Pets Eat Grass – Why?

This seems to be an ‘up in the air’ type of answered question from most. Pets eat grass, why? – for, several possible reasons for dogs according to PetMD and the American Kennel Club.

Reasons your Dog eats grass

Grass for dogs? Why do our pets eat grass?

If the dog in question is younger, it could be because of boredom. In that case, it is recommended to start engaging your dog with learning and/or training exercises. Or possibly introduce your friend to a new dog park or a new walking excursion, in any case. Could your canine bud be a good candidate for agility training?

Another reason spoken of for dogs is indigestion. Possibly they use it to settle bile in their tummies and to rid themselves of that uncomfortable bile. Some doggos do, in this case, throw up after eating grass, but most do not.

Or, again, maybe it is just a natural instinct and they like the taste of grass.

One other thought is that their diet is lacking fiber. In that instance, you might try upgrading your dog’s food to a more balanced diet and one higher in fiber. This has evidently been the case in some instances.

Most agree that eating grass is not harmful unless it is exposed to toxic chemicals or pesticides. In that case, you definitely need to train your dog not to eat grass using the ‘leave it’ command.

In checking on this issue I came upon organic wheatgrass which is said to be safe for your canines and felines. This is something you can order and use by their water bowl to solve their grass-eating issues. Wheatgrass is said to have no gluten, but good antioxidants, vitamins, and amino acids. One site I found is The Dog Bone Market.

Why your Kitty eats Grass

Grass for cats? Grass contains folic acid like that in mama cat’s milk. We are told that folic acid is necessary to produce hemoglobin which is what helps to move oxygen through the blood.

Also grass may be a natural laxative. Cats do have digestive issues since they form hairballs and some may eat small animals, ie, fur, beaks, etc. So they do need to eliminate any and all undigestible materials. This may be why they eat grass and regurgitate it. They don’t possess the enzyme necessary to breakdown grass or other undigestible materials as mentioned.

Tufts Catnip actually lists several good grasses for your cats which you can grow yourself like catnip, and catmint.

Pet stores carry grass trays you can purchase for your kitty. A great way to keep them from eating any possible toxic grasses that have been sprayed with pesticides or other toxic chemicals.

Range Animals

adorable horses pasturing in mountainous valley on sunny day
Photo by Enric Cruz López on

It’s interesting to note that range animals – cattle, bison, horses, deer, goats, and sheep – possess microorganisms in their digestive tracts to breakdown grasses and other plant materials. All the species differ in amounts of grasses and plants they can digest, but they do all have the necessary microorganism that cats and dogs evidently do not.

One note about some other fun facts on cats and dogs, see my post “Curious Facts About Cats and Dogs” –

Recall Notice

Dog Food Advisor has sent a notice about a recent warning letter sent by the USDA to Sunshine Mills about safety violations in several of their dog food and treat brands. Read more.

Animal Videos

See some fun and funny videos here and our thanks to Big Geek Daddy.

First up is about, all things, an opossum:

Next is on some fun puppies:

And, lastly, see cute koalas:


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Freshwater Aquarium Summer Care

July of 2021 I wrote “How to Care for your Small Aquarium in Hot Weather” – So I decided to provide some updated and additional information here for your small freshwater aquarium summer care.

Aquarium Temperature Gauge

If you have air conditioning, of course, this might not apply to you so much. In any case, you still will need a temperature gauge for your tank. The ones I prefer sit on the inside glass with a magnet attaching the gauge from the outside. I believe I found these on Amazon during Covid. The other types I have found at pet stores seem difficult to read.

I don’t find the type I prefer on Amazon at present but they do a digital thermometer now.

As stated in my previous post, smaller fish, my Dwarf African frogs, and my Nerite Snail prefer the water temperature between72 and 76 degrees. So if you are having a heat wave with no air conditioning, another thing to do for your freshwater aquarium summer care is check and, most likely, turn off your tank heater. The water stays only about 4 degrees cooler than your room temperature.

There are many heater brands and types available through your local pet store and online. Penn Plax and Aqueon make quite a few.

Another thing I do when the heat soars outside, I freeze small containers of water to float in the aquarium. Do not use ice cubes. They are not treated for your swimming friends and will poison them. That is, actually, how I lost my first Betta fish. I inadvertently added some cool untreated water to her small tank.

Of course if you live with air conditioning you probably want to continue using your heater. Unless one stops working or malfunctions, I make a practice of replacing my aquarium heater and filter every year.

Water Changes

Changing your aquarium water will also help to cool your tank critters. I change about a third of my guys’ water weekly. If you cannot do that, do it at minimum every two weeks. It only takes me an hour or maybe a bit more weekly to change and clean their tank. That includes readjusting their heater if it is on, and cleaning out and reapplying their filter.

There are different cleaning methods you can find at your local pet store. What works best for me is a turkey baster to ‘slurp’ up debris. I am just very careful to know where my guys are in the tank when cleaning.

