What to Ask Before Adopting a Cat or Dog for Christmas

Some good questions to ask yourself and tips to acknowledge before adopting a cat or a dog for Christmas or any time from pet sites like DailyNews.com, TuftsCatnip.com, TheBark.com, PetAge.com, and more follow.

The consensus seems to be that getting a new pet for Christmas is a fine idea but not a fine surprise. Mainly we don’t want the person or persons surprised because we also do not want the pet surrendered if the age or personality of the pet doesn’t ‘click’ with the new pet parent or parents. Adding a new pet is a life decision and is best decided by all involved persons.

Adopting a Cat or Kitten:

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before adopting a feline pet. You might want to consider adopting two together in the same age group so they can keep each other company and help train each other as well. Or would you prefer to have only one?

Do you want to potty train, and pay for all the vaccinations, and deworming, etc. for a new kitten? Or would you rather be matched with the personality of an older cat who is most possibly already trained in many ways. Do you want an active kitten or a more laid back older cat who likes to cuddle? The rescue sites can actually help match you in that regard.

Will the kittens come into a family with children who will be taught to help raise them?

On the subject of ‘training’ it is written that positive reinforcement is the best training method…so loving touches and good treats are in order for any training objectives. Do you have the time to train and play with your new fur ball?

Who will you choose as a veterinarian? You will need to pick a good feline veterinarian in your area by checking with friends and family and looking at reviews.

What is the parent cat’s health background or the older cat’s history?

Do you have any pet allergies?

What kind of lifestyle works for you. Do you travel a lot? Do you have pet sitter friends available? Do you like the outdoors? Do you want a cat who will walk with you? If so, read up on training tips for walking and use a harness along with a quick-release collar for safety and identification tags and a micro chip from the vet in case of a lost kitty.

Will you be able to afford the veterinarian bills for a kitten or an older cat. Would pet insurance be a good option?

Items to Have On Hand for your Kitty:

  1. A carrier, preferably with a top opening…easier to drop your cat into the carrier.
  2. A litter box that is 1 and 1/2 times the length of your cat and some natural cat litter. Best to have separate litter boxes if you have more than one cat.
  3. A food bowl and a water bowl, possibly, a fountain. Some cats like the running water. They do not care to share their food or water bowls.
  4. Cat tree or scratcher, preferably 3 feet or taller so they can stretch and scratch and not do so on your furniture.
  5. Toys to keep them occupied. You will find what is best after playing with your feline.
  6. A breakaway collar with id tags.
  7. A micro chip from the vet to keep your kitty coming back to you if lost.
  8. Good natural USA-made and sourced pet food for your cat, both wet and dry.
  9. Good natural dental treats or dental kit. Periodontal disease is number one for cats.
  10. Treats for training or just treating, also made and sourced in the USA.
  11. A comfy bed, preferably one that is enclosed since cats like to ‘hide’.
  12. A good fitting harness and a leash if you want your kitty to walk with you, and paw balm for hot summers or cold winters.
  13. Natural grooming supplies.
  14. Vet recommended supplements.
  15. Picture of your feline friend to have on hand in case of a lost cat.
  16. A good source of knowledge about felines might be the Tufts Catnip, one of the top university veterinarian schools in the world, as well as your local vet.

It would also be wise to study up on toxicity to felines from both plants and foods and the best foods for your fur pal. Check out my recent post on some of this info: Time for Thanks with Natural Pet Food Treats – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/2021/11/23/time-for-thanks-with-natural-pet-food-treats/.

Here is a recent article I posted on our furry felines: October 29th? Meow! with some fun facts you might like to know – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/2021/10/28/october-29th-meow/.

Adopting a Dog or Puppy:

As with adopting a cat or any pet, there are many questions to ask before deciding to adopt a dog or a puppy. Many good articles on adopting can be found at https://www.rescuedogs101.com, http://www.petfinder.com, and http://www.bark.com. And, as for a cat, there are many questions to ask yourself before adopting a dog or a puppy.

Do you want to train a new active puppy? Does your lifestyle give you the time to feed more than twice a day and take outside for potty trips as well as play and exercise time? Or do you have others available at home to help with your new dog?

Do you have the space for your new dog or pup? And have you considered the dog’s new surroundings, ie, like available wires to chew on?? Or, would you need to install a fence in your yard?

Are you ready to be woken up for early potty times and walks?

What is the best food to feed a puppy and how often or for an older dog? And, what are toxic plants and foods for dogs,..what are good natural foods for dogs?

Do you have pet friends who can sit with your dog when you need to go away? Or where can you find a good caretaker?

As with any pet, this is a lifetime consideration and dogs, depending on their size, live anywhere on average from 7 to 15 years.

Have you picked out a good veterinarian? And, are you able to handle all the early puppy shots, and annual canine vaccinations and vet visits and medications, ie, flea meds, etc.

What is the dog’s history? The puppy parents’ history?

How about canine health insurance?

What lifestyle do you want your dog to adapt to? Are you a hiker or a walker? Do you like to camp or visit the beach. Do you want an active dog, a protective dog, both, or more of just a little cuddly guy? What breed would best suit you?

Items to Have On Hand for your Doggy:

  1. A hard plastic carrier with a blanket inside sized for your dog.
  2. Good stainless steel food and water bowls…possibly on a stand for a larger dog.
  3. Tug toys or squeakers to keep your dog occupied and for play time with you.
  4. A good fitting harness and a leash for walking jaunts.
  5. A collar with ID tags and a microchip from your vet in case of a lost dog.
  6. Good natural dog food made in the USA, both wet and dry.
  7. Good natural dog treats made in the USA for training and treating.
  8. Good natural dental treats and dental kit for their teeth and overall health.
  9. Natural grooming supplies.
  10. Vet recommended supplements.
  11. A good comfy bed preferably made in the USA with no harmful materials.
  12. For hot summer, paw balm or shoes to walk on streets, also in cold winter.
  13. Poop baggies.
  14. Picture in case of loss.
  15. Possibly a baby gate if you need to close an area off for your dog at times.

Check out an earlier post on pet dental care here: Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babes – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/2021/11/14/imperative-dental-care-for-our-fur-babies/.

Another post tells you about Protecting your Fur Baby and Feathered Friend – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/2021/05/.

And lastly, I want to refer you back to some fun fur pal facts mentioned in: Curious Facts About Cats and Dogs – https://copywriternikkifrie.com/2021/09/05/curious-facts-about-cats-and-dogs/.

Thanks so much for visiting Pet Viewpoint. Do share with your family and pet-loving friends and let us know your comments.


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