October 29th????? Meow!

Yes, you remembered, the 29th is our National Cat Day. Since it is arriving, I want to bring to your attention some fun and interesting feline facts and good information.

Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine publishes a newsletter called Tufts Catnip. Of world veterinary colleges, Tufts ranks as number 13, as reported by US News and World Report. They also noted that number 2 is our University of California at Davis, and the Royal Veterinary College, London University, United Kingdom as number one in our world.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Here are some fun facts about our kitties Tufts Catnip published recently:

  1. A house cat is genetically 95.6 percent tiger…wow!
  2. Cats can run up to approximately 30 miles per hour…for a short time.
  3. Our feline friends can jump five times their height, ie, possibly 25 feet in the air!
  4. A cat’s whiskers are the same width as their body, helping the cat to judge the width of a space to walk through.
  5. Cats don’t kill their prey with their claws but actually with their teeth.
  6. If you love cats, you are an ailurophile. What a strange word, but in keeping with our cats, also rather elegant…LOL

They also published some fun DIY cat toys for us to keep our furry felines happy and engaged:

Photo by Kirsten Bu00fchne on Pexels.com

Pyramid – Save 10 toilet paper rolls and staple together from the inside…four in bottom row, three on next, two on next, and one on top. Poke a feather through different ones and watch your cat try to catch it.

Chase toy – Put a bell inside a toilet paper roll. Fold up two ends and secure with tape. Swat it along the floor so your cat sees it and let him follow suit.

Ball – Press some aluminum foil into a ball and throw across the room. They may like the crinkly sound or try to get the ball yourself and challenge your kitty.

If you would like to spoil your kitty with some great natural USA-made and sourced cat products, check out my earlier post about National Cat Day by clicking here:

Did you Celebrate on National Dog Day? And When is National Cat Day?

In their most recent newsletter Tufts reports on meal time for our cats. They say that most sites agree on feeding kittens several times a day but differ quite a bit on how often to feed adult cats. Most sites say 1 or 2 times daily for feeding adult cats. Tufts believes several smaller meals are best for adult cats to keep their weight down, rather than one or two larger portions, and for boredom, another way of keeping them engaged. Tufts points out that cats hunt alone and usually several times daily. They also strongly suggest that your cat, if you have more than one pet, should be able to eat alone and in his separate space to keep your feline pet from stressing. To see more on this subject, click here:


And I can’t resist not adding the following feline furry friend videos: the first from Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog on cats being cats –


and the second from Big Geek Daddy on lion cubs and pumpkins with Halloween almost here – https://biggeekdad.com/2015/10/lion-cubs-play-date-with-a-pumpkin/.

Have fun celebrating with your best kitty friends and thanks for stopping by Pet Viewpoint today. Please come back and share our posts with your family and pet-loving friends.

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