Another important note I was made aware of is cleaning off any utensils used for cleaning with hot water. And that should be done before and after cleaning, including any bowls used to hold tank water. Soap is a definite NO NO.

I use a stainless steel bowl which was recommended by a fish specialist. Nasty critters can easily attach themselves to plastic or more porous materials. Also it is a good and safe practice to always wash your hands before and after cleaning your aquarium.

The filter is also helpful in keeping your swimming buds cool. So do remember to clean it thoroughly . The kind I prefer is Penn Plax Cascade 170 for my five-gallon tank. They have been producing pet products out of New York since the 1950’s. And, their filter I am using is good for tanks up to 10 gallons. Also, It is available at most pet stores and online.

Water Treatment

Always remember to safeguard your small friends by treating their water with water conditioners. In addition I use a small bit of aquarium salt for my fellows. The pet stores have a few brands of conditioner available with directions on usage. You can try API or Marineland brands for USA-made products.

Even if you just add a small amount of water, still be sure to treat it as needed. And that is another possible way to help cool your swimming buds in very hot weather. You can add some cooler water to top off their tank. Just remember to treat that water before adding it.

Aquarium Covers

If you are without air, I suggest removing your aquarium cover, even at night, during very hot summer months. Otherwise, definitely use your cover. Normally I use a wraparound cloth just for nighttime for my aquarium critters to keep out light and drafts.

Extra Add-ons

There are lots of great decorative objects you can find now for your aquarium. Zilla has a few and your local pet store has quite a number to collect and make your fish tank a showpiece.

Aquarium Log

Floating plastic type ‘shrubs’ are available too as are silk plants and small bridges, or logs. These are great for your swimmers to enjoy swimming through or under or into. My frogs like to lie on top or amongst the leaves of the floating ‘shrubs’.

I use Catappa leaves every week when I do a water change. For my tank I usually throw in five small leaves. These leaves are helpful in keeping any nasty water creatures at bay. My frogs do like to hide or sleep under them too.

Indian almond or Catappa leaves for aquarium

That will wrap up my information for this post. Let me know if you have any questions through ‘comments’ or our “Contact” page –

New Pet Food Notice

Please read: Dog Food Advisor has sent a notice regarding Pet Center, Inc. This is a Los Angeles company treat and chew manufacturer who has been issued a warning for safety and sanitary standard violations.


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Fur Baby Walks

Owner on walk with his dog
Photo by Dariusz Grosa on

Walking Accessories all USA-made

Summer is just down the road and good times for more of our fur baby walks. It might also be time to update your essential walking equipment. Possibly a new leash or harness is needed for your canine friend or even your kitty.

I wrote about great USA-made walking accessories a while ago in March of 2021. Let’s review those and see if there are more choices available: “Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal” –

First mentioned is BeBopUSA in Texas, originated in Portland, Oregon In 1988. They provide handmade dog and cat harnesses in multiple styles and colors as well as collars and leashes in long length, double, adjustable, and standard styles. Versatile and colorful tools for your fur baby walks.

Also offering handcrafted walking equipment is K9Bytes for more than 15 years in Roseburg, Oregon. They continue to offer cat and dog collars in patterns of your choice, even to support your particular cause. To match your dog collar, they have leads and leashes. has been making pet toys but also eco-friendly polyester dog collars and leashes from recycled plastic bottles since 1994. They are out of Bozeman, Montana and have several color options and reflective thread for safety in their products.

UpCountry of Rhode Island is the last cited in my past 2021 article. UpCountry has been hand sewing ribbon cat and dog collars, leashes, and harnesses since 1984. Their walking accessories for your fur baby walks come in a multitude of colors and patterns with matching sets available.

A new find is out of Salt Lake City, Utah. This company provides several fun designs of dog collars, leashes, and harnesses. If you’re a hunter, they have their Field and Stream design. Most others appear to be very fun, artsy designs.

One additional company who offers a lifetime warranty on their dog collars, harnesses, and leashes is of Golden, Colorado. They make dog products to last and repair them if needed. Most are no-nonsense solid colors. A Lifetime Kit is available including a harness, leash, and pouch for doggy bags.

Needed USA-made Summer Pet Goods

Take a look at another post about items to have on hand for your fur babes in hot summer: “Made in the USA for our Pets in Summer” –

With hotter than normal weather as stated in this past year’s post, our dogs and cats will be needing some good paw protection from hot asphalt which is available in paw wax and balms as well as pet booties (if your pet will tolerate the booties, that is) .

Life jackets for water adventures and reflective apparel for night walks are other important items to consider.

And, of course, natural grooming products to help keep our fur babies cool are good to have on hand.

USA pet manufacturers I mention in my past article do have cooling beds available as well as cool cotton to assist in keeping them comfortable.

If you are traveling with your fur babes, be sure to take along travel water and food bowls along with a supply of your pet’s food.

