July 4th Pet Safety Tips

See SAFETY TIPS for your PETS for JULY 4th. Celebrations, before, during, and after!

Birds in Summer

My search of birds in summer brought up many different species as you can imagine. I love to see the birds tweeting and flying and having a great time swooping down to wherever they decide to land. So I picked out the wild birds I have seen and watched the most throughout the years toContinue reading “Birds in Summer”

USA-made for Pets

Our Independence Day is looming…coming on fast. Great fun with fireworks, and friends, and picnic dinners but also loud noises, fire danger, water danger, and lost pets continue to be a problem. So let us take some safety measures for our pets and also enjoy all the celebratory pet toys and fun for our USAContinue reading “USA-made for Pets”

It’s Adopt-a-Cat Month

Yes, June is Adopt-a-Cat Month at the American Humane Society. If you have been giving thought to rescuing a kitty or adding a friend for your already kitty, now is the time. See some good information on adopting and questions to ask yourself before doing so in “New Kitten?” – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/new-kitten/. And, take a lookContinue reading “It’s Adopt-a-Cat Month”

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