Have a Pet BIRD?

Two budgies…parakeets…have been my pets over time. They have very unique personalities and can be quite loveable. And, you can find them under “pet birds for sale” at most pet stores.

My first parakeet was named Noel. My sister and family gave her to me one Christmas all wrapped up in her cage. Noelsy became my great little friend and was with me for a happy 8 years. She was green with a little yellow and bright blue near her beak. Noel never did come out of her cage except to sit in her doorway on a perch or fly up to a curtain rod.

I needed a lot of info to take proper care of Noel. So I did buy a bird book and look up budgie information sites on line. Parakeets are pretty maintenance-free for the most part. They do tend to scatter seeds quite a bit and ‘poop’ a lot. Paper on the bottom of her cage worked very well. And making sure to keep her water dish and seed dish full was a priority. Once I got quite behind in replenishing her seeds and she let me know with a very loud continuous screeching.

Mirrors are great attention seekers for most birds and bells to ring and ladders to climb they seem to like a lot.

Another thing I found is that many birds like a little bathtub full of water in their cage to take a bath occasionally. And they do need to be covered at night to get some good sleep. What I didn’t find out until my second budgie is that there are quite a few foods they do like to eat…some fruit, even carrots. Also good for their talons are rough perches and for their beaks calcium bars.

I was gone for 2 or 3 weeks and had a friend caring for Noel. When I returned and bent down to say ‘hello’ she started kissing my nose and singing softly over and over…it was very heart warming to have this little bird show me such affection.

Noel was pretty healthy and rode in her cage up to Oregon with me from southern California. She was doing great in Oregon until I left a window partially open a couple of nights. Unfortunately she caught pneumonia and passed and I felt terribly sad.

A few years later as I was strolling through a pet store, my eyes landed on the parakeets and I was smitten with a little pale blue girl with pale yellow feathers near her face. Skyli was what I called her.

She loved carrots. Of course, I had to shred them for her to eat. She also had lots of seeds and I tried different fruits but to no avail…her fav were carrots. This little girl was quite shy. I bought her an outside the cage play box but it wasn’t for her…she liked the safety of her cage.

After we had been together a bit, she took to kissing my lips with her beak…softly…so very sweet. But Skyli wasn’t to be around as long as Noel. She became quite sick after a couple of years. So I took her to a special bird veterinarian and left her over the weekend, thinking it would get her on the road back to healthy. As it turned out I believe she caught the flu from me and toward the end she just couldn’t keep any food down.

It is so heartbreaking when we lose a dear pet, whether it be a dog, cat, bird, fish, frog, or whatever. They are quite good at communicating; just too sad they can’t tell us more.

What is so fun is that no matter the genre they all have the most individual personalities just as we humans do. And learning to communicate with your pets is delightful and entertaining.

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4 thoughts on “Have a Pet BIRD?

  1. Thanks for passing along the video Nikki and I loved your story of your bird family over the years. I have always wanted an African Grey, but with our nomadic lifestyle not possible. Now I am in my late 60s the worry is that they live so long.. and are very distracting. I doubt I would get much word done.. Happy Easter.


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