Essential Accessories for Walking with your Fur Pal

With all the wonderful pet products available, I have located four great USA-made manufacturing companies offering stylish, comfortable, safe, quality collars, leads, leashes, and harnesses for walking your fur babies. In my opinion, harnesses are the best for walking our cats and dogs. They seem to offer better control and be easier on our pets necks and overall walking comfort. And for pets that ‘pull’ the gentle leads, I am told by trainers, work well.

Our first USA-made company is ( They were founded in 1988 in my hometown of Portland, Oregon. BeBop’s site mentions that they relocated in 2016 to Grand Prairie, Texas. So Texas is where they now produce their handmade cat and dog collars, leashes, gentle leads, and harnesses. They have an escape-proof cat harness and even offer tips on getting your kitty used to wearing a harness. Good news for me for when I adopt a rescue!

This company also shows a double-training leash for dogs and a breakaway kitty collar. ( is another USA-made pet product company from my home state of Oregon. They are located in Roseburg, Oregon and have been handcrafting cat and dog collars, leads, and leashes for over 15 years.

K9 Bytes has several fun patterns and designs to choose from as well as hemp collars and matching leads and leashes. Also available are event-related designs, ie, Cancer awareness. Their Facebook site offers great customer reviews. ( ) is our third USA-made pet product producer located in Bozeman, Montana who specializes in making fun pet toys, but also some great dog and cat collars and leashes. They have been in the business since 1994 and are available in multiple retail locations as well as online.

West Paw makes eco-friendly collars and leashes from recycled polyester from plastic bottles. There are 5 or 6 color choices with jazzy designs for everyday walks and reflective stripes for safe strolls. They also have a ‘hands-free’ feature on leashes (attachs at your waist).

And our 4th USA-made manufacturer is -( fashioning handsewn stylish “ribbon” collars, leashes, and harnesses for cats and dogs since 1984 in East Providence, Rhode Island. Here you have a choice of over 100 designs of fun patterns and colors, and a step-in style harness.

A great variety of superb findings above. Please do use our USA-made pet product manufacturers to enjoy good, safe, and quality merchandise and support your local businesses and workers too.

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