One other item for summer I want to mention is a great recipe for homemade frozen dog treats from

Fun and Funny Pet Videos

From our Big Geek Daddy starting with the sleeve monster –

And another about a cute squirrel:

One last from Big Geek Dad is showing an amazing Border Collie:


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A Memorial for your Pet?

Last year about this time I wrote about pet cemeteries, memorial services and keepsakes available in my State of Oregon and across the USA. Have you considered a memorial for your pet? Or a keepsake that brings that special lost friend to mind?

So, I believe it is time for an updated version of my past post: “Memorial Day for our Pets” – Let’s see what is still available.

In going back to my USA pet cemetery resource ““, they show four cemeteries in Oregon in their August 2019 list. One of those, Chehalem Pet Cemetery has closed. Also one that I had found, Pet Rest Memorial Park in Medford, I am not locating. But I have found four pet cemeteries in Oregon.

Oregon Pet Cemeteries and Memorial Services

A Cherished Pet Crematory and Funeral Home in Portland, Oregon listed previously has closed also unfortunately.

Chehalem Pet Cemetery in Newberg has closed permanently too. Possibly due to Covid problems? It was created in 2017 by

However, Forest Pet Cemetery is a new find at the Willow Witt Ranch in Ashland. They provide burial space and have bronze and stone markers available for your pet’s site.

Green Acres Pet Cemetery in Medford is still on the list. They provide burials and cremation services with onsite memorials available. They also accept horses and mules. Offerings include a variety of urns, caskets, markers, and jewelry.

Not mentioned in my previous post or on Boogie the Pug’s list is the Oregon Humane Society in Portland. Their cemetery and rose garden is unfortunately closed for burials at present but is expected to reopen in winter of 2022.

Listed previously is Tree Haven Pet Cemetery in Pendleton through the Parks and Recreation Department. This is a cemetery within a cemetery named Olney Cemetery.

West Coast Pet Memorial Services was listed as having a cemetery in Clackamas, Oregon. However, that information has changed. Now they do provide online memorial services as well as cremations, but the closest cemeteries affiliated are in Washington and California.

The majority of my search brought up a multitude of cremation services. Some of those also provide euthanasia services. Most of the crematoriums have multiple styles of urns and keepsake articles like paw prints, jewelry, photo frames, markers, and name plates available. And several do offer online memorials. It appears, from reading the information, that most crematoriums deliver your urn directly to your home.

Urns and Memorial Keepsake Items

With such a great variety of offerings available I want to mention a few shown on the many crematory service sites.

For urns, you can choose a metal type with a name plate and markings, a wood in different woods, a molded animal shape, heart shapes, typical urn shapes, and many more with color and material choices.

Pet urn in shape of a Cat
Metal urn decorated with paw prints
cedar box pet urn

In jewelry, again, there are pendants in various shapes, including hearts, and several materials including colored glass. Also available are paw prints in your choice of clay or ink.

And headstones or markers are made of bronze, steel, stone, granite and more with engraved name plates that you can order.

It is nice to know how well one can individualize their pet memorial to fit the best pet friend they are sadly missing.

USA Pet Cemeteries

As noted in my previous post on this topic, Boogie the Pug does list over 100 pet cemeteries across the USA as noted in my previous post on this topic. It is interesting to note that while most states show one to six pet cemeteries, Pennsylvania comes in first place with sixteen. California, Ohio, and Texas follow with thirteen pet cemeteries each. While Illinois, New Jersey, and New York have just ten each in those states. And the numbers dwindle down from there.

One very interesting cemetery is Hartsdale Pet Cemetery in New York which holds 80,000 plus animals. That number includes monkeys, rabbits, birds, reptiles, horses, even a lion and a tiger, as well as cats and dogs. It was created in the late 1800s and is the oldest known operating cemetery in the world. Hartsdale Pet Cemetery is actually registered on the National Register of Historic Places and is the only cemetery so registered.

Healing Remembrance Ideas

One service suggested is that you can actually have a water burial ceremony for your pet if you have a biodegradable urn and check with local authorities. A nice idea if you had a water-loving pet and a boat or if you would like to rent one for the occasion.

Another idea mentioned to help alleviate your sense of loss is to provide those closest to your pet with a piece of keepsake jewelry containing a small portion of your pet’s ashes.

bronze heart pendant pet memorial keepsake

An online memorial might be a good way to honor your pet in addition to your own private remembrance.

I have lost two dogs, two budgies, more than two small frogs, and several betta fish myself. So I know how very hard it is to have a pet pass on in this life. It is good to go through pictures for memories of my pets.

You can see more about my pets and their stories in my post “My Best Pets Birds” – Also see “Walkin’ with your Best Pet Friend” – And one more recent is “Pet Ramblings on All My Pets” –’

Having a memorial or some kind of special service, I believe, would be a great start in the healing process.


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Curious Facts about Cats and Dogs –

Pet Ownership in America –

Pet Event Days – Adopting a Shelter Pet

I want to reiterate a bit of information on a couple of pet events still coming in this month of April, with a special note on our Adopting a Shelter Pet.

