Pet Safety – Protection – Wellness

Caring for our Pets

The title says it all. October is all about pet safety and protection and wellness! And we all want to keep our pets safe, protected, and well. But how can we make sure we are doing our best for our best pet friends?

Sweet Loving Therapy Dog Visiting Young Happy Female Patient In Hospital

It’s obvious we check on them daily to see how they are feeling and responding. And remembering any needed vaccinations and preventative steps with vet suggested supplements. Also we use good natural food, and plenty of toys and resources for activity and exercise. All good for our pets’ well being. Also being aware of their surroundings is vital. Temperature control for our aquarium buddies, and hot and cold extremes for our feathered friends and fur buddies are most important too.

Of course vet check ups and ID tags are a great source of protection to keep our pet babies safe and well.

Additional Care Options

If you have an older pet or one with joint issues, take a look at my post on pet stairs “Pet Stairs – Reviews” –

And do remember pet insurance. See “Insure your Pet” for comparison info –

Blonde lady holding her tan and white long-haired cat
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It’s hard not to give them the attention they need, isn’t it! When they welcome us at the door or come close purring or tweeting or swimming in front of our eyes. Our pets add not only a sense of responsibility but also closeness and sweet love to our lives.

That is why it is so difficult to comprehend animal abuse and compassionless care of many animals in our world. And, for example, the shameful slaughtering of elephants for their tusks. So, in addition, to an extra look out for our loving pets this month, it is a good time to help some of our protective animal rights organizations.

Animal Rights Organizations


PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is a global group. The article notes that PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world with over 9 million members and supporters. They are a non-profit organization based in Norfolk, Virginia. Their focus is on “…the four areas in which the largest numbers of animals suffer the most intensely for the longest periods of time: in laboratories, in the food industry, in the clothing trade, and in the entertainment business”.

You can get involved by donating and/or by volunteering in your local area. Some of the volunteer opportunties in your local area are to join PETA’s Action Team to speak out for animal rights. See their website for more info.

Animals’ Angels

Animals’ Angels Investigations and Advocacy is a Maryland incorporated non-profit organization that focuses mainly on farm animals. They have investigators working throughout the USA, Canada, and Mexico working on improving conditions for farm animals.

Farm animals -cattle
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Their investigators work full-time: “We present our investigation results to auction and slaughter plant management to encourage positive change in the way farm animals are handled during transportation, at auction, and at slaughter. We also share our investigations and documentation of cruelty with law enforcement and government agencies to ensure that violators of animal protection laws are held responsible for their actions.”

The Humane Society of the United States

The Humane Society of the US say their goal is to end suffering for all animals. Their fight against animal cruelty involves: “Together with millions of supporters, the Humane Society of the United States takes on puppy mills, factory farms, the fur trade, trophy hunting, animal cosmetics testing and other cruel industries. Through our rescue, response and sanctuary work, as well as other hands-on animal care services, we help thousands of animals every year. We fight all forms of animal cruelty to achieve the vision behind our name: a humane society.

They are a global affiliate with many branches throughout the USA.


American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is another big name involved with animal rights. By helping people and pets: “The ASPCA works to keep more animals in loving homes by protecting animals from harmful situations through community engagement, preventative action and providing resources and care when needed.

Both the Humane Society and ASPCA are presently asking for donations to help the animals left homeless from the devastation caused by the latest Hurricane Ian in Florida and the East Coast. You can donate and hold fund raisers to get involved.

Animal Welfare Institute

This is another American non-profit which was established for animal rights back in 1951. Animal Welfare Institute is: “dedicated to reducing animal suffering caused by people. We seek better treatment of animals everywhere–in the laboratory, on the farm, in commerce, at home, and in the wild”.

They publish a quarterly Magazine “AWI” and are heavily involved in legislation to help end animal cruelty. You can donate on the site linked above.

