Pet Ownership in America

Interesting news from Pet Age of late tells us that the week on Capitol Hill starting October 18 is featuring the importance of pet ownership here in the USA. There will be several free virtual programs on the subject, including “…sessions about lifesaving pet-friendly policies, key veterinary issues and legislation, statistics on pet populations, data on the economic impact of pet care businesses, and more.”

It goes on to mention how much our Covid crisis has led to increased pet ownership; now up to 70 percent of households own pets. In an earlier issue of Pet Age, they state that: “About 4.26 million cats and dogs entered shelters in 2020 (compared to about 5.4 million in 2019), and about 3.9 million were saved, resulting in an annual save rate of 83 percent compared to 79 percent in 2019. Almost half of all shelters in the US are now no-kill, and one-third of all counties that offer sheltering services are now no-kill.”

Pet Week on Capitol Hill will conclude by disclosing the winners of their 13th annual “Cutest Pets on Capitol Hill” contest held by the Animal Health Institute.

Dog ownership is greatest with felines following and on down the list with pet birds and fish aquariums, small animals, and horses, amphibians and reptiles.

Our pets are such an important part of our families. They provide us with much needed companionship; some actually saving lives, definitely helping us through difficult times, and greeting us with their love.

So it is up to us as caretakers of our pets to treat them well. They need the healthiest food we can provide them. Good shelter and comfortable surroundings as well as plenty of together time and interaction. In addition it is so important to give them training and distractions to keep them occupied. There are books for all different types of animals at the library and, of course, at your local pet store.

It isn’t necessary to spend a ton of money either. One can find all sorts of ideas online thru training tips, and even on homemade toy ideas.

The best is to focus on keeping your pets safe, by asking questions and reading up on care information. Some of which I try to provide on my site here. Made-in-the-USA is my mantra for pet foods, toys, and accessories. We do have the strictest standards for safety and safety notifications.

See some of my earlier posts on this subject: Delish Natural Pet Treats Made in the USA / Made in the USA for our Pets in Summer / How to Care for your Small Aquarium in Hot Weather / How to Protect your Fur Baby and Feathered Friend / The Growing Trend of Pet CBD / It’s Good to Challenge your Fur Baby / Have a Pet Bird?

Those posts should give you some good information. Let me have your comments down below on the left or feel free to use my “Contact” page in the menu.

Thanks for coming by Pet Viewpoint and please stop again next week.

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