Did you Celebrate on National Dog’s Day? and When is National Cat’s Day?

If you celebrated with your pooch you get a big thumb’s up. This past Thursday was National Dog’s Day and there are so many ways to give your furry friend an extra nice day. How about an extra long walk and at an off-leash spot. Or a special treat topper on your pal’s food. AContinue reading “Did you Celebrate on National Dog’s Day? and When is National Cat’s Day?”

Our Pets on Vacation?

There are quite a number of options for our pets on vacation. Below I am mentioning many of those for our aquarium dwellers, pet birds, cats, and dogs. Friends: If you have a friend or two available or a trusted friend of a friend to check in on your pets a couple times a dayContinue reading “Our Pets on Vacation?”

Alert Yourself To…

Have you signed up for Pet Food Recall Alerts from Dog Food Advisor.com? It is important to keep track of this information. Today they are letting us know about a recall of over 50,000 bags of Simply Nourish frozen dog food sold through Pet Smart. They say it is recalled because of overly high levelsContinue reading “Alert Yourself To…”

Missing Time

Sorry I wasn’t able to get my post out this past Sunday. Things have been going on??!! Here are a few fun videos I have been saving up…just in case…LOL! First is about Major, the Dog from Big Geek Daddy: https://biggeekdad.com/2021/08/major-the-service-dog/. Next enjoy a lively badger: https://biggeekdad.com/2014/04/honey-badger-escape/. Some great pets by Big Geek Daddy follows:Continue reading “Missing Time”