The above are a few of the many great and worthy organizations doing good work to help the animals in our world. If you are able, please do donate your dollars and/or your time to those you choose to help.

Funny Animal Videos

From Big Geek Daddy about a whale:

And, the second on bears:

One more of horses:


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Easy Care Pets

Have you considered adopting a pet, only to rethink your decision and the time you would need to spend with that cute pet and the costs involved for their care? If that is the case, how about an easy care pet?

Small Aquariums

I’m talking about a small aquarium for fish or Dwarf African Frogs, turtles, or a dry aquarium for a Geiko. All of these small animals are quite easy to care for and they take up not that much time to keep happy.

Dwarf African Frogs

Of the above mentioned I have had fish and frogs and do have at present a Dwarf African Frog and a Nerite Snail to keep my small frog company. The frogs have a life span of just four years and the snails on average just one year. But if you happen to get a snail like mine, he is starting on his fourth year…who would have guessed?! My frog, Marty, has been with me just two years.

Dwarf African Frog in Aquarium
tiny cute african dwarf frog tropical fish water tank

Care and Equipment

What is great about these guys is they go about their business and I go about mine. I make sure to feed them…the snail daily and the frog usually every other day. And I do ‘talk’ to them in the morning, maybe afternoon, evening, and at bedtime. Other than that I have a good heater from Aqueon for their 5 gallon tank. To make sure it is operating at the right heat level I do have a thermometer that attaches to the tank with a magnet. And, they definitely need a good filter to keep their water cleaned and aerated with a bit of movement like Aqueon’s Quiet Flow Filter. You might even take a look at Aqueon’s starter kits.

Fun and Activity

Other than the above I have plenty of fun stuff for my water critters: a bridge to climb over and sleep or hide under; plus a log for same; silk plants to lay on top of; plastic floating ‘shrubs’ to catch them or to float on; and, good fish tank gravel like that from Estes. It is fun to add decorative touches and fun stuff for them to investigate. I have a miniature replica of a vintage deep sea diving helmet, for instance, which they can swim into.

Zilla and ZooMed, both offer fun aquarium decor, as well as your local pet store. You can also find setups for other types of small animals at Zilla and Zoomed.

Care Time

Care, beside feeding and proper tank equipment, is simple cleaning approximately one-third of their tank water once a week. And that small chore takes no more than an hour or so a week. See my past post on caring for your small aquarium entitled “You? Operating an Aquarium?” – Also talk to your local pet store and their top aquarium person for good information.

A small aquarium is good place to start if you’re short on time. And you can always add another pet at a later date. In the meantime, enjoy your wee swimming buds.

Funny Animal Videos

From Big Geek Daddy on a an otter and a dog –

And another on dolphins –

And one last on penquins –


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Fall/Winter Pet Gear

With Fall and Winter coming on fast it is time to think about pet gear needs for the onset of colder weather. In fact, here in my local area, our rainy season is getting close with the start of Fall just days away.

Outside Activities


To start it may be time to check out your fur pals’ leashes and harnesses. If they need replacement, now is the time. Check with Atlas Pet Company of Golden, Colorado if you need a very sturdy set with a lifetime guarantee. If you are looking for fun patterns for your doggy or kitty and no-pull, try Coastal Pet Products of Alliance, Ohio. Grip Harness of Lewes, Delaware offers a no-pull, personalized harness in several colors with a money-back guarantee so check this company out also. If you are searching for a very jazzy design in a collar and leash with a lifetime guarantee, see Lupine Pet of the White Mountains in New Hampshire. These are handmade of recycled materials.


If you are in a rainy area, take a look at the rain gear offered by Gold Paw Series of Hopkins, Minnesota. They offer rainwear in three styles and are available in many retail stores and online. Check out their all USA-made Rain Paw and Winter Paw styles.

For Cold Weather

If you are into sports, look in Matawan, New Jersey at All Star Dogs’ catalog for your favorite team or organization and name your favorite for your dog’s fun and warm winter coat. Or try Pendleton of Portland, Oregon and their colorful and warm, washable wool National Park Series for winter dog coats.

