You? Operate an Aquarium?

Graduating from a small one and a half gallon vase-type aquarium for a beautiful Betta fish, Jewel, to a not-large 5 gallon aquarium for my two Dwarf African Frogs, Henri and Marty, and my Nerite Snail, Tigger, I definitely prefer the five gallon. That is still quite small since many people have much much higherContinue reading “You? Operate an Aquarium?”


Sitting at my computer listening to the Governor and our Fire Chiefs explain what is going on with all the “unprecedented” fires in Oregon right now. I am at the northern tip of Clackamas County…farthest away from the 4 fires ravaging our county at this I am on Alert 1…the least urgent…thank the Lord.Continue reading “FIRE DANGER”


Just a quick post to share Healthy Pets Northwest information I spotted on their Facebook page today… It’s a great bit of input and tips in hot weather for our pets in the late summer heat wave we are experiencing here in the Portland, Oregon area: Related post: Fire Danger Stop back by to readContinue reading “YOUR PET AND THE HEAT”