First a reminder that’s International Tortoise and Turtle Week starts April 18th. If you’re into reptiles or just curious about these fantastic creatures, go take a look at their site for some great educational info.

turtle swimming underwater view
Photo by Belle Co on
Blonde lady holding her tan and white long-haired cat
Photo by cottonbro on

Secondly, April 19th is National Cat Lady Day.

About Rescuing a Shelter Pet

You know who you are! LOL. Already you are in love with your furry felines and are contemplating rescuing another. is your bible for feline tips on good care and training data.

One mention in Tufts latest newsletter is noting if your cats are “part of the same social group”. They say you can tell just by observing your kitties’ interaction in playing together, or rubbing their tails on each other, and sleeping curled up with one another. An important issue for cats living in the same household.

One well-noted rescue site in my local area is in Sherwood, Oregon, should you be looking.

I would like to point out again that the last day of April is National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. In a previous post, including the Cat Adoption, I referred to some other well-liked local shelters. First and foremost is our Oregon Humane who places over 10,000 pets every year. Next is the Pixie in Portland, Oregon near the Oregon Convention Center. Also named was the Oregon Dog in Tualatin.

black woman with dog near window
Photo by Samson Katt on

If you are playing with the idea of rescuing a shelter pet, make sure it is something not considered on a whim, but as a lifelong commitment. Ask yourself many questions about your lifestyle, your ability to pay for care, giving good training to a pet, and how you want to be able to interact. Will you have or make the time to teach and take care of your pet as well as for play and exercise for your cat or dog?

Do some homework and look into what you need for your pet and how and what care to provide. And, check out the best training methods for your furry buddy too.

Or would a bird or smaller pet in a cage work better for you? Would aquarium critters in a nicely decorated tank be a better option? If this is what you decide, go to your local pet store and talk to the specific representative taking care of the birds, or fish, or other cute creatures for advice on their particular care and set up in your home space. They have the specifics you will need to know.

Then enjoy your pets and take good care in looking after them. They do actually look after you as well. Your pets will add to your well-being and life involvement.

Funny Pet Videos

Here are three videos to enjoy and share from Big Geek Daddy:

First on reptiles and amphibians:

Next is about a dog named Wendy:

And, last is about best pets of the year:


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Pet Happening Days in April –

Best Animal Shelter Websites –

New Kitten? –

What to Ask before Adopting a Cat or Dog –

Pet Events in April – Animal Care Protection

This month has several pet events occurring individually, but the entire month is about preventing cruelty to animals and protecting our animals’ welfare.

Coming Events

There are three pet events coming shortly. The first is our USA National Pet Day which I have mentioned in earlier posts and is already upon us – today, April 11th.

Pet Dog and Cat
Photo by Tehmasip Khan on

I hope you are giving your pets some extra loving attention. In that regard, some of my suggestions for toys and treats you can see here: How to Celebrate National Pet Day –

Secondly, just announced their International Turtle and Tortoise Week coming April 18 through April 24. You can learn all about these amazing creatures through Zoo Med’s newsletters and social media posts. They offer free educational materials to educators with all kinds of fun activities for students to learn about these reptiles.

Lastly, I want to reiterate that the entire month of April is focusing on the prevention of cruelty to animals and the welfare of all earth’s animals. Here is the information from my April happenings post: Pet Happening Days in April – .

On that topic I want to mention some great organizations devoted to looking after our earth’s animals’ welfare:

Non-Profits for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

My research on top recommended animal welfare organizations was with three review sites:,, and Just two sites agreed on three of the same welfare groups. Those include Best Friends Animal Society, The Humane Society, and ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals). Following you will see some background information on each.

Best Friends Animal Society

This society was started as a sanctuary for homeless and special needs animals by a group of friends in Utah with few resources in 1984. Today they have a network across the USA with no-kill communities located in Utah, California, New York, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arkansas, Florida, and Texas.

See ways to volunteer or donate and more information on their site

The Humane Society

This organization began clear back in 1954. In their own words: “together with millions of supporters, the Humane Society of the United States takes on puppy mills, factory farms, the fur trade, trophy hunting, animal cosmetics testing and other cruel industries”. 

Wildlife - Elephants
Photo by Pixabay on

They help thousands of animals every year and fight all types of animal cruelty as just noted. To enable these efforts they have the help of expert rescuers, caregivers, and sanctuaries, as well as their international affiliate.

See additional facts and ways to get involved at


The American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was the first humane society established in North America way back in 1866 in New York, New York. The ASPCA was founded by a man named Henry Bergh after he witnessed a carriage driver whipping his fallen horse. Since then this organization has been helping to pass legislation on dog fighting rings and puppy mills and helping animals through investigations, rescues, and animal care. They have over 2 million supporters across the USA.

