs-reviews and on the importance of pet stairs – “Does your Pet Suffer When Climbing” – . My post included different types of pet stairs and reviews by Best, an independent consumer product review site.

They analyze, research, and pick the best products for most consumers. Compensation is received by them only if you should choose a product recommended on their site.

Older or Smaller Pets?

If you have an older dog or cat who is not as agile as they once were consider helping them out with pet stairs. Or, you have a small animal that isn’t able to jump quite so far do invest a small amount in pet stairs for them. An animal with an injury will definitely need some pet stairs appropriate for their size and weight. Ramps are also available for vehicle entrance and exit.

Older black Labrador posing for picture

You do need to note the size and depth of the stairs and the overall durability if you have a heavier weight pet. Also the width and height of the pet stairs could be important for your fur baby as well as the surface material for grip.

Fast Forward to December 2021 Review Sites

Best studied 40 different models of pet stairs, consulted with 88 consumers, and performed 30 hours of research. Best came up with the picks that follow by USA-made pet stair manufacturers.

Another independent review site. The Spruce does extensive research and has been doing review research for over 20 years. They are paid only if you should purchase a product mentioned in their reviews.

The third review site I checked is They do rigorous research taking into account consumer reviews in their decision process. They are paid as an independent site as well should you purchase a product from their reviews.

Top USA-made Pet Stair Picks

Pet Safe

Pet Safe, part of Radio Systems Corporation, of Knoxville, Tennessee, offers Cozy Up folding dog and cat stairs. These offer good non-skid fabric on the steps, but no padding. Available at under $45 on Amazon. They are lightweight, easily set up, and made of a durable plastic good for weight up to 150 pounds.

All 3 sites agree that Pet Safe foldable stairs are in the top 10 for pet stairs in 2021. However some comments to note are that they are up to 20 inches high only and 16 inches wide with a rail. So take the measurements of your dog or cat into consideration. May not work for larger dogs. The steps are non-skid but with no padding if your fur babe is experiencing joint pain. These are recommended for smaller animals and high beds.

Cozy Pet

Cozy Pet manufactured by Dallas Manufacturing Co. and a Brinkman Pet Product out of Athens, Texas offers padded lightweight stairs for cats and dogs. This is 1 of 5 top pet stair picks by Best Reviews and My Pet Needs That. They are easy to move and the padding is easy on your pet’s paws. The width might be a problem at just 14.75 inches. The extra sturdy Dura Core cardboard construction is okay for up to 150 pounds.

Another great plus is that the cover is washable and the stairs are available with 3 or 4 steps. However, they are constructed of corrugated cardboard so may not be durable over a long period of time for a larger dog. Note that these stairs are most ideal for a 20 pound animal .They are fairly inexpensive… under $75 on Amazon. So these may be easy on the pocketbook to replace as needed.

Best Pet Supplies

Another 1 in 5 top pick for USA-made pet stairs is from Best Pet Supplies of Jamaica, New York. Best Reviews considers these stairs as the most stylish and says they are well built and comfortable with mattress-grade foam padding. These also have a washable cover and the steps are adjustable. However they do caution that the stairs slide quite easily on hardwood floors. They are priced at just under $60.00 and available in several colors.

The Spruce agree on Best Pet Supplies as being one of the top pet stairs picks of 2021. They comment saying these stairs are great for large dogs because of their sturdy mattress-grade and easy-on-joints foam construction.

Our third reviewer, My Pet Needs That, also considers Best Pet Supplies foam stairs as one of the top picks, mentioning that the stairs are quite wide and have an anti-slip bottom surface.

Review Sites / How to Pick Stairs for your Pet

These sites mention other brands than those listed but none that I find are made in the USA other than Pet Safe, Cozy Pet, and Best Pet Supplies.

Again, you need to check on the stair width best for your fur pal, the weight and size of your pet, weight supported by the stairs, as well as the materials used for safety. Also consider your pet’s grip on the stairs, and ease on your pet’s joints when deciding what to purchase.

Do remember to check the height and width you will need for your dog or cat to reach your bed or sofa. And take advantage of great USA-made pet stairs .

Pet Video

Since we are just after Christmas, I am including a fun white Christmas pet video here:

Pet Food Recall Notice

Please note another pet food recall on possible salmonella:

Woody’s Pet Food Deli of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is recalling its Raw Cornish Hen pet food due to the risk of Salmonella bacteria –


So glad you stopped by. Please share our posts with your family and pet-loving friends and leave us your comments. Hope to see you again next week here at Pet Viewpoint.

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Some Christmas Cheer Wishes

Just days now until Christmas. So many details and preparations still to be accomplished. My pet pals’ gift arrived just yesterday. All far off family and friend gifts have been delivered. All decorations are awaiting the flick of a switch to be seen and admired.

Now food prep is starting to get underway. Store supplies are all on hand. Egg Nog is in the fridge. Christmas music is set on the stereo; Christmas movies and specials are scheduled for viewing.

Hoping and wishing that you all have a happy loving celebration with those you cherish be it on the phone or in person or both. And a special Christmas pet and pat to your fur babies, feathered guys and girls, and your other small animal pets.

Pet Food Recall Notice

A note from Pet Age as a reminder to check the recalls for your sweet pets:

Photo by Maximiliano Pinilla on


Come again next week and again, wishing you the merriest of Holidays. Thanks for stopping here at Pet Viewpoint.

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