Tips for a Happy Pet

Here are some great tips from Modern Dog Magazine for your loved dog(s). Read on… utm_source=Modern%20Dog%20Enewsletter. Funny Pet Videos Also for the Holidays I would like to repost some Christmas and very funny holiday pet videos I have come across for you to enjoy…following: The first is from Smorgasbord Magazine’s blog actually showing people doingContinue reading “Tips for a Happy Pet”


There is a new pet supplement brand being advertised on the net called “Nutra Thrive” from Ultimate Pet Nutrition. I watched their video and it sounds like a best supplement to add to a dog food. However, I would caution you to search for reviews of this product through Google…especially look at the Better BusinessContinue reading “NEW PET SUPPLEMENTS”

A Great Pet Adoption Article

See this article about holiday pet adoptions from Modern Dog Magazine. It is the busiest time of year for animal shelters! And don’t miss their holiday gift guide for your dog…some fun ideas here! More Info And, do take a look at “A New Feline Bud?” for some good kitty info “A New FelineContinue reading “A Great Pet Adoption Article”


Check out some fun dog Christmas ideas from The BARK…go to Animal Videos for the Season Some Great Tips…video fun for the holidays Thanks Thanks for coming by. Please give us a ‘like’ and share with your friends. To receive our weekly posts just leave your name and email on our Contact page. YouContinue reading “Some CHRISTMAS Ideas”

Funny Bird Video

From Smorgasbord Afternoon Video and shared by Sally Cronin – This is great bird video…a parrot extraordinaire!! Do parrots talk…take a look… Also check out: “Best Bird Friends” – Thanks If you enjoyed this cute parrot video, come back by Pet Viewpoint and read some of our other posts and receive future publishedContinue reading “Funny Bird Video”

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