Photo by Pixabay on

More info can be seen at:

In further research of local groups I found these top listed local animal welfare groups:

Oregon Humane Society

I wrote about our local Humane Society a few weeks ago: Best Animal Shelter Websites – As related in that post our local Humane Society began in 1868 and is the largest welfare agency in the Northwest and the fourth oldest in our country. They rescue and assist over 11,000 animals every year.

Their story can be seen at

Multnomah County Animal Services

The MCAS is a public animal shelter and animal control agency for the local Multnomah County area. They provide veterinary care, along with 24 hour response service for emergencies for animal issues and safety, as well as adoptions, and licensing for your pets. Animal abuse and neglect and possible dangerous animals are the subject of their investigative concerns.

They are a founding member of the Animal Shelter Alliance of Portland whose mission it is to end euthanasia of healthy pets. See more info on this here:

Portland Animal Welfare Team

This team was formed by veterinarians in the early 1990’s. These animal lovers and doctors formed a network of vets and vet pros and volunteers to provide veterinary care and services free-of-charge to homeless pet owners and those living in poverty. In 2003 they became an official non-profit organization.

See how you can help this group here:

1n 1979 a group of attorneys founded this defense fund to file lawsuits protecting animals in research, captivity, companion animals, farming animals, and wildlife. They assist prosecutors with free legal help and training in animal cases.

Farm animals -cattle
Photo by Dio Alif Utomo on

Headquartered in Cotati, California, they work at federal, state, and local levels. “Each year, the Animal Legal Defense Fund publishes its U.S. State Animal Protection Laws Rankings Report.” “Each state is ranked based on 20 different categories of animal protection. ” Oregon shows an overall rank of 3 in the top tier.

You can see details about this defense fund here:

There are many more great rescues, sanctuaries, shelters, and animal protection groups available for our animals. Do your own search for your local area.

Pet Food Recall Notice

Dog Food Advisor recently let us know about this recall: Please note the details to safeguard your pets.


Please let your family and friends know about Pet Viewpoint should they be pet lovers also or want to become a pet owner themselves. Be assured that your comments are always welcome as well as your ‘likes’. Come back next week. We look forward to having you.

Pet Videos

Before leaving, here are two very fun animal videos to enjoy:

The first about a dog finding a home:

The second on wildlife:

Pet Ramblings on All My Pets

There are so many Pet days to celebrate in April and many in March as well. But National Pet Day on April 11th is the biggest for lavishing affection and attention on our pets. My past couple of posts mention all the fun celebratory days for cat breeds, dog breeds, pet activity and awareness days: The Month of March and Our Pets – – and Pet Happenings Days in April –

The purpose of this post is to celebrate all my past and present pets. Note them all following.

Pet footprints, dog, bird, frog, and cat

My First Pets

My very first pet that I can recall was a very small lizard, then a small turtle when I was quite young living at home. We had a wonderful cocker spaniel, Tux, who I have written about previously. He was more my older brother’s dog though since they grew up together and spent more time with each other.

I wrote a fictional tale about Remembering Tux about a year ago – . He was a great friend and a beautiful cocker.

My Rockin’ and Rollin’ Pet

After going out on my own I first adopted a cute kitty. This was a time when I lived in California in earthquake country. We had quite a large quake in the San Fernando Valley very shortly after I adopted Joss – a tabby cat. Poor guy was scared out of his wits and sunk his claws into my neck when I quickly picked him up during the hard shaking. Of course, he could probably tell I was not so ‘unshakable’ too.

With a large long crack appearing toward the top of my bedroom wall and getting no assistance from the apartment management, I decided to move quite rapidly, and did so with a friend into the Marina del Rey area and a smaller two story apartment dwelling. Unfortunately, I neglected to completely close our deck door one evening and Joss slipped out unnoticed.

I never could find my Joss until many months later when he came strolling down the path looking totally adult and well kept. Evidently someone found him nearby and was taking good care of my boy. So I let him go on his way.

Photo by u0418u0432u0430u043d u041fu0438u043bu044cu0433u0443u0435u0432 on

My Wild Pet

It was actually not just my pet but the household’s wild pet squirrel who adopted us. We named her Princess. She actually introduced us to her own wild family. Check out the story I wrote earlier entitled “A Wild Squirrelly Friend” –

Brown squirrel with bushy tail

My Holiday Pet

Next was an adorable Budgie I received as a Christmas gift from my sis and her family inside her wrapped cage and trimmings. I named her Noel in keeping with the holiday.

She was green and yellow with a touch of bright blue by her beak. Noel was very affectionate after a time. When I decided to move out of California she came with me sitting in her cage all the way from Los Angeles proper on our drive to Portland, Oregon.

My loving budgie girl was with me for a full eight full years. I miss her still. You can read about my pet birds in my post “Have a Pet Bird?” –

My Inherited Pet

My mother had adopted a full blooded Maltese just a month before she left our world. She had always wanted a pure breed pooch. He was a tiny, exceptionally cute canine with large sweet eyes. I pretty much raised her American Kennel Club guy. We registered him as Marjie’s Morgan of Malta.

