Higher-End Pet Products

First and foremost, it’s April 11th…Happy National Pet Day! How about rewarding your best pet friend with one of the great pet products mentioned below?!

In a recent issue of Pet Age I discovered a company which makes a new high-end dog product…not their usual forte. So I decided to look for a hi-end cat product and then went onto searching for hi-end pet bird products and, lastly, aquarium products. All of these made in the USA. Following are some gems that I came upon:

Our high-end product for dogs is from SF Bags (sfbags.com). This is a company who specializes in using top-grade materials to craft tech gear like computer carriers, bags, cases, wallets, and backpacks under the brand name of Waterfield. They are located in San Francisco and mention that they make their products in small batches and all here in the US since 1998.

They now have the Wag Dog Collar and Leash and Walking Kit (it fits on your hip) named as their Wooferfield Dog Collection. See it here and below -(https://www.sfbags.com/collections/wooferfield-dog-collection).

Our next USA-made company is K&H Pet Products from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They manufacture bird, cat, dog, and ranch and farm animal products as well as pond products. K&H are known for their higher-end heated and cooled beds and beds for chewers.

I mentioned this company once before in a post for USA-made products where they were reviewed and showed up in the top 10 for their pet dog beds and thermo cat beds and kitty window perches. They note that they use…”foam made from bio-based materials and polyfil made from recycled bottles”.

Here are some of their kitty products: the first being a thermo kitty bed and the second they call a mod dream pod.

K&H Pet also offers pet bird products…a heated perch (shown below) and a cage heater for the birds to cuddle up toward. How fun is that for your adorable birdie friend.

Find more of their products here: https://khpet.com/

Now for aquariums and accessories – Aqueon of Wisconsin, a subsidiary of Central Garden and Pet Company which has been with us for over 40 years, offers over 40 aquarium sizes plus accessories, food, water treatment, and tons of tips on setting up and caring for your tank. Their brand is sold through many retail stores. Two of their products were noted as in the top 5 in reviews of USA-made pet products in one of my earlier posts, ie, USA-made and Sourced Pet Products.

You can find Aqueon here. Following are a few of their product photos – showing in order: a bow front aquarium / corner aquarium / edgelit cube:

Wishing you a fun time checking out any or all of the above. Let us have your comments by leaving them down below on the left or on our Contact page noted in the upper and lower menus.

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