For paw protection on snow and for possible hazardous chemicals, use paw wax or balm through Vets Preferred , available also on Amazon. Their products are made in the USA but not all ingredients are sourced here however they are made in a FDA approved facility. Better yet, use paw protector booties from Healers Pet Care of Vancouver, Washington. Their booties are manufactured locally with just one small part from outside the USA at present.

Heading Inside

Remember to use some great natural wipes for those paws, and noses, maybe the ears too. See Jax & Cali for all natural wipes and good balms also.


It might be a good time for a shampoo with Earth Bath of San Francisco, California and their good natural USA products. They offer hypo-allergenic and oatmeal shampoos.

Treat Time

For your furry canine, check out Mika and Sammys of Philadelphia, PA for yummy chews and West Paw of Bozeman, Montana for great toys.

Your fuzzy feline will like DuckyWorld of Roseville, Minnesota for natural catnip fun.

If you have a feathered pet friend, go to Hoot n’ Holler of Alabama for entertaining and handmade bird toys.

Zilla of Wisconsin and ZooMed of California both offer great aquarium decor and fun objects to hide under or swim through for your water buddies.

Sleep Time

Sleeping Puppy
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff on

A snuggly, warm, safe bed is in order for colder weather. If it is time for renewal in this area take a look at Big Barker of Pennsylvania if you have a good sized furry bud. If you want a heated or raised bed, check out K&H Pet Products of Colorado for your kitty or pooch.

For a cute snuggly bed you can also check out Jax and Bones of Baldwin Park, California. These fur baby beds are handcrafted in Los Angeles.

K&H Pet, mentioned above, also provides a heated perch for colder times for your cute birdie friend. And Prevue Pet Products of Chicago, Illinois offers lightweight, breathable cage covers necessary for your bird to sleep through the night.

Do remember a good heater if you operate an aquarium. See Aqueon of Franklin, Wisconsin for a good aquarium heater. They show several choices including preset, adjustable, submersible, and flat heaters for fresh water and salt water aquariums. Be sure to check for the correct gallon size you need.

Extended Indoor Time

One last mention is for eliminating odors in your space with your animals staying inside that space a bit more. See of Ohio for great USA-made solutions for your litter box, bird cage, and pet carriers.

Welcome to Fall and Winter.

Funny Animal Videos

First from Big Geek Daddy on our outdoor pets –

Also from Big Geek Daddy on a dog and a deer –

And the last from Smorgasbord Magazine –


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USA Pet Bird Day

September 17th is our Pet Bird Day here in the USA. Do you have a pet bird? Are you considering a pet bird? There are so many varieties of beautiful birds species with different sizes, colors, and varied life spans. I wrote a post on pet birds back in October of 2021 showing several types of pet birds and the most preferred overall as great family pet birds. See “I Want a Pet Bird?” –

Best Family Pet Birds

My previous post shows Budgies, Cockatoos, Cockatiels, Canaries, Conures, and Parrotlets as being in the top preferred pet bird groups and in that order. That Google search also mentions Doves, Finches, Lovebirds, Macaws, and Parrots as good family pets.

Grey and white Cockatiel

Pet Bird Day Origin

But how did September 17th come to be our National Pet Bird Day? As it turns out, BEAK (Bird Enjoyment and Advantage Koalition) sponsors our National Pet Bird Day every year. This organization provides all kinds of resource information to help you find your best bird friend. They also have tons of tips for bird care and bird parenting. And, according to our American Pet Products Association almost 6 million American households enjoy having birds as pets.

Pet Bird History

Birds have been known to us as pets as far back as 4000 years ago or 3000 BC when the Sumerians show they kept birds and had a word for “birdcage” in their ancient language. You can see the history noted in the BEAK article. BEAK was formed in 2016 specifically to promote the responsible care of pet birds. They even have a short ‘bird quiz’ you can take to help you find your best feathered friend match.