He became my little protector and walk buddy. We visited many city parks, our fav being Sellwood Riverfront Park and walking on the beach area. Morgan Porgan, as I called him, was with me for eleven years. I still keep his picture nearby.

I have written about Morgan in 2020 here in my post – Walkin’ With Your Best Friend – .

My Running Show of Pets

I started adding a Betta fish when Morgan was with me. The first was a pudgy little doll of a fish named Jewel. But I did not do well by my Bettas and lost them frequently, one after the other. My last try was a gorgeous blue Betta and I was told I could pair her with a Dwarf African frog. Well, that was not a good idea.

My betta became extremely aggressive and did not, at all, like sharing her space even with a tiny frog. He was named Georgy. The two of them even butted heads. Not long after that incident my betta passed, and I adopted Buddy, another frog, to befriend Georgy. They were great together. Even tried to have little froggies.

Georgy and Buddy lived with me for about four years. They loved being able to seclude themselves under their wee log.

purple betta fish on an aquarium
Photo by Tim Mossholder on
tiny cute african dwarf frog tropical fish water tank

My Multiple Pets

With Georgy and Buddy I decided to add another Budgie. Mainly I decided on the budgie, because when I spied her I fell in love. She was a very pale blue-green with yellow feathers on her head and, again, some bright blue near her beak.

She loved carrots. I had to grate them for her. She would come out of her cage occasionally and fly about, but it was not her favorite thing. Unfortunately, she was not around that long. Flu season came and I am afraid I passed it on to my birdie unknowingly. Even with the help of a bird vet I was not able to save her.

Skyli, as I named her, was with me and the frogs for just over a year.

My Present Day Pets

After my frogs, Georgy and Buddy, died, I was without pets for a bit. Then I went to the pet store and adopted two more Dwarf African frogs. I lost a couple right off the bat. One crashed his head on a sharp rock and another just passed on from I do not know what.

Currently I have Henri, and Marty. Marty is larger and Henri is very tiny. They love their plants to hide in or lay on and their leaves to sleep under. When I first got them, they liked to float and balance on the plants. Then I added a Nerite snail, striped guy, to help keep their tank clean. His name is Tigger. They have a bridge to climb over and sleep under and a log to hide in. All three do quite well together. Although Tigger does like to eat everything, including the froggies’ food. He is quite the little piggy.

They have been with me now for going on three years.

spotted nerite snail (Neritina natalensis) eating on a rock in a fish tank

My Future Pet

I am contemplating rescuing an older kitty and training her to walk with me. That is down the road for the moment. In the meantime I am gathering all kinds of information on training and caring for a feline friend. A great resource for kitty information is ( ) , from Tufts University ( with the 30th best vet school in the world.

I have actually written a couple of fictional stories about my future kitty. Read about Callie – “My Bid Red Kitty” – And one more, “A Kitty Story of Callie” –


So happy you stopped by this week. Please do come again and let your family and pet-loving friends know about Pet Viewpoint also. Do sign up to follow us to receive our weekly posts.

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How to Celebrate National Pet Day

Celebrate we must to show our pets some love with USA-made pet toys and treats. Below see some great toys and treats for your pet birds, cats, dogs, and your small aquarium critters all made and sourced in the good ol’ USA. That’s how to celebrate National Pet Day with your furry, feathered, and scaly friends!

Pet Tag Day

Smiling Husky and grey cat

First, an aside about Pet Tag Day, it is always the first Saturday in April. This is so important in case of a lost furry buddy. You can order engraved tags easily online or purchase at just about any pet store.

With July 4th not that far off and many scared and lost pets occurring on that holiday, if you haven’t already microchipped your pet through your vet and tagged your pet with your ‘return to owner’ information, it is time.

Regarding scared or skittish fur pals, also check out my post “Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids” –

National Pet Day

April 11 is our USA National Pet Day. Together with safeguarding your pet with good identification it is time to give extra special attention to your pet. See my earlier post “Pet Happening Days in April” –

How did April 11 happen to be picked? This is what Google found: “Colleen Paige, animal welfare advocate and pet and family lifestyle expert, founded National Pet Day in 2006 to celebrate the joy pets can bring to us. But she also wanted to bring attention to the ongoing needs of many pets of all kinds waiting in shelters to be adopted.”

Surprisingly, it has not been all that long since we have had an official National Pet Day.

Spoil your Pets on National Pet Day with all USA-made

As mentioned, here are suggested great USA-made pet products for fun and play for our pets. And how to celebrate on National Pet Day with our pets so they can enjoy this April 11th and beyond.

USA-made entertaining toys for your Aquarium

Aqueon’s of Franklin, WI, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet of California, offers some fun decor products for your aquarium like the Bark Bend pictured here:

Aquarium Log

The Bark Bend is like a large log your swimmers can swim through or into or over. It is also great for climbing on or laying on or sleeping under. My frogs and my snail love this. This is a great object for your swimmers to enjoy and a fun, interactive way for them to celebrate on USA Pet Day and all year long.

