Pet Food Recalls

Unfortunately we keep having more pet food recalls. Luckily we have the FDA to watch out for us here in the USA. And recently Pet Age has followed up to let us know about more recent recalls re possible Samonella. You can click the link here: Check out my article entitled: Tired of TryingContinue reading “Pet Food Recalls”

Memorial Day for our Pets

How many of you have thought of a formal memorial for your lost pet? The only thing I ever did was get a paw print from my veterinarian which I still have today by a picture of my little beloved guy. My sister and I were recently commenting on pet cemeteries. So, I decided toContinue reading “Memorial Day for our Pets”

About Escaping Out the Door and More!

I read a good article in The Bark telling how to train your dog not to run out the door. You can see it here: . Just wondering if this might also work to keep your dog from running to the door when company knocks, or a close version perhaps. Referring back to myContinue reading “About Escaping Out the Door and More!”

How To Protect your Fur Baby & Feathered Friend

Forbes Advisor has published a great article and review on pet insurance carriers dated May 2021. It shows why they picked the particular company and what percentage points are based on. They even go on to give tips on how to pick your insurance coverage depending on your needs and situation and type of pet.Continue reading “How To Protect your Fur Baby & Feathered Friend”

Spring and Summer – Snails are About

A note about Snails invading our gardens at this time of year….they do love to eat not just our newly sprouting veggies but all kinds of plant life. The Problem: Snail Bait. It is much too toxic to our pets. What I used in the past was small containers sunk into the soil and filledContinue reading “Spring and Summer – Snails are About”

The Growing Trend of Pet CBD

Washington Post As an overview to a great article in the Washington Post in August of 2020 (…CBD, correctly known as Cannabidiol, is a compound from hemp. It does Not contain THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, the marijuana compound to make one ‘high’. It is said to help pets with their anxiety, and some skin issues. InContinue reading “The Growing Trend of Pet CBD”

Hodgepodge – Fun Pet Details

Zoo Med Laboratories of San Luis Obispo, California since 1977 tells us that this week starting April 19th is International Turtle and Tortoise Week. They should know since they raise so many in San Luis Obispo. They are noted for their 100% USA-made terrariums. They are offering free materials and Instagram videos to educators toContinue reading “Hodgepodge – Fun Pet Details”

Higher-End Pet Products

First and foremost, it’s April 11th…Happy National Pet Day! How about rewarding your best pet friend with one of the great pet products mentioned below?! In a recent issue of Pet Age I discovered a company which makes a new high-end dog product…not their usual forte. So I decided to look for a hi-end catContinue reading “Higher-End Pet Products”