Fall/Winter Pet Gear

Is your pet ‘geared’ up for Fall and Winter?

Insure your Pet

September is not only dedicated to Service Dogs but it is also Pet Insurance Month. Have you checked out all the options to insure your pet? In May of 2021 I posted on pet insurance reviews by Forbes Advisor in “Protection for Pets” – https://wordpress.com/post/copywriternikkifrie.com/2751. It’s time for an update so you can choose yourContinue reading “Insure your Pet”

National Dog Day / Cats with Dogs?

First and foremost, our USA National Dog Day is August 26th, here tomorrow! Are you ready to celebrate your best fur pal? See some past posts of recommended USA products for your sweet furry baby below. Then read on about cats with dogs – living together. USA Dog Day Thoughts See “Agility Training-Your Dog?” –Continue reading “National Dog Day / Cats with Dogs?”

New Pet Treat

Just since 2018 a pet treat company opened with a new “upcycled” pet treat. Their name: Shameless Pets out of New Jersey and all USA-made. They address their treats as “upcycled” because they use 30 percent of good surplus foods that would otherwise be tossed, like produce. In this case one surplus produce included inContinue reading “New Pet Treat”

Train your Dog

The Bark recently published an article by an animal behaviorist and professional dog trainer with some great dog training tips entitled “9 Dog-Training Mistakes”. So for the best ways to train your dog take a look below. To summarize: Training Times First and foremost we need to make our training sessions “short”. By short, theContinue reading “Train your Dog”

Pet Wellness & USA Dog Day

Do you know about pet dedication days in August? The whole month is devoted to pet wellness and immunization. On that note, we also have our National Dog Day in August. So this is the time for making that vet appointment for your pet wellness check-up and necessary booster shots and preventative meds for yourContinue reading “Pet Wellness & USA Dog Day”

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