Another idea for your aquarium is from Pictured below it is called a Mangrove Root – great for swimming through and around. It’s also very decorative for an underwater scene.

Silk aquarium plant, green

From you can add some silk plants for your aquarium. Fish and dwarf African frogs seem to love to hide and swim among these items.

For treating your Pet Birds

A& of New Jersey offers their USA-made brand Happy Beaks in small, medium, and large sizes for your parrots in colorful dangling toys. An example is their Atomic Dream Catcher – very intriguing for your feathered guys.

Prevue Pet Products of Chicago, IL ( makes a great swing for your guys to exercise their wee legs on. It is named ‘Wacky Wood Swing’ and it’s so very colorful.

Pet bird fancy wood swing
Pet bird treat stick

Kaytee Products ( of Wisconsin, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet of California, provides some terrific superfood treat sticks for your budgie, or conure, and more to snack on. See the one pictured here:

Special fun for your Furry Felines of Indiana gives us natural and organic cat toys like their large Felted Wool Cat Ball with a Bell. Great for your kitty to bat around and trounce on.

Cat condo toys of California offers cardboard Cat Condos. These you can put together to fit your space however you decide. Hence giving your kitty a very exciting toy to hide in and explore. This toy is actually endorsed by Hauspanther. of Texas gives us their Hauspanther brand cat toys. See one of their cat scratchers here for your kitty to enjoy: Also good to keep your feline from using your furniture for their scratching habit.

Cat Scratching Post

Great toys and extra fun for your Canine friends

Red tough tug dog toy

For your ‘tough’ puppies, of Colorado offers their Double Bungee Tug Toy. of Minnesota makes natural dehydrated and frieze dried treats and chews like their Antler Chews or Smoked Bones. How are those for great treats and edible toys.

The best for last is PlanetDog’s light-up Strobe Ball available through of Colorado. I had first hand experience with this funtastic dog ball seeing my niece’s Corgi play with it. He had a blast! A great toy for your doggo to enjoy long after celebrating on USA Pet Day.

Light up Strobe Dog Ball

Take advantage of some of your USA-made manufacturers pet products and see how great they endure and please your pets. You can go directly to their websites listed above and, if not available at the direct site, they will tell you where you can find their offerings.

Funny Animal Videos

And, now a couple of fun animal videos to give you a smile: – and


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Best Animal Shelter Websites:

Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babies:

Pet Happening Days in April

There are a multitude of pet happening days in April, but I do want to throw in a reminder for March to begin. You can refer back an earlier post: “The Month of March and our Pets” –

Pet Poison Prevention Week

The week of March 21 thru March 27th, is National Pet Poison Prevention Week. Remember to take care what you feed your pets. Many things we take for granted to eat are poisonous to them…even onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and chocolate to name just a few. See information on this in my previous post: Time for Thanks with Natural Pet Food Treats (

April Pet Event Days

April 2

Now on to the month of April – from my Google search and information listings April 2nd (or always the first Saturday in April) is our pet Tag Day. This is a remembrance to pet parents for identification tags and microchips for our pets in case of a lost pet friend. If you have not ID’d your pet, this is a good time to do so before summer and holidays like Independence Day when many pets are lost or run away from loud noises.

April 6

For all our cat lovers, this is National Siamese Cat Day and what gorgeous creatures and purring lovers they are! Not to worry other cat breed parents, there is a National Cat Day further into the year.

Siamese Cat
siamese cat

April 8

This is National Dog Fighting Awareness Day. This probably still continues in some areas…a horrendous practice and abuse of animals for monetary gains, and unfortunately for some, sadistic pleasure.

It is also National Catahoula Day. The Catahoula is a natural herder and is said to originate from the Nordic Wolfhound. He is a good family pet but aloof around strangers and intense when working. A very handsome animal in my estimation.

Catahoula Dog
catahoula dog

As with the US designating a National Cat Day, of course, we also do have a National Dog Day for you canine parents of other dog breeds, just not in our pet happenings in April.

April 10

This is National Hug Your Dog Day. What could be better – National Hug your Pet Day! I believe this is an every day occurrence for pet parents.

Dog on owner's lap
Photo by cottonbro on

April 11

And, here it is, National Pet Day. A great day to acknowledge your furry friends, feathered friends, and swimming buds, as well as all others with some special attention and maybe a fun and yummy treat or treats. For all our pet parents, see ways to celebrate in “How to Celebrate National Pet Day” –

April 19

It’s National Cat Lady Day. I can’t wait to mention this day to my cat loving friend. I would like to become a ‘cat lady’ myself one day in the not too distant future, and I think I see my kitten of choice in the picture below.

Five kittens
five kittens

April 22

National Beagle Day. Beagles are known to be very high energy dogs who love to “follow their nose”. You definitely want to walk this intelligent, active canine.

