A New Feline Bud?

For some time I have been thinking of adding an adult cat to my residence. Just yesterday I actually submitted an application to a rescue site not knowing if I am quite ready yet but wanting to start the ball rolling in that direction. They asked quite a few good questions to distinguish what kind and age I am interested in and what living conditions the cat will have, and what activities might include. Am awaiting their response and reading up on cat adoption dos and donts and looking thru cats for adoption near me.

In the meantime I ran across some adorable pictures and funny cat videos on Twitter from CatsofInstagram, Unsplash and Pexels and I would like to share them with those of you who are cat lovers…

“When you hear humans have work on Mondays” https://pic.twitter.com/j6MQW7sudr

That picture is hysterical in my opinion!

That is one busy kitty…LOL.

Looks like a very cute kitten getting frustrated…

Following is a great stretching picture…maybe she’s my future cat?

One last picture…so sweet of a cat and dog loving each other…

Besides a harness (because I do want to walk with my kitty), a nice bed, nutritional tasty food, a water dish, a scratching post, maybe a window perch, and toys, I will definitely need a litter box and some odor-containing litter. On that note, I am amazed at all the choices of fun and stylish litter boxes available. I have not found out yet where they are made and sourced, but here are a few shown from designing-home.com (igloo shape and most mod furniture type), Pinterest (woven basket with and without curtains, and side table), and Pet Gear Guide (traditional wooden furniture).

What would you choose? Give me your feedback on my ‘Contact’ page, or just leave your comment post.

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2 thoughts on “A New Feline Bud?

  1. Loved all the kitkats! As far as the litter boxes, be sure to get one that has a removable cover for easier cleaning.


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