Imperative Dental Care for our Fur Babies

Both our cats and dogs can acquire periodontal disease by the age of three if their teeth and gums are not taken care of properly. In fact 80 percent of our fur babies do have gum disease by age three. And we all must or should know by now how lethal that can be for our fur pals,

Tufts, with one of the World’s leading veterinary colleges, reports in their Catnip news many signs to watch for in our felines for possible gum disease (the number one cat disease) are:

1. Poor grooming

2. Salivating

3. Decreasing appetite and weight loss

4. Facial swelling

5. Discharge from eyes or nose

6. Irritability (from pain)

They encourage pet parents to brush their kitty’s teeth at least every other day and have a vet checkup yearly at the minimum, and the same goes for our canines.

Following are some recommended dental products for cats and for dogs as indicated. These are all USA-made and sourced products mentioned in Pet Age Magazine. Many of us are not able to deal with a brush and luckily there are several brushless products now available to help keep our fur babes healthy.

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For both cats and dogs see for a dental water additive which is a patented technology by a veterinarian and is plant based. and human grade. TEEF is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Also good for cats and dogs is Oratene by of Westmont, Illinois offering brushless oral care products which are enzyme based in water additive form, plus a spray and a gel. offers a dental kit for both our cats and dogs with a finger brush. They are out of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. also offers a vet recommended toothpaste with human-grade ingredients for our feline and canine friends. Pet Smile is located in New York, New York.

For our dog guys and girls of Norwalk, Connecticut makes a brushless toothpaste clinically proven to remove plaque and tartar with a USDA certified dental kit. of St Louis, Missouri gives us dental treats, chews, sprays, and wipes for our dog buddies. of Los Angeles, California offers textured dental wipes for good friction on plaque and tartar buildup.

To help older dogs and picky eaters in Missouri gives us the choice of dental jerky with up to 35 percent protein.

And the last USA manufacturer I am going to mention is of Edison, New Jersey. This company makes dental chews for tiny (up to 15 pounds) and smaller (up to 30 pounds) dogs in bacon and maple flavors.

We are hoping you will give one or more of the above a try and see what works best for your fur buddies to safeguard their dental health.

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