Beagle Dog
Photo by u0413u0430u043bu0438u043du0430 u041bu0430u0441u0430u0435u0432u0430 on

April 24

The Last Sunday in April is International Search and Rescue Dog Day. Those animals that help our firefighters and police save lives. See my post on these animals and their training in Search and Rescue Dogs at Ground Zero -

April 27

Always the last Wednesday in April is National Guide Dog Day. These animals are so very important to be the eyes and ears and helpers of many disabled folks. They certainly deserve their own day of recognition.

April 30

And on the last Saturday of April, we celebrate World Veterinary Day from the World Veterinary Association. This day is also Adopt a Shelter Pet Day. During Covid those adoptions rose in quite large numbers. See “Pet Ownership in America” –

It is also a day to celebrate National Therapy Animal Day – more great life and happiness giving animals. And, last day in April mention is for 4/30. This is National Tabby Day, another adorable kitty.

Tabby Cat and toys
tabby cat with toys

The week of April 17 through the 23rd is to be noted as Animal Cruelty/Human Violence Awareness Week. It is so unfortunate and sad that cruelty and abuse of animals continues. If you can help in this regard with donations or in any way, please do so.

April is a month-long observance of Canine Fitness. Be sure to get your canines good exercise daily. This is also National Adopt a Greyhound Month. Those are the guys that love to curl up on your couch but can run like a rabbit.

Greyhound Dog
greyhound dog

April is a month-long observance too of National Pet First Aid Awareness – the American Red Cross’ effort to bring attention to the need for pet first aid knowledge. And, last mention for pet happening days in April is a month-long awareness of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Enough said.

Funny Animal Videos

Before I go, here are a couple of fun videos from Big Geek Daddy:


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Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets

Wow, there are so many products on the market for flea and tick help for our pets. It is hard to decipher what to is the best flea and tick help for pets. In my research of late, I have discovered that the products I used for my dog were actually by a USA company owned by a company in China. You really have to check out the origins of your products.

I have learned about five USA-made and sourced companies with flea and tick products who are governed by our safety regulations and guidelines here in the USA. They also contribute to our local economy and work force. Those listed below provide the best flea and tick help for our pet cats and dogs – all USA.

Aquarium Notes

To digress a moment or two, a word about your aquarium critters’ safety. I just want to mention how important it is to wash your hands before and after cleaning your aquarium. Or if you are handling your aquarium decor or gadgets for your own safety as well as your swimming buds. And, of course, treating their water for your aquarium critters’ safety is vital.

Pet Bird Notes

Beautiful Sun Conure bird isolated on white background.

Another mention – for your pet birds’ safety. In flu season or from being near any sickness I want to caution you to also wash your hands and face before and after handling your feathered friends. My adorable budgie, Skyli, liked to ‘kiss’ my lips and caught the flu after I had been near flu victims. Unfortunately, I could not save her.

Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets – all USA

It is important to note that your cat and dog flea and tick products are NOT NECESSARILY interchangeable.

The five USA-made and sourced manufacturers I have found in alphabetical order for your fur babies’ flea and tick treatment products are:

Adams Pet Care of Phoenix, Arizona has been with us since 1975, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet of Wisconsin. Central Garden and Pet has several subsidiaries one of which is Kaytee Pet Products known for their pet bird and small animal products.. Adams carries flea and tick products for your canines – collars, carpet spray, shampoo, spot on, a pet spray, and a home spray. They also carry specific flea and tick products for your feline friends – collars, shampoo, spot on, a spray, and a home spray.

Pure and Natural Pet of Norwalk, Connecticut provides us with flea and tick products for your doggos. Their products are “USDA certified organic”, award-winning, and developed by their President, Beth Sommer. Their website shows the natural ingredients they use. For flea and tick canine products, they make a canine spray, wipes, and shampoo.

Richard’s Organics

Richard’s Organics by since 1990 offers us canine flea and tick products. Synergy has many subsidiaries as does Central Garden and Pet. They are located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with manufacturing in North Carolina. Their canine flea and tick products are a canine spray, shampoo, and home and bedding spray for your dog friends.

Scout’s Honor located in Oceanside, California, was established in 2015 and produces “biodegradable, eco friendly, free from harsh chemicals”, and award-winning pet products. Their pet products are manufactured and sourced in California, USA. Scout’s Honor gives us flea and tick products for our canine buds: a home spray, a yard spray, and a canine shampoo.

Wondercide of Austin, Texas since 2009 manufactures plant-based pet products “free of harmful chemicals” in several different scents. Their tested flea and tick products are “safe for both cats and dogs of any age”. And, they provide both pet and home sprays and yard and garden sprays – “approved by holistic veterinarians”.

If you haven’t seen my recent post on pet allergies and skincare “Spring is Coming as well as Allergies and Skin Care Needs” , please take a look to see some great USA products for skin care also needed in these coming months and for many of our pets, all year long. –

I am sure you must agree that your flea and tick help for this season and in many areas, all year, is so very important for your furry friends as well. Please do take advantage of the aforementioned USA product information.


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