I have had two budgies or parakeets myself over the years. My first was Noel and she was with me for a great eight years. My last budgie was named Skyli and he or she was with me for a seemingly short four years. You can see my story and experience with these birdies in “Best Bird Friends” – They truly are very fun little companions and extremely lovable.

Pet Food Notice

Dog Food Advisor has sent out a new notice on Spot and Tango being recalled: If you use this food, please do note this information.

Fun Bird Videos

Parrotlet- green with white and blue

First up is from Smorgasbord Invitation..Variety is the Spice of Life –

And from Big Geek Daddy –

Another from Big Geek Daddy on rescuing a hummingbird –


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Insure your Pet

September is not only dedicated to Service Dogs but it is also Pet Insurance Month. Have you checked out all the options to insure your pet?

In May of 2021 I posted on pet insurance reviews by Forbes Advisor in “Protection for Pets” – It’s time for an update so you can choose your best current pet insurance options.

Consumer Affairs Reviews 2022

What I find is from Consumer Affairs in July 2022. The following are their top six picks for pet insurance. Two companies are the same as Forbes’ picks in 2021. ASPCA is number two here as it was by Forbes in 2021 and Spot is number four here and was number five in Forbes’ 2021 picks but down to #9 in Forbes new review.

No. 1 – Lemonade of New York, New York is a public benefit company, climate conscious, and giving back to charitable groups. Consumer affairs shows this company with 4.8 stars out of 5.0 from 228 reviews. They provide many types of insurance with their pet insurance policies starting at just $10 per month, and bundling discounts available.

From their site information they have preventative packages available but no preexisting condition coverage. Their waiting periods for coverage are just 2 days and up to 6 months. They have direct deposit for your claim payments with fast processing and payments.

No. 2 – ASPCA of Akron, Ohio has a rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars with 789 reviews. They cover both cats and dogs with multi-pet discounts available and up to 90 percent reimbursable costs. You can see the vet of your choice including specialists.

ASPCA has supplied insurance benefits for 155 years. They do provide wellness plans and most coverages although no preexisting condition coverage.

No. 3 – Healthy Paws Pet Insurance & Foundation of Bellevue, Washington gives back through their foundation to help pet rescues and have donated over 1.7 million for rescues and shelters. They have both wellness and comprehensive coverages available with no lifetime caps on payouts.

This company also has 4.2 stars out of 5 but through 500 reviews. Healthy Paws also provides fast payouts for claims and up to 90 percent of costs. They provide no preexisting condition coverage.

No. 4 – Spot of West Palm Beach, Florida shows 4.2 stars of 5 also but through only 70 reviews. Their policies start at just $9 per month with no claim limits. As with all pet insurance, they do not cover preexisting conditions. Preventative coverage is available for a small additional cost.

Spot has no age or claim limits and does offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

No. 5 – Fetch is headquartered in New York City. Consumer Affairs shows this company with 3.7 stars of 5 out of just 62 reviews. They have no add ons for coverages with many conditions covered and average policy monthly costs for cats and dogs are at $25 and $35 per month.

They also provide discounts for AARP members and military.

No. 6 – Figo is the last Consumer Affairs review with 3.6 stars of 5 from 259 reviews. It shows their policies averaging $1.50 per day or $45 per month. Most companies show up to 90 percent reimbursement but Figo has a possible $100 percent. They are located in Chicago, Illinois.

They show no caps on claims of condition type and preventative plans available. Direct deposit is set up for claim payouts.

The Consumer Affairs review article goes on to explain more about pet insurance and the several different types of coverage available: Accident-only, Comprehensive, Wellness, Vet packages and network plans, and other types of pets. If you are looking now, these short explanations might be good to take a look through.

