Is Your Pet Suffering from Anxiety?

If your dog shakes or shows nervousness in new surroundings, i.e.: a pet store, or when you have a known visitor or if your canine will not stop barking at a known visitor, the poor fur babe needs some reassurance to resolve that fear. Anxiety might also show up in the form of panting orContinue reading “Is Your Pet Suffering from Anxiety?”

New Kitten?

Here we are already close to two weeks into our New Year. Are you considering rescuing an adorable kitten? Or have your already done so and are trying now to train your fur ball? Potty Training Time Some good potty training advice is given by Dr. Elsey’s Marketing Director, Gina Zaros. In order to connectContinue reading “New Kitten?”

Wishing upon a Most Happy New Year for All Our Animal Friends

If you have made a cozy home for cats or dogs or birds or fish or other small animal buds this past year, here’s to you. If you are thinking of rescuing a lonely animal, here’s cheers to you! They add so much happiness and camaraderie to our lives it only follows that we careContinue reading “Wishing upon a Most Happy New Year for All Our Animal Friends”

Pet Stairs Revisited

August 2020 Article: Pet Stairs – Does Your Pet Suffer When Climbing? Back in August of 2020 I wrote one of my first posts on the importance of pet stairs ( and different types recommended by Best, an independent consumer product review site. They analyze, research, and pick the best products for most consumers.Continue reading “Pet Stairs Revisited”

Some Christmas Cheer Wishes

Just days now until Christmas. So many details and preparations still to be accomplished. My pet pals’ gift arrived just yesterday. All far off family and friend gifts have been delivered. All decorations are awaiting the flick of a switch to be seen and admired. Now food prep is starting to get underway. Store suppliesContinue reading “Some Christmas Cheer Wishes”

Great Natural USA Products for Your Pet’s Christmas

Whether you have a pet bird, amphibian, fish, cat, or dog, here are some ideas from first-rate USA-made and sourced pet product manufacturers to delight your pet this Christmas. Thinking of an Aquarium? Go to of Wisconsin for starter kits, and aquariums of different sizes and types, as well as fish food if applicable,Continue reading “Great Natural USA Products for Your Pet’s Christmas”

Sharing Fun Christmas Facts

Did you know that Christmas was not actually accepted in the United States until the early 1800s. And Franklin Pierce was the first US President to place a Christmas tree in the White House back in the mid 1850’s. I wonder if he had a cat or a dog or both to share his newContinue reading “Sharing Fun Christmas Facts”

What to Ask Before Adopting a Cat or Dog for Christmas

Some good questions to ask yourself and tips to acknowledge before adopting a cat or a dog for Christmas or any time from pet sites like,,,, and more follow. The consensus seems to be that getting a new pet for Christmas is a fine idea but not a fine surprise. MainlyContinue reading “What to Ask Before Adopting a Cat or Dog for Christmas”

Time for Thanks with Natural Pet Food Treats

Wishing all of you a very Happy and Healthy Thanksgiving and wishing us all a much improved, and hopefully Covid-free, environment before this time next year. We will be enjoying a delish turkey, with all the trimmings, dinner and hope you all will be as well. A good time and day to give your furContinue reading “Time for Thanks with Natural Pet Food Treats”

Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babies

Both our cats and dogs can acquire periodontal disease by the age of three if their teeth and gums are not taken care of properly. In fact 80 percent of our fur babies do have gum disease by age three. And we all must or should know by now how lethal that can be forContinue reading “Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babies”