It’s great to have someone, your best pet friend, available to walk with whenever the urge hits you, isn’t it? Not to mention the great benefits of walkin’ your best pet friend daily for both yourself and your dog. Park Walking I use to stroll in many different parks and byways with my little MalteseContinue reading “WALKIN’ with your BEST PET FRIEND”

Best Bird Friends

Two budgies…parakeets…have been my best bird friends over time. They have very unique personalities and can be quite loveable. And, you can find them under “pet birds for sale” at most pet stores. My first was presented to me quite unexpectedly one Christmas and the second I spotted at a Petco store and fell inContinue reading “Best Bird Friends”


When I had my little dog, I totally spoiled him with outfits and toys. He was like my little boy. He let me know if he liked them or not too. I finally discovered the only ‘good’ clothes were velcro fastened types as far as Morgan was concerned. He wouldn’t go for anything going overContinue reading “PET CLOTHES”

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