Forbes Advisor Reviews

Forbes Advisor also has a 2022 review list which shows 12 pet insurance companies. They also have links to share as to why they picked each company in the position listed. It may be good to use this as a comparison to Consumer Affairs list. ASPCA is still on Forbes list but as number 4 instead of #2 as in 2021 and they are marked with 4.5 stars of 5. Their #1 pick for 2021, Pets Best, falls to #6 in 2022 also with 4.5 stars of 5. Embrace was Forbes third choice in 2021 but has risen to number 1 in 2022 because of their variety of coverage options and are shown with a 5.0 rating.

Consumer Affairs number 1 pick, Lemonade, is #7 pick for Forbes in 2022, with Healthy Paws as Forbes’ #8 choice, Spot as their #9 pick down from #5 in 2022. Check out Forbes new article to compare all and do look at the reasons for choosing each particular company. All good information to help you make your best decision for pet insurance.

We hope this gives you a starting point with some good comparison value to choose pet insurance wisely for your fur babies.

Fun Pet Video

For a little levity from Big Geek Daddy see the nutty bar:

And one more showing our muddy pets:


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About Service Dogs

September is all about service dogs and dedicated to ‘Service Dogs’. With that in mind, I decided to look into how these canines are chosen, who trains them, what that training might include, and how these dogs are matched to their respective masters.

Companion Dog vs. Service Dog

Sweet Loving Therapy Dog Visiting Young Happy Female Patient In Hospital

First, I located the Disabled Veteran Empowered Network which tells of the differences between Companion Dogs and Service Dogs. They show that Companion Dogs are not able to escort their person into public establishments nor are they trained to tolerate a variety of experiences as are Service Dogs. Also Companion Dogs are not trained for one specific person but are mainly for emotional support. Whereas Service Dogs are not for emotional support but they are trained to help with one person’s specific needs. You can see the chart here: Disabled Veteran Empowered Network.


The cost is an average of $3000 for a Companion or Therapy Dog, they report, as opposed to a whopping $25,000 to $40,000 for a Service Dog. Companion Dogs do need a doctor’s letter and are good for emotional help for our returning veterans or someone experiencing anxiety issues. Service Dogs are used to assist mentally and physically handicapped persons with the handler’s particular needs.

How are Service Dogs Chosen

In an article from the American Kennel Club entitled “Service Dogs 101“, an organization named NEADS World Class Service Dogs breeds and receives some puppies donated by pure bred breeders. This organization “ closely with reputable breeders to determine whether their puppies are appropriate for our program based on the temperament, health and behavioral history of both the dam and the sire. NEADS also selects alert, high-energy dogs from animal shelters and rescue groups as candidates for training as hearing dogs. ”

They mainly use Labrador Retrievers and German Shepherds but maintain that regardless of breed, the dogs best as Service Dogs are those that “are handler-focused, desensitized to distractions, and highly trained to reliably perform specific tasks. They are not easily diverted from their tasks at home or in public and remain attentive and responsive to their owners while working”.


Training depends on the need or needs involved. For example, there are Guide Dogs for the Blind, Hearing Dogs for the Hearing Impaired, Mobility Dogs for balance problems, Medical Alert Dogs for those with seizure issues for instance, psychiatric service dogs, and so on. They can be large or small depending on their handler’s needs. Papillion’s the article mentions as being great ‘hearing’ dogs; while a mobility issue would definitely call for a larger breed.

Professional Training or Handler Training

There are many professional training organizations available to train service dogs. However, a handler is not required by the American Disabilities Act and USA service dog laws to use a pro training group; the handler can train their ‘service dog’ themselves. A handler can also apply for a certification to more easily enable themselves getting into public areas with their dog and even on a plane. But they do have to have a disability and train their dog to assist them with that specific disability, i.e., to be able to notice a drop in blood sugar and acknowledge such for their diabetic handler or to be able to let another person know of the drop, and to retrieve medications.

