Add a Touch of Irish to Your Fur Pal

In the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day I found so many cute Irish plaids and patterns in bow ties, coats, Irish dog harnesses, leashes, a hat, and Irish dog collars…some a combo with a bow tie. Especially if you have an Irish breed like a Manx cat or an Irish Setter, wouldn’t it be fun to dress them for this particularly fun celebration day?!

Here are a few of my fun finds:

On Amazon: a leash and a great coat…

On Etsy so many great bow ties for both cats and dogs, plus bandanas, collars, a fantastic hat, and combo bow tie and collar…

Walmart shows a pet food mat:

Great harnesses and jackets for cats are shown on Amazon by Pupteck and on Etsy by…

So have a good time choosing for your fur baby. There appear to be plenty of terrific choices available.

Before I go…an interesting note about dogs paws was mentioned in The Bark Magazine: “Assistance dogs’ paws are cleaner than their users’ shoe soles, Utrecht University researchers discover”. Good news for assistance dogs getting in to visit patients!

And a fun kitty video to share with you posted by Smorgasbord Blog Magazine:

And one more from the same…very funny video of Collie dogs:

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4 thoughts on “Add a Touch of Irish to Your Fur Pal

  1. Wow, loved all of that, the Irish fashion, the kitty dog massage (beautiful cat, by the way) and those border collies. they remind me of Jasmine, the stray border collie that we rescued. She did all of those same moves and we kept saying “we didn’t teach her that!”

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