Our Pets and the Heat of Summer

This is such an important topic for our pets…cats, dogs, small furry pets, even our fish tank dwellers that I am reposting a chart from last summer on our pets in the heat from Healthy Pets NW about leaving pets in your vehicle in hot weather.

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Water Availability

Aside from the dangers of leaving a pet in your vehicle in hot weather, I want to mention the importance of having cool water available whether you are traveling or at home. There are inexpensive pet travel bowls available as well as paw protection on hot asphalt at retail pet stores. Remember to change their water on particularly hot days when you are home. That goes for your pet birds as well and it might be a good time to let them try a ‘bird bath’ dip.

If you take your pet to summer events, like festivals or outdoor markets, please do carry water with you and a utensil for your pet to use.


You can take the earlier and cooler morning walk times for your pets to avoid the worst heat problems or walk later in the day. Another good alternative for paw protection is to stay in grassy areas of a park or dog park.

Fish Tanks

If you have a fish tank, in really hot times, I disconnect the tank heater. Normally their tank heat, at least for a small tank, will only be 4 degrees cooler than your room temperature. For example, I have dwarf African frogs and they need temperatures ranging from 72 to 76 degrees. With no air conditioning your room temps can easily rise to 80 and higher even with fans blowing.

Cooling Off

Aside from plastic pools you can fill with water if you have a yard, many manufacturers have ‘cooling’ beds available for your pets. Check out ‘cooling’ products at your local pet store; you might be surprised at all they offer.

Pet Food Recall

Here is a link to the latest recall notice from Pet Age: https://www.petage.com/freshpet-voluntarily-recalls-1-lot-of-dog-food-due-to-potential-salmonella/?utm_term=Freshpet%20Voluntarily%20Recalls%20Lot%20of%20Dog%20Food%20Due%20to%20Potential%20Salmonella&utm_campaign=2020%20Pet%20Food%20Spending%20Report%3B%202%20Companies%20Announce%20Recalls&utm_content=email&utm_source=Act-On+Software&utm_medium=email

Before going, here are a couple of fun videos:

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