Online Training

Assistance dog guides a blind woman to the side of the road

Since the training is so involved and expensive many handlers do the training themselves. They can also take advantage of online training tutorials. One online training company is Service Dog Training The training needs to be an ongoing process in order to keep the service dog in tune and alert. There are just two questions a handler can be asked or challenged with and those are: “Is the service dog required due to a disability?”; and, “What work or task has the dog been trained to perform?”. A handler can also register their service dog to make it easier for any one questioning them to verify his or her service animal.

The AKC has some recommended training courses available to handlers for foundation training issues like their AKC Canine Good Citizen program and their Confidant Puppy E-Learning course. These programs are available for pure-breed or mixed-breed dogs.

Charitable Organizations

There are also organizations who do provide service animals for people with disabilities. One such organization is Canine Companions which trains service dogs and collects donations just for the purpose of being able to provide a person with a disability their own service dog free of charge.

Professional training groups report that 50 and up to 70 percent of their dogs fail to meet their qualification process. And, in that event, there are many households available to scoop up those animals.

ShareAmerica estimates there are 500,000 service dogs in the USA. There is no question how admired these animals are for helping so many individuals with disabilities live more independent happier lives.

It takes 1 to 2 years to train a service dog for the dog’s public interactions and for the particular disability tasks the dog needs to learn. And, as stated above, it is an ongoing process.

Animal Videos

From Big Geek Daddy, see some heroes:

And, some best pets:

Lastly, check out saving animals:


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National Dog Day / Cats with Dogs?

First and foremost, our USA National Dog Day is August 26th, here tomorrow! Are you ready to celebrate your best fur pal? See some past posts of recommended USA products for your sweet furry baby below. Then read on about cats with dogs – living together.

USA Dog Day Thoughts

black and white short coated dogs
Photo by Edgar Daniel Hernández Cervantes on

See “Agility Training-Your Dog?” – Does your furry guy or girl need more activity? If so, agility training is a great release for both of you.

See some very fun canine clothes with fall and winter approaching in “Fur Pal Clothes” –

And be sure to take a look at “Pet Wellness and USA Dog Day” for some cool USA toys and treats and fun for the remainder of summer –

Can Cats and Dogs Live Together?

A recent article in The Bark, entitled “Dogs and Cats Can Be Happy Together” tells us about a recent study in the UK. It goes on to say that over a six week period cats and dogs living in homes where there was tension between them were administered a pheromone in a diffuser. The results given this July 2022 show that the cats relaxed and were more friendly and open to their dog companions. Also the dogs were given a pheromone through a diffuser. The canines undertook “more gentle play” becoming less tense around their feline friends. You can read the entire article linked above.

Pet Food Notice

Please read a recent notice in Pet Age regarding Darwin’s Natural Cat Food containing salmonella:

Animal Videos

Big Geek Daddy gives us a fun doggy video:

One more from Big Geek Daddy about a dog alone:

And, the last from Smorgasbord-Variety is the Spice of Life showing a cat and a dog:


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New Pet Treat

Just since 2018 a pet treat company opened with a new “upcycled” pet treat. Their name: Shameless Pets out of New Jersey and all USA-made. They address their treats as “upcycled” because they use 30 percent of good surplus foods that would otherwise be tossed, like produce. In this case one surplus produce included in their treats is blueberries. Another, pumpkin.

Ingredients of each product are conveniently listed on their website. You can check in case your dog or cat might have a particular food allergy, like potatoes which is known as a allergen in some cases.

They include no wheat, soy, gluten, or corn in any of their new pet treats. And they offer quite a number of delicious sounding flavors of duck, lobster, salmon, carrot, pumpkin, blueberry, and apple to mention a few. Biscuits, jerky, chews, and dental sticks are all available from Shameless Pets. Pet Age shared this company’s information just recently.

This company makes treats for both cats and dogs. With August 26th being our National Dog Day this might be one great treat to help celebrate your canine friend. Those new apple and blueberry treats sound mighty tasty for summertime.

