Is Your Pet Suffering from Anxiety?

If your dog shakes or shows nervousness in new surroundings, i.e.: a pet store, or when you have a known visitor or if your canine will not stop barking at a known visitor, the poor fur babe needs some reassurance to resolve that fear. Anxiety might also show up in the form of panting orContinue reading “Is Your Pet Suffering from Anxiety?”

New Kitten?

Here we are already close to two weeks into our New Year. Are you considering rescuing an adorable kitten? Or have your already done so and are trying now to train your fur ball? Potty Training Time Some good potty training advice is given by Dr. Elsey’s Marketing Director, Gina Zaros. In order to connectContinue reading “New Kitten?”

Wishing upon a Most Happy New Year for All Our Animal Friends

If you have made a cozy home for cats or dogs or birds or fish or other small animal buds this past year, here’s to you. If you are thinking of rescuing a lonely animal, here’s cheers to you! They add so much happiness and camaraderie to our lives it only follows that we careContinue reading “Wishing upon a Most Happy New Year for All Our Animal Friends”