It’s great to have someone, your best pet friend, available to walk with whenever the urge hits you, isn’t it? Not to mention the great benefits of walking your dog daily for both yourself and your dog.

I use to stroll in many different parks and byways with my little Maltese friend. Amazing how fast those short legs could travel. We went to all the somewhat close parks, including my old growing up stomping grounds, Laurelhurst Park, with the great dog park area and wonderful duck pond and walking trails all through the park.

Unfortunately, my fellow wasn’t good around other animals. He would always bark after a big dog passed by…inviting trouble! So the dog park areas weren’t for him. But the rest of the acreage was his ‘oyster’.

Probably the one he appeared to like best…Sellwood Park by the frog pond and down on the beach at the Willamette River. He picked up lots of burrs there in his long hair…they were no fun to cut out of his fur. But it was such a great walk in the sand with the waves lapping at the shoreline and us tripping easily around all the drifted logs. He was so happy when I let him off leash to run. He would come up and bow down to let me know he was ready to play!

We even drove out to the Gresham end of the Springwater Corridor Trail and spied deer in the woodsy parts. And, my best dog and I went over to the water park near the Town Center Mall and meandered down past the basketball court to the main building and back enjoying all the lavender in bloom in the Summer and the trees changing colors in the Fall.

He was my little scout and protector on our walks always letting me know when someone was near us or, unbeknownst to me, behind us.

My little guy (he was only about 5 or 6 pounds) was always ready to head for home too. He was only 11 years old when he became pretty much disabled for a doggie. So our walks would be with my ‘boy’ in a doggie buggy. He enjoyed getting out at least and I still had my walking buddy with me.

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