Summer Reminders

Sellwood Riverfront Park beach area

Speaking of summer, I want to remind you of some good “Summer Pet Tips” – This article goes over needed gear, how to safeguard your pet, and vacation options.

Another article is a fairly common occurrence with our pets in “Pets Eat Grass-Why?” This post gives you some better alternatives for your pets –

If you may have an aquarium I want to mention “Fresh water Aquarium Summer Care” for the newbie aquarium people –

And one last reflection is on “Birds in Summer”. They are so fun to watch and hear in the early morning –

Fun Canine Videos

Since it is our upcoming National Dog Day, I am limiting the videos to ‘just dogs’.

The first from Big Geek Daddy is “Dogs Herding Ducks” –

The second “Dog on Deserted Island” –

And from Smorgasbord Magazine a very funny video –


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Train your Dog

The Bark recently published an article by an animal behaviorist and professional dog trainer with some great dog training tips entitled “9 Dog-Training Mistakes”. So for the best ways to train your dog take a look below. To summarize:

Training Times

First and foremost we need to make our training sessions “short”. By short, the author is substituting “micro” since many people think short means 10 or 20 minutes. In reality she states that the training sessions should be a “micro” 30 to 90 SECONDS. Using several “micro” sessions works exceptionally better for your fur pal than long, drawn out periods.

Delivering Treats to Train your Dog

Owner training her dog with treats
Photo by Sam Lion on

Next is about delivering treats. Many of us evidently don’t give the treat to our doggo immediately after he or she performs the command. In that case, our doggo does not get the message. Our dog might think we are treating them because they jumped up on us before getting the treat, instead of for completing the task at hand of “lay down”. So we need to have the treat or belly rub or ear scratch ready right after they perform as asked. That way our fur babe will understand what action we want from them triggers the treat.

You might also use a clicker and and/or a word like “Yes” immediately after your dog completes the action you asked of him.

Another tip on delivering treats is aiming a little below or behind your dog’s mouth to encourage him to slow down a bit and begin to know where to expect his treat or ear scratch.

Common Mistakes in Dog Training

If we ask our doggo to “come” and then give him or her a nail trim, the association will be with something unpleasant. So perhaps give him an ear scratch or a small belly rub beforehand so that he still associates the “come” command as positive.

Another instance of giving your fur baby the wrong message is when he pulls on his leash or jumps up on you, you pet him instead of correcting your fur friend. So you need to direct your dog in the exact way you want him to respond in order for your doggo to understand your intended message. If you give him the “down” command and he responds, that is the time to immediately reward him.

Train your Dog for Any Venue

Most important is to understand that your doggie may not perform all his or her learned commands in any situation or location, i.e., the dog park. So we need to continue our “micro” training sessions wherever we might go with our dog friends. That way they will become “generalized” in their training habits and be able to “come”, “sit”, “stay”, etc. no matter where they may be or the circumstances and distractions involved.

Vary Reinforcements

The author believes treats are very important in training and that we should be generous in that regard. However, additional “treats” are encouraged. Physical contact is one, like “a play session or getting to go outside can expand your dog’s willingness to work and help you do a better job of teaching her”. Or, if she or he is into belly rubs, that could be another effective treat.

Cue Consistency is Best to Train your Dog

Staying with the same cues, like “Sit”, “Stay”, “Down”, “Come” will reinforce the command for your pup. It is better to train your dog well than confuse them with small, unintentional change ups like “sit down” or “get down” or “come here”. We all do that, I am sure. So be aware for your dog’s sake in getting your message across.


“The difference between reinforcement and bribery is huge, and only the former will lead to a well-trained dog.” In other words remember to offer the treat after your dog has correctly performed your command. Do not ‘dangle’ a treat to ‘bribe’ your guy or girl or that is what they will come to expect and the only way they will understand to respond.

Another good dog training resource you might want to check out is “Brain Training 4 Dogs“.

Remember National Dog Day

Take a look at some great USA-made pet products to celebrate your best dog friends. Their special day is coming soon on August 26th –

You might also check out “Fur Pal Clothes” –

Funny Dog Videos

See some awesome dogs from Big Geek Daddy –

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Pet Wellness & USA Dog Day

Do you know about pet dedication days in August? The whole month is devoted to pet wellness and immunization. On that note, we also have our National Dog Day in August.

So this is the time for making that vet appointment for your pet wellness check-up and necessary booster shots and preventative meds for your furry friends. Remember to check on their anti-flea products. Are they working well? If not, see some good, reliable, and effective USA-made flea and tick products: “Best Flea and Tick Help for Pets” –

This is also a good time for your pet’s dental check-up. Are the dental products you are using beneficial? Find some excellent USA-made products by taking a look at “Dental Care for our Fur Babies” –

Is your best fur bud having trouble climbing, running, or walking? Is your buddy suffering from arthritis, getting older, or healing from surgery? Does your fur guy need some pet stairs, or a good healing wrap? In “Pet Stairs – Reviews” you will find top rated USA-made pet stairs –

“Pet Anxiety Symptoms and Aids” will give you some great ideas to help calm your pet and help with possible arthritis or therapeutic healing needs, again all USA-made goods –

National Dog Day

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Yes, August 26th is National Dog Day. The first week of August is without a doubt time to check out some great fun ideas for your best canine buddy or buddies. We are thinking toys and treats, possibly including a cooling pool or bed since August is usually our hot, hot summertime. And, I am sure you agree, our best fur friends deserve the best. So, do take a look following at safe, natural, and well made USA pet product recommendations just for your beloved doggo.

Celebrate with USA-made Dog Toys

All Star Dog has your favorite team licensed toys in many choices. See their catalog and find a store near you that carries their products. They have footballs, tug toys, discs, toss toys, squeakers, and even pet ID tags licensed for your chosen team.

American Dog makes all kinds of critters, flyers, tug, and plush toys for your doggo. And a nice note on American Dog: this company donates a portion of every toy sold to needy rescues here in the USA every quarter.

West Paw offers durable tough chew and play toys, plus puzzles for treats, and plush toys in a myriad of colors and shapes. As a planet conscious company, West Paw uses recycled plastic to make their products thereby keeping it out of our landfills.

Treat your Dog with USA-made Dog Treats

Chasing Our Tails produces a variety of one ingredient and preservative-free treats and chews for your doggos. Take a look at their smoked bones, dehydrated organ treats, freeze-dried treats like the beef liver, and long-lasting antler chews.

Purrfect Play offers organic, human grade training treats using coconut and coconut oil, a Blueberry Cobbler and a Pumpkin Pie. They also have Macaroon treats in three flavors: Apple Pie, Vanilla, and Lemoncello. All ingredients are listed on their site. How different and delish they sound!

Soda Pup gives us only human ingredient treats called Dogtastic treats. Try their peanut butter, or pumpkin, or bacon and cheese chewie treats and the roast duck with orange and carrot treat for training. They also provide a variety of treat trays and dispensers for your pups.

Pamper your Pup with USA Cooling Products

How about a CoolingDogSplashPool made in Indiana. Your dog would be giving you non-stop loving licks.

K&H Pet makes top reviewed cooling beds for your canine guys and girls. You can find cooling cots with or without a canopy, cooling pads, and beds.

Another option for helping to keep your pet cooled this summer is a cooling water bowl produced by K&H Pet.

One more product from K&H is another pool available with or without a canopy.

Mark your calendar for our USA National Dog Day and give your best canine buddies a special celebration in their honor.

Funny Dog Videos

In the meantime, watch a couple of fun doggy videos from Big Geek Daddy:

First up is about a young boy and his rescue dog –

Next on our great friends –


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