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Some pet facts and help follow from good resources on pet information.

Pet Food Recalls

Have you signed up for Pet Food Recall Alerts from Dog Food It is important to keep track of this information.

Today they are letting us know about a recall of over 50,000 bags of Simply Nourish frozen dog food sold through Pet Smart. They say it is recalled because of overly high levels of Vitamin D which can lead to kidney failure in your fur baby.

Here is the link:

Vet Tips/Training by Breed

Check out The Wildest by The Bark Magazine. Now you can register for your specific breed of cat or dog and get veterinarian tips and even training and grooming information for your particular breed! They also have a nutrition calculator and a couple of free training programs available.

DNA Kits

Here’s an interesting way to be cognizant of your dog’s possible future health complications and common problems for your breed: Dog DNA Kits. The Bark Magazine says that going by appearance alone has only proven to be 25 percent correct in the telling of a dog’s breed.

They have reviewed four DNA Test Kits from four manufacturers and are recommending their top pick to be Wisdom Panel Premium priced at $159. This is mid range of those The Bark reviewed.

Here is the link to their DNA Kit study.

The “Touch” Command

Have you taught your dog “Touch” as opposed to Sit, Stay, Come, Heel? I read an article about “Touch” and it appears to be a very helpful command for walking next to you, even to help with pet anxiety. It is mostly a hand motion taught with a treat, if your dog responds to treats, unfortunately some do not. It is said you hold your hand to either side of your dog’s nose holding the treat away. Then when they touch your hand, you give them the treat repeating ‘yes’ and ‘touch’ when that occurs. You, of course, repeat this over and over until they ‘touch’ your hand or your body automatically. You can use the ‘touch’ command to help them walk beside you or in an anxiety provoking situation to help redirect their attention.

More Helpful Pet Info

Take a look at “It’s Good to Challenge your Fur Baby” some more pet tips –

And, if you are constantly looking at new pet foods, check out “Tired of Trying New